Christian Parenting 5: Resist not evil.

In today's iniquitous society, our marriages are oftentimes troubled. A spouse may not be doing everything right. In such a case, resist not evil and give place to wrath lest by any root of bitterness springing up in you many be defiled. Hidden, silent, repressed pain and anguish can give way to bitterness which can then take over the mind and blind one to what is important--including their children's need to be valued and not to be cast to the side as their parent tries to keep his or her head above water.

The Bible says to resist not evil--it does not matter how justified one might feel. When we disobey this command, the results are disastrous. An example of this is found in our article entitled, Resist not evil. (resist_not.htm..."We can learn a lesson the easy way--instantly keeping the commandment and being blessed, or we can learn it the hard way--rebelling against the commandment and being cursed--even unto death if we do not stop.").

We have troubles and these troubles can be an invitation to anger (an unfaithful or grouchy spouse or even someone cutting us off on the road, etc.). If an invitation to anger is given to you, you have the option of declining it.