Christian Parenting 19: Joy (your joy is important for your children--even/especially when your heart is breaking)

Our children need our joy, even when our hearts are broken.

  • Keep reading the Bible
  • Keep praying
  • Keep looking around for things that need to be done and tended to
  • Keep being a support
  • Keep making fun opportunities for fellowship--especially free and inexpensive and calm things
  • Go outside
  • Decrease the use of electronics, don't take the cell phone everywhere. Have plenty of time when you can truly be free of outside distraction. Even electronic music can be demphasized. We can sing hymns instead. Quiet is good, very good. In fact, we are to study to be quiet. It is okay to watch the interplay of the evening shadows as you sit in a neat, comfortably appointed room while reading.
  • Keep a great attitude
  • Be selective about how you will spend your time
  • We can spread joy, even by saying hello in the grocery store
  • Don't be afraid to have fun. We bought season tickets to an amusement park. It was money well-spent in my estimation.