Christian Parenting 18: Distracted


American parents are distracted by numerous distractions. Let's look at one of them. I read that 68% of the so-called Christian men are watching naked movies (freaks/addicts need to repent, get saved, and get delivered ASAP (as soon as possible). Hell is waiting for all who go on still in their trespasses.). Sixty-eight percent says to me that almost every man that I see is watching that junk and is a weak piece of bread (Proverbs 6:26), meanwhile the hordes are overruning out land. Unmanning a nation is a stratagem of the devil. The husbands are distracted as they traffic in watching prostitutes and naked men. Meanwhile, the wives are distracted by the pain and anger of having inattentive whoremonger husbands.

The children do not have their whole parents.


Mama may be distracted, but she must be calm in her spirit and focus on her mother role (which is straight up love and industry)--for millenia, mothers have done this. It is just natural affection to make sure the children are nurtured with your person and talents. BUT NOW we live in, "you-are-weak-and-you've-been-brainwashed" times. You do us mothers wrong and we ignorantly want to fight for our rights "to be loved" as our children are falling through the cracks. If somebody does not love you, they don't love you, forget the devil's ploys and distractions. Your love does not dry up. You love everybody and do good to people, especially those precious children. Grab your children and love them in tangible ways spending time with them and adoring them and their accomplishments. Be that front agent looking for interesting, enlightening, and skill-building opportunities for them. Forgive your debtors and move on. Be at home for your family. Make your house a home, teach your children at home, cook those nutritious homecooked meals, be the hub of the wheel that mother often is. One woman was speaking of a specific day with her family. She said that she was like a human jungle gym. Why can't we sit on the floor and let the little baby stretch his legs and figure out how to climb to another spot? Why can't we dandle the baby on our knees? Why can't we take a little grill to the park and cookout as the children play? Why can't we stay there all day, walking, playing and reading? Why can't our children have fun as we sit and read and act as a general support? Discover ways and means to minister to your family. You can have a lot of fun doing it, and your relationship with the Lord can grow by leaps and bounds.

This is not to leave out the brothers that are going through difficulties. Sometimes there are wayward wives out here. The solution is much the same, be calm their spirit, look up to God, and focus on the father role--forget self and be there for their family. Directing efforts outward for others puts one in a whole different atmosphere. It's nice (and a whole lot of fun) making life nice for our children. Fathers have their own distinct and interesting ways of doing things. I once talked to a single father who was in the military. He said that whenever he got to a new base, he would set up a support system. It sounded like a very elegant plan that had really worked for him. I can imagine that he might do things like identify someone to do her hair, someone to watch her after school, maybe even identify a restaurant where he could pick up a nutritious meal when running short on time, etc. Another father example. I read an article written by a single father whose wife had divorced him above his objections. He described what life became like as he raised his children. He did things "the man way," making deals, maybe doing contests, etc. The children didn't have all the constraints of what he called, "mommy culture," but it sure did sound like they were having fun and probably learning lots. The brothers out there can find a vision of their own and have a good time implementing it day by day. Serving our families is serving God. May the hearts of the fathers be turned to the children and children to their fathers. The Bible has a lot to say about the family and every member of the family in particular (fathers, mothers, and children). A man that won't care for his own house has actually denied the faith and is worse than an infidel (see 1 Timothy 5:8).

There is a such thing as a rich, productive life in the midst of difficulties (do it now, the night cometh when no man can work).
Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your soul, your mind, and your strength.
Read God's word, pray, fill your day with productivity, be calmly obedient to the word...
Minister to your children deeply. There is a such thing as a real, useful, and satisfying Christian life, notwithstanding the antics of others.