E-mail #1

... The devil only gets a foothold on us when we argue about the different translations...

My Response:

Thanks for writing with your comments.

I would not call contending for the faith "arguing". When you look at the New Testament you will find continual warnings about false doctrines and gospels. In today's ecumenical world, we Christians are becoming soft and accepting whatever is fed to us. My goal is to warn with facts as found in the Bible. This puts some people like yourself off because I'm warning about things that they are doing--this is not a wise stance. Proverbs says "iron sharpeneth iron". By the magnificent grace of God, I am iron--Jesus is my life.

I am but sounding an alarm. Let me assure you, telling people about error is not taking away time from serving the Lord Jesus Christ. It IS service to the body of Jesus Christ helping to keep it free from germs. The Lord Jesus has given me thriving ministries in and out of church. He has also given me many privileges of leading people to Christ and discipling them. Trust me, I don't sit in a corner "arguing". I'm a serious soldier for the Lord, and like the Bereans, I check out everything. Write anytime.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Saviour of the World,


E-mail #2

Thanks for the page, it was a refreshing dip in the Truth. But I have one question which I would like you to mail me back on. I am a AKJV reader. The Spirit lives in me, My wife enjoys her devotional NKJV and NIV swords. The Spirit lives in her...

What difference is it going to make? After all, the Lord knows our heart and what is in your heart is most important [Not so. the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?]. There are alot of AKJV christians who will tear down other brothers or sisters because of the version they study... If a man never learns to read nor can he hear, Jesus can touch his heart, change his life and make him a mighty warrior for Christ no matter what doctrine he will learn from [our note: WHAT??????????????????????? NO MATTER WHAT DOCTRINE HE WILL LEARN FROM????????????????????????????? WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????? WHAT????????????????????????????????????? WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHERE IS THE CHURCH (THE REAL ONE)?].


My Response:

Thanks for writing with your honest comments. When I write about the various Bible versions it is not to "tear down" my brothers and sisters in Christ, it is to edify and to exhort. When reading my commentary, you will see that I give very solid reasons for clinging to the tried and true authorized King James. It is not as if my comments can not be verified by comparing the scriptures. The Bereans looked up everything that was told them to make sure it was right.

A number of blasphemous changes have been made in the new versions and I am simply making the brethern aware. If a person wishes to disregard my council, of course that is their prerogative. My motive is simply to "contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints". I've worked with young people who came to this country knowing practically no english, yet I still used the authorized King James. These same young people who are now saved can read and understand the [Authorized King James] Bible.

I've also had a child who cannot read at all but who God has blessed with some amazing understanding. I quoted scriptures to her as found in the KJV and she skillfully used the Word. She had understanding from the Holy Ghost and even taught me a few things though she didn't know it.

The authorized KJV is not difficult, the publishers of the new versions say that to sell books. My grandmother, a simple country woman, recites from it with an 8th grade education. My point is that educational level, socio-economic level, and reading level, really make no difference...

Write anytime.

In the Name of Jesus,

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