I read somewhere that the number one health complaint of Americans is fatigue. I've also read that most of us are in a settled state of dehydration (this may have been discussed in the same article). That made my heart drop because I knew that I did not drink enough water.

I was once told that when people crave sweets, they may actually be thirsty and not realize it. There have been times when I felt "nervous" and I noticed that after I drank water, I felt a lot better. The body needs water to carry on its processes--not fruit juice or other things, water.

We Americans are hooked (addicted) to a lot of things, but we can leave the old unhealthy ways for new ways, basic ways, old ways--ways that mankind has enjoyed for millenia. Ways like drinking water.

I read that Americans eat, on average, 125 pounds of sugar per year. It is not good for us (there are, however, medicinal applications for white sugar, e.g. Sugardyne or plain white sugar in wound care) and it is highly addictive. May parents not shovel store bought candy bars and sweets down their children's throats. If they are going to have confections may they be made at home versus pulling boxes off the grocery shelf and storing them at home for easy access. We need to cook and prepare whole things--rice, beans, oats, barley, whole chickens, beef, fish, pork, greens and other fresh and frozen vegetables, (soups, stews, and pot pies with the leftovers), milk, water, nuts in the shell (so that one has to crack them open one by one--we eat too much), etc.--not the highly processed foods laced with high fructose corn syrup and chemicals that come out of a box or a can or a two liter soda bottle.

We need to change our unclean habits. They do reach into the next generation. On the contrary part, clean habits can also reach into the next generation--I read of one person who did not care for chocolate because she did not receive much of it (if at all) when growing up. I did not do too well in that area, but I am finding that taste buds and habits can change to give way to satisfying, better ways. I am not saying that I am against chocolate, but if a person has a problem, one serving can open up the floodgates of lust. Sometimes we have to lay some things aside and not keep them around--we won't starve because of ignoring them, but we will actually be freed up and better off because of their riddance. The brain will settle down because it knows it has not the option.


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