The devil and his agents are denaturing our men, women, and children and bringing them into bondage to compulsive disorders and addictions like masturbation and watching the evils of television and movies. May men, women, boys, and girls return to the God of the Bible. God is our Father and he is an ever present help in time of need. These are desperate times, but God's children can be 100% free. Cut off the television permanently, seek God's face and strive to enter in at the strait gate. Learn to build, work, spend time with your children, do good, read your Bible, pray without ceasing and go forward. God will help his children who seek him and try to stop their evil deeds. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed. Those who have issues may wish to see our Deliverance Series.


Excerpts from Webster's 1828 Dictionary [emphases and bracketed comments ours]--

UNMAN', v.t.

1. To deprive of the constitutional qualities of a human being, as reason, &c. [Americans during their formative childhood years (and beyond) watch nonsense like cartoons where cat families can talk and dogs can read; watch and read stories about "aliens" and other "science-fiction" vain imaginations; they sorely lack parental involvement (if the parents are around they are busy watching television, too; they lack the wisdom and direction of parents (the parents of today, having come through the school system also lack the wisdom and direction that they did not receive from their parents); Americans watch and crave and speak foolish talk and jesting (like in "comedies"); they watch and crave and desire vain imaginations (like television and movies and entertainments) instead of working (indoors and outdoors) and learning skills for living, etc.]

2. To deprive of men; as, to unman a ship. [Americans are dying young of heart attacks, diseases, drugs, violence, abortion, etc. Those that do live are often incontinent and fierce whoremongers and, increasingly, sodomites. All the foundations of the earth are out of course.]

3. To emasculate; to deprive of virility. [Americans are having sex change surgery (emasculate--to deprive a male of certain parts which characterize the sex; to geld; to deprive of virility.); young people being given choices to arrest their natural gender development and married men watch whoredom rather than spend time with their wives; there is a proliferation of effeminates (emasuclate--To deprive of masculine strength or vigor; to weaken; to render effeminate; to vitiate by unmanly softness. Vitiate-- 1. To injure the substance or qualities of a thing, so as to impair or spoil its use and value. Thus we say, luxury vitiates the humors of the body; evil examples vitiate the morals of youth; language is vitiated by foreign idioms. This undistinguishing complaisance will vitiate the taste of readers. 2. To render defective; to destroy...) etc.]

4. To deprive of the courage and fortitude of a man; to break or reduce into irresolution; to dishearten; to deject. [I have read that half of American children are reared in single-parent homes--boys without fathers and the outdoors, boys subject to increased child abuse; boys spending the formative years in endless electronics, tv, air conditioning, sports, laziness, inane schooling and idleness of time. Meanwhile there is a practically 100% decrease in real men so that the pattern is all but lost except in the Authorised Version.]

5. To dispeople; as towns unmanned. [The people are packed into cities. It was around 2005 that it was noted that for the first time worldwide more people lived in cities than in outlying areas. The people are clustered up into situations where they cannot feed themselves and are dependent on a malevolent system in which they must remain dependent. Outlying places are being bought up by corporations. Small farmers are being driven out of business. I was told by someone who grew up in the mid-west on a family commercial cattle ranch that when her parents sold their cattle, they (the children) were highly upset. She said that there were farmers during that time (1970s and 1980s) that were committing suicide. She said that though her parents sold those things it was for the best--maybe she could not see the long-term effects of America losing her family's generations of experience. She said that the farmers she knows now are being hit with a barage of regulations (if one is watching, one can see the screws being tightened continually throughout various spheres of life.) She said she knows of those with farmlands who are now driving for hours a day into the city for work (one can imagine that that will not last for long--the people may very well move closer to the city). Developers are buying up farmland to turn it into housing developments. Foreign interests--with the money Americans pay them for their cheap goods--have their activities here too.]


1. Not becoming a human being [We have been denatured.]

2. Unsuitable to a man; effeminate. [The real men are almost gone. Some vestiges can be seen in those who work with their hands, laborers--tribal peoples, Amish-type men, carpenters, plumbers, farmers, etc.]

3. Not worthy of a noble mind; ignoble; base; ungenerous; cowardly.

UNMAN'NED, pp. Deprived of the qualities of a man.

Deprived of manly qualities; deficient in vigor, strength, courage, etc.; weak; effeminate. [This, for the most part, is basically what is left, unmanned men--and even those that have some vestiges of manhood left watch tv and watch their children and grandchildren disintergrate and degenerate before their very eyes.]

Not tamed; not made familiar with, or subject to, man; -- also used figuratively...

Not furnished with men; as, an unmanned ship.

EFFEM'INATE, a. [L. effoeminatus, from effoeminor, to grow or make womanish, from foemina, a woman. See Woman.]

1. Having the qualities of the female sex; soft or delicate to an unmanly degree; tender; womanish; voluptuous.

The king, by his voluptuous life and mean marriage, became effeminate, and less sensible of honor.

2. Womanish; weak; resembling the practice or qualities of the sex; as an effeminate peace; an effeminate life. ...


To make womanish; to unman; to weaken; as to effeminate children.


To grow womanish or weak; to melt into weakness.

In a slothful peace courage will effeminate.


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