There are many famous documents that look just like roadmaps as to what certain groups are planning to do. This can include well-known documents like the "Communist Manifesto" or so-called "secret" documents that are "leaked out" for public eyes. These documents can seem prescient, but that is only because they are the maps that are being followed. One hundred years after they are written, it looks like the author had some inside track on what was going to happen. In actuality, his book was a public roadmap that could reach evil workers that knew the code--generation after generation. When one evil worker dies, a new one takes his place and the "textbook" is there waiting for him to take his place forwarding the affliction.

Christians do not think in secret ways. The children of this world, in their generation are wiser than the children of light. What we hear in the ear we shout from the housetops. This understanding about craft can come by what seems to be an "accident". The Lord's yoke is easy--while going about doing good, we can be apprised of a situation (Exodus 15:3)--if our eye is single (the static interference gone). Enlightenment can come in the midst of just straightening up the house.

Examining the documents of vexation can be grievous and troublesome (God's people despise the arts of deception), but a quick glance often yields important information. It is possible to ignore the false and to see the strategems themselves in minimal time. And if something is too grievous, it can be readily dispatched using a match, a shredder, etc...

The documents (spread out far and wide) unquestionably seem to form, if you will, a single roadmap that explains the way that craft and overthrow is done--in stronger nations different arts are used than in weaker nations--(how has the pleasure principle been used in America!). Lessons learned and "best practices" can be incorporated into maps as the days and years go by. The documents lay out the goals of oppression and how to reach the goals (only slightly coded). With the documents of oppression having already been written, the evil workers only have to slither and inch along based on the instructions they have in front of them, adding their mischief to the repository if so directed. The sum total of the workers, directed by their master, form a single anaconda wrapping itself around mankind, if you will.


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