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On our site, we have a tendency to publish e-mails that seem most instructive in some area of life. As a result, many of them appear negative. It may therefore seem to some that everybody hates us here at Jesus-is-Lord.com, but this is FAR from the truth. We have a lot of friends from all over the world (thousands and thousands and thousands!) and I thank God for everyone of them--I personally love them all. We also have a number of enemies, but they are of no concern--Jesus said that they hated Him and that they would hate His people.

What you are about to read is a representative list of the words of encouragement that we receive everyday. We love all those who take the time out to encourage us--we answer every one of these mails that we receive (unfortunately, sometimes the writer's return address is incorrect and I feel so bad). Without your encouragement, all we'd get is scoffers, blasphemers, and the weak-minded. It seems like in those times when I'm floating in the midst of unbelievers, the Lord Jesus causes some saint to send me some encouragement.

We pray for every reader that comes here. God speed to each who comes here as they pursue the only wise God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Victory is only available in Jesus Christ because:


[Tracy's note: the following reader wrote in response to the assertion that this website (www.Jesus-is-Lord.com) is too negative".]

This is just a note about your web site. Let me start by saying that years ago I was reading junk from Unity and thinking it was wonderful. My friend who was raised going to church kept telling me that it wasn`t right. I at the time couldn`t see why.

My mother and aunt were always going to Chesterfield,In. where a whole town of mediums live. I didn`t know any better so I thought that was great too. My same friend kept trying to tell me that was wrong too. Well I`ve since taken all the books and every thing pertaining to the occult and destroyed it, I was afraid if I put it in the trash someone who was like me would find it and think it was a great find put there by God just for them. I have since repented of all that stuff and have nothing to do with anything like that anymore.

But that not all, then my aunt dumped a box of Kenneth Copeland tapes in my lap and said this guy is great listen sometime. I did And naturally I liked him,sounded real good to think God was obedient to man just by positive confession. One thing I did learn through Copeland was that mediums and all that kind of thing was real bad. Although I had an uneasy feeling about alot of things he and the other faith teachers said I still read the parts I liked, ignored what I didn`t like. Then one day I listened to a tape of K.C.`s titled Gods Word Final Authority and he said in it , if it don`t line up with the Word of God it`s wrong. I watched on TBN a guy who wrote a book on called hieracy hunters and how awful they were to talk about Faith Teachers, I didn`t read his book but I did read Charismatic Chaos, Then I saw everything in a different light. I saw that the Faith Movement didn`t line up at all with the Word of God. Copeland said if it didn`t line up it was wrong. I got rid of all his and the other Faith bunch`s junk too.

Then I bought a web tv terminal and found your web site, its my favorite I might add. I found out on your site about bible translations being wrong and thats something I would think everyone would want to know. Can you believe some people took offence when I told them. There is so much info on your site I would stay hours at a time. Anyway to make my point, your site is not to negative its truthful and alot of people didn`t like the truth especially if it makes them look wrong. I send your page to everyone I run into who has access to the net. You keep up the good work.

"I've never seen anything like it!"

I stumbled onto this page accidentally and had no idea it existed. My whole life has been revolutionised in terms of Bible reading and my walk with the Lord. I discovered to my utter disgust that what I feared most is what has been happenning in relation to various Bible translations...

"A refreshing dip in the truth."



I just wanted to write you a quick E-Mail to let you know how much I enjoy reading your web-site because it bears witness of the Word of God and the Spirit of God working within me. You take on a lot of issues that most "Christians" will not take on because they do not want to step on any toes. Praise the Lord that You speak the Truth of the Word of God. I am 25 years old and was in Religion 22 years of my life and then got saved and Born-Again...

Please don`t quit, no matter what the world has to say about you or our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

I would like to take a moment of your time and say, thank you. Your message is right on the money. It does my heart good to see Jesus Christ glorified on the same media that evil is so easily obtainable. May God's grace continue with you.

Great material on Mother Theresa... you did a great job on nailing this subject.

Praise God someone is telling the truth about the Catholic cult. Keep on preaching the truth.

People that follow the Catholic faith are lost and confused. They pray to Mary, saints, or anyone that recently died that they believe is now in heaven. When you are sick you go to the doctor not his mother, or his brothers, or cousins. Please try to reach as many Catholics as possible to point out one of Satan's biggest deceptions.

(raised catholic)

Tracy, I too have accepted Jesus, just a few short years ago and there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it in. I was baptized a Catholic at the age of 1 month and knew nothing but that doctrine all those years...we may never meet in this world but my dear sister in Christ, we will meet in eternity soon and it will be a wonderful time for celebration! Your testimony is beautiful and thank you for sharing.

I was just surfing the net, doing my homework, when I came along your page. I pretty much beleive the same things you do. Your page sums it up, exactly the way I like to hear it. [The Catholic religion is] kind of like an occult...

I have been surfing the web for about a year now and i have to tell you i am really disappointed by this site. disappointed because i did not find this sooner. what a wonderful site you have here. i have been reading information here that has answered alot of questions i have had.

the article on homosexual marriages is great. your missive about judgement is right on and the other articles that i have read get a big amen.. please keep up this wonderful work.

p.s. sorry no caps.. my shift keys are broken..

What a great web site! I'm sure that it is a blessing to many--it was for me. God bless you.

To much stuff to look at in one visit! I will be back, just wanted to drop you an EM to let you

I wanted to say thank you. This site does bless my soul. I have tried to share this site with others. The Holy Spirit has moved my heart through this site. And I wanted to thank you for having the courage and the love to say these truths.

WOW!!! I really like what you have here...Yes I have bookmarked your page and will be back!

thank you so much for your page. You have no idea how much it has helped me. I just had a wonderful conversation with an atheist. Your page helped me backup the beliefs I've had since I was a young girl. Thanks again.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. Indeed, with God, nothing is impossible. I am very impressed with your strong knowledge and familiarity with His words. Your strong faith in defending and declaring the truths to the world have reminded me of a true Christian soldier. I'm ashamed to say that most of the time, it is so easy to fall into the weakness of fearing man more than fearing God.

May the LORD continue to bless you abundantly with wisdom and spiritual truths as you fight for Him this spiritual warfare.

thank you for sharing the new and I will direct my friends to this cite.

What a loving website.

Hello, my name is ----. I am 9 years old, almost 10. I was looking up "Jesus" on the internet, and found some pretty weird things that weren't of Jesus. I was thirlled when I found your web-site. I read your testimony and feel the same about Jesus as you do. He is my Lord and Savior. Last night, I saw a movie called, "Heaven's Gate and Hell's Flames". It was a little scary but it showed that if you don't chose Jesus then you won't be in the book of life and you'll end up in hell. If you get the chance to see the movie or, better yet, the play, you really should try to.

I go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays and am trying to get in to a Christian school for next year. Lord willing. Thanks so much for spreading the good news of Jesus. I hope other people will find your web-site and give their lives to Him. See you in Heaven!

Here's a letter from my brother:

Hi, my name's ----, and I was thrilled to find your sight after searching through the internet. It's amazing what people will put on the net, and it makes it even worse when they try to fit the word "Jesus" in the title. When you look at the rest of the title, they have nothing to do with Jesus, or even Christianity. When we found your sight, we were overwhelmed because we had not only found a Christian sight, but we saw that you had so much faith in the Lord, and I pray that my faith will get to be that strong.

The sight entitled "Hell is Real" was lengthy, and when I have enough spare time, I would like to read it. I fully believe that Hell is a real place, and that the Devil and his demons (fallen angels) are also real. This I know 'cause the Bible tells me so. But, I did have time to read your testimony, and I was thrilled by it. I was very interested that after you fell away from the Lord, the same book that helped you in your commitment to Him also helped you in your re-commitment. I have heard many testimonies, and I love this one more then most of the others. I guess it doesn't matter you have a dramatic event happen in your life to make a good testimony, as long as you have your salvation, and faith! Praise the Lord, I have mine, and I'm happy to read that some one else has theirs too!

I really enjoy your web page. It's the most informative one I have ever been to. Keep up the good work.

I accidentally found your webpage. It is a joy to see someone sold out to Jesus and not to satan. In this world of sin, it is absolutely wonderful to see a person that won't back down to satan and his evil ways. Praise God for you and your webpage. Good Faith in the future.

I found your page a couple of days ago. I just got back from a family weekender with my husband & 3 kids. I was reading your article about "Inviting Devils" and it hit home BIG TIME!! We just spent our little trip watching way too much TV when we could have enjoyed the outdoors! I want so much to know the Lord more...Please pray that our family grows in Christ and that we can get strength from Him. I will visit your page often and pray for your spiritual growth.

I love your section on the beast. It's very helpful! to me, revelation is a hard book to understand.

Hi. I found your web site a week and a half ago. Your pages were a real eye opener for me. I was really shocked when I saw all your details on how consistent the pattern of alteration has been in the modern versions in diluting Jesus' deity and removing (removing!) whole verses. Also it made me angry at the arrogance of man to find out that these recently-discovered "older better manuscripts" are probably not that at all.

I was up all night reading your pages, and resolved that I had to get an Authorised King James version... I read a few verses and was surprised (shouldn't have been? but was) that it was completely straightforward plain English. I had had this idea that the words "wax" and "wroth" and "thee" and "thou" would appear multiple times every sentence...

Enjoy reading your site. Learn more each time I read it. By the way, the KJV is the best version. It is a survivor and will always be the one. Just wanted to let you know that I visit your site from time to time.

Hi -- I am really enjoying your site. Let me tell you that your article "Why I read only the KJV" is one of the best I've read. A person can argue textual/historical issues all day, but the reasons you put forth are unanswereable. I liked the part about putting away commentaries, study bibles, and all that! Yes, let us let the Holy Spirit speak through the Bible God has preserved and given to us. You've put your finger on exactly what the real issue is. Thanks! Also I enjoyed the testimonies. More please!

In the name of Jesus! See you in heaven!

I just wanted to say that I think you have a wonderful page and I also think that this page will touch everyone who reads it. You just can't stop on the first page you have to read on. I am still in the process of reading and thought I would stop long enough to say thank you for your time and I know that God will use you in many Superior ways. May God lead you and guide you in all of your days.

May The Wind Be At Your Back
And The Lord By Your Side!

Thank You

I love your page. It helps me understand the way of life to follow Jesus and except him as your savior. your page really helped me find out how great and excellent Jesus is. thanks a lot

I am a Saved Christian. I was searching out the Holy name of Jesus Christ on the internet and found your wonderful site. I read every page! It is very inspiring to read the Truth on the internet. One bothersome thing. Your site was buried amoungst a series of "Jesus Hate Sites" stemming from the fact of searching for the words "Jesus Christ". Satan is very hard at work making an electronic smoke screen for people that are unsure what Christ can do in their lives. We all must move on and persue the real Truth! Thank you and praise the Lord Jesus' Holy name !!!

good job

I'm 12, and proud to say that my name is written down in the Book of Life.

...I am so glad that you helped me in the telling of my story. I really hope it will help others. I can't thank you enough.

May God richly bless your life and I hope to stay in touch for years to come.

Thank you for these words. I appreciate your work in Jesus. Greetings from Mexico.

May God, Bless you and keep you through till the end.

God bless you... saw you web site http://www.Jesus-is-Lord.com/hellreal.htm


I stopped by your page by accident, while being a little discouraged about my failures in Christ. I was truly amazed at the truth you have included for all to see here... Thanx brother and Sister for allowing me to pour out my pain on you...


Hey... I want a double portion of your zeal please. My spirit is in agreement, with you, and I love this page..

Tracy, I am looking over the home page - there is a lot of information here. You were not playing when you put this together. I just finished reading the text about why to choose Christianity as opposed to these other religions. I have to tell you that I was asking the Lord how to witness to this guy who is a Muslim. He was raised by a family of muslims in a community of muslims in Africa. I kid you not, I asked the Lord how to do this and if He wanted me to do this seconds before opening up your page. God is wonderful. I am going to open some more pages of this location so I must go. Keep on doing what God has called you to do...

Excellent page. I am glad to see some light in this internet world dominated mostly by the corrupt and vile. May God bless this page even as I am sure that he has and may many be reached. I pray that God will bless you.

Hello Tracy, your page has been an uplift to me this morning. Please pray for me as I struggle with viewing the smut on the internet.....God forever keep you in his care is my prayer. "In the name of Jesus" Amen.

I really enjoyed your page. I have been a Christian for all my life and I was very happy to see your page! I even sent it to my friend ---- who does not know the Lord and I am trying to talk to him about it.

I enjoyed reading your testimony over the internet, and appreciated how well-written and biblically based your explanations of the Christian life and Hell were.

Your page rocks...I sent your URL to a lost man on the net. Thanks for being there, the page is a great ministry.

I read what you wrote. Thank you and thank the Lord you wrote it!!! Though I pray every day, every time I ask forgiveness of my sins and exclaim that I believe that Jesus died on that cross for all of my sins, and there are many, was put into a tomb or grave and rose from death to rise to heaven, I feel like I get more faith.

...I ran across your sight and it gave me great comfort. I am a born again believer, and have been for quite some time. satan has recently brought a previous sin back in to my mind and will not let me forget it. Your sight helped me realize I am forgiven. Even though I knew in my head I was forgiven, your sight helped me realize it in my heart...Thank you for putting this web sight together I hope you can lead many people to Christ

I just wanted to let you know that I think what you're doing on the Internet is really cool. There are so many lost souls in this world, and so few that are brave enough to share the word of God. I just wanted to let you know that you have been an inspiration to me and I will be praying for you. Thank you and God bless.

Hello there. I just want to thank you for putting this web page up on the internet. We need more Christian web pages on the internet...Thank-you for reading and God Bless you for putting on this web page for all to see and learn more about the teachings of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

It is thoroughly refreshing to read this web-site which contains so much truths. I pray that the LORD will bless His own ministry through the pages in the web-site.

I have just read the page on Hell is Real and I hope non-believers out there will read this page. Salvation is indeed a matter of life-and-death that most people are ignorant about.

Nice website thanks...

I have read your testimony, and am encouraged by it, as I was somewhat like that too...

I love your website.... I've just spent a few hours in it reading and discussing the questions with my family. Plus had a few laughs at the responses you gave to emailers to you. I agree with your responses by the way I'm still at your website as I'm writing this mailer but just felt led to mail you...

I really enjoyed your page! It is comforting to know that one can find the true word there.

I praise the Lord for this web page!!Thank You Lord!!

...I praise the Lord our God for this web sight.

Thank you for a great site and may God bless all that you do.

I have gone back to the King James Version and reading many articles like yours.

I've just been to your web page. It is really really really good. It feels so good to have some good in the sea of evil that the internet can be.

I read your testimony and It was very inspiring to see the work of God in other people's lives as well. Thank you for the time you have invested into the home page, I pray that others will come to know Him through your work.

Thanks for your inspiring testimony. I pray that others, through your countless hours of work, will come to know Him.

I think you wrb sight is realy cool. I have had a hard time trying to find a web sight that was dedicated to the glory of Christ and was excited to find yours. You have a great ministry and it is very encouraging to read about others who found their hope in Christ when nothing seems to work right.

Tracy, I'm in my classroom during my planning period. I've only been online for a few weeks and believe, me, I was so happy to find your information about our Lord. Thank you.

The Father is saying well done...

I liked your discussion on Discipline. I am having or have had trouble with this area all my life...I will put this on my list of favorites and read often.

I am a grade six Christian school teacher and every morning we have a devotional. I am requesting your permission to share parts of your testimony to my class. I think they would not only be inspired, but would show them there can be can some good from the internet.

I just read your article on hell, and truly appreciate the fact that someone had the guts to put this out there on the Web ~ as unpopular and politically incorrect as it may be (the Bible is not something we can bend to suit the times.) God bless you for doing it.

I appreciate your web page. The importance of sharing the gospel is something every Christian should have a burden to do...

I found your web page both inspiring and rewarding.

God bless you and your page! Because of www.jesus-is-lord.com, I no longer fear tomorrow. I face it with confidence, for I know He is already there. And I know that I will die only ONCE, and after I will sit with Him in heaven for eternity.

...But now, I am no longer blindly following Jesus. Your page opened my eyes. I have a new relationship with Jesus now. I learned why I shouldn't convert to religions outside of Christianity (i.e. Judaism, Islam, etc.) and why I should avoid those considered within (i.e. Catholicism, Mormonism, etc.).

Since, I have started to begin and end every day with a prayer, I have added reading The Bible to my daily routine, and I look forward to inviting my friends to join my journey to heaven.

Again, Tracy, THANK YOU! You are a life saver, literally.

I really do thank you for a wonderful homepage dedicated to the Christain life.

I really like your straight forward Web Page. The scriptures you've chosen wonderfully portray what God wants us to do. Thanks for your encouragement,

Thank God!, I've found your pages =), It seems that the Holy spirit really came down on you. Glad to know someones here with the same fellowship with God.

I saw your web-site and I wanted to say, how awesome it was! I enjoyed it, and I think my Christian grandmother will also!

I love your page! Keep up the work and praise that you give Our Jesus! A Teen In Training,

Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your website and your testimony. I thank God for your ability to produce this page on the internet amongst all the evil that lurks in it.

...I want to thank you again for your insight about the question I was struggling with. It all makes since to me now. Your Biblical knowledge really challenges me to study the scriptures more.

I want to change my life. I love Jesus.

This is good stuff and I believe it will bear much fruit

I am already born again, but thank you for bringing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Internet...Praise the Lord there is some good on the Internet too!! I see the Internet as being like the Roman Highways were back in the days of Christ. It can be a tool for spreading the "Good News". God Bless You!

Tracy, I have really enjoyed your writing about Jesus, so much that I had to tell you. I can feel your zeal for the Lord. I love it... I agree totaly about TV being evil but I did not take into consideration everything having a spiritual price ( not being neutral)...

hey, what a cool site!! keep it up, guys!!

...You confirmed a lot of truth to me. Thank you again.

Your post-Are there any great Christians, was super!!!!! Keep up the good work.

from another fired up, born again Christian

Thanks :O) [in response to our article "Don't let people get you down (including church people)"]

...I was thrilled to see your home page... May the Lord bless you mightly for your work!

I am a born again child of God, and I want to let you know that I really appreciated reading your messages...I am so glad that I came accross this page, it has brought me some good encouragement to keep my eye's focused on Jesus,and not the smut that is in the world. I've read the page about Hell, focussing on the 120,000+ people that are dying everyday,and going to Hell. You helped me to refocus on what is important. I want to please God...I want to do as you have done, and turn what Satan is using for bad (internet), and start using it for good!! Again I say thank you, and a big AMEN!! Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your willingness to provide various writings that can challenge and move me in the midst of my work day. I look forward to my walk with Christ, and appreciate the company of fellow Christians.

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