[Note: I am not a doctor. While considering the tips on this page, please keep in mind that different people have different circumstances, allergies, and medical conditions that they must take into consideration before trying new ideas. Each person is responsible for how they use this information. I take no responsibility for the use, misuse or no use of this information.]


The following include useful helps, tips, and ideas that have worked for me. You may wish to compile your own useful ideas and add them to your own multi-generational library (and perhaps website, if you are so led) so that your posterity, kindred, or neighbor may benefit from them and so that the knowledge will not be lost.

[How to Cook Basic Foods]

[Basic Sewing Stitches]

(running stitch, backstitch, modified running stitch)

How to Stop a Nosebleed

[How to Purify Water]

How to Forage For Food

[How to Tack a Quilt]

(A quick and easy way to make a functional handmade quilt using items like sheets, old clothes, etc.)

Urine Therapy

(Can be used for allergies and many other diseases--book by J.W. Armstrong at end of article is highly recommended.)

How to Avoid and Treat Gingivitis

How to Lose Weight

(an easy way)

How to Sew Your own [reusable] Menstrual Pads

Sinus Protocols

(including information for allergy sufferers)

[Tips on How to Prevent and Manage Asthma Attacks]

[How to Save Money]

(A list of ways to save money and live a richer life in the process.)
A Simple Teaching About Fractions

(Some of us did not get good understanding of fractions while we were in the school system.)

[A Helpful Use For Socks
With Holes in Them]

(Cut a vertical line across the top of the toe area and use as leg warmers over your socks to keep ankles warm and as wrist warmers worn over both gloves and coat (at the wrist area) to keep our cold air.)

[Easy-to-Use Firestarter tools]

In the Kitchen

(A few tips such as replacing disposible napkins with inexpensive, washable terrycloth towels.)

[Hot Water and Salt Gargle]

(I had an ear and throat ache that came in waves through the night. It was so painful that I got dressed in the middle of the night to go to the emergency room. I guess as a last ditch effort, I tried a cup of warm salt water and it worked (may have been a tablespoon of salt to a cup of water, but I do not remember). I just kept on gargling with it until I had used it up. Cleared up the problem and it did not come back.)
[A Hot Tea Drink for Colds]

(hot tea, honey, lemon, and a few shakes of salt to be taken at the first signs of a cold.)
[Swimmer's Ear Drops]

(I had a very bad earache after swimming one day. A swimming instructor told me that I had "swimmer's ear" and to mix 75% alcohol and 25% vinegar and put a few drops in my ear. She said it is about the same as what is sold in the store. It worked quickly.)

[A Sample Grocery List]

[How to Make Quick and Simple
Skirts By Hand]

(Can be made from denim material for long wear. Can also make an artificial fleece (but natural materials better--especially with the threat of white phosphorus) skirt to be worn under outer skirt and over thrift store sweatpants in cold weather for warmth. Hemming is optional for artificial fleece.)
[Sample First Aid Kit]


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