"Tiktaalik: The Fishapod"

"Ambulocetus: The Walking Whale"

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On the National Geographic website (url: there is an article entitled, "PHOTOS: 7 Major 'Missing Links' Since Darwin" (note: the word, "PHOTOS" in all caps is their emphasis, not ours). The illustrations above are two of the seven images in "PHOTOS: 7 Major 'Missing Links'". The first illustration/cartoon/graphic seen above is said to be a "fishapod" and the illustration/cartoon/graphic below it is said to be a "walking whale"-- obviously neither one is a photo but they are presented as two of the seven images of **PHOTOS**: 7 Major "Missing Links" [emphasis ours]. Of all the images in PHOTOS, only two appear that they may be photos--one of them looks like some wax museum models of a naked gorilla man and a naked gorilla woman (not of anything alive but of somebody's conception) and one of what may be a fish fossil, but I am not sure if it is a photograph. If it is a photograph, I do not know if it is a real fossil or if it is a fake fossil. If it is a real fossil, it is obviously a fish.


According to the National Geographic article, the "fishapod" and the "walking whale" are two of the seven missing links "that show evolution in action" (further down we will examine two of the articles). Anyone who is not brainwashed should see that these cartoons are not proof. There can be no proof of evolution--no matter what evolutionists do or say--because no one was there when evolution supposedly began, not even a fake "alien" if they try to bring one out.

It seems that this National Geographic article should raise questions even in the minds of the most ardent evolutionists. For people to let something like this pass for current says that the brainwashing of people is almost complete. In watching Christian documentaries with pictures of the "Eagle Nebula" (accompanied by wide-sounding "space music"), I have long wondered about the image because it looks like a new age graphic and not a real photo. In light of "PHOTOS: 7 Major 'Missing Links'" and other preposterous articles I've seen recently, my suspicions about the "Eagle Nebula" intensify; yea, the question arises, "Does the Eagle Nebula even exist?" A quote from Deception XXXV: A Sample Injection--

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when EVERYTHING the American public believes is false."
Statement reportedly made by the late CIA Director William Casey at first staff meeting in 1981 [emphasis ours]

The first of the seven articles of "PHOTOS: 7 Major 'Missing Links' Since Darwin" tells the significance of these "discoveries" [not inventions?] (emphases ours)--

Tiktaalik: The "Fishapod"
Illustration [our note: but the title of the article says, "PHOTOS"] by Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation

For the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth (February 12, 2009), National Geographic News asked leading scientists for their picks of the most important fossils that show evolution in action--seven of which are presented here, starting with this "fishapod." [our note: the accompanying picture (see above picture of a "fishapod") is not a picture of a fossil]

Discovered in Arctic Canada [our note: who could verify that this actually happened?] in 2004, 375 million-year-old Tiktaalik had not only gills and scales but traits of a tetrapod (four-legged land animal), including limblike fins, ribs, a flexible neck, and a croc-shaped head.

Why it matters: Tiktaalik is seen as evidence [our note: a cartoon picture and proclamations is seen as evidence?] of the period when our aquatic ancestors [our note: For the record, we had no aquatic ancestors. Adam is our father and Eve our mother, read the book of Genesis, chapters one through five to learn about the creation of all things and about our father, mother, and the patriarchs of all mankind.] began moving ashore along with other fins-to-limbs fossils, such as Acanthostega (Acanthostega picture), the most primitive known tetrapod.

Early Darwin supporters speculated that such fishes had given rise to amphibians. "Acanthostega and Tiktaalik have taken this to a new level," said geologist Donald Prothero, of Occidental College in Los Angeles.

The discoveries of these and other "missing link" species have HELPED DISPEL what Darwin called perhaps "the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory" of evolution--the FORMER lack of transitional fossil species [our note: they are actually saying that presentation of these unverifiable discoveries, cartoon pictures and long ago far away stories actually "helped dispel" (notice the use of the past tense like it is a fait accompli, an accomplished fact already done and achieved) the fact that there are absolutely no transitional fossil species because evolution is a lie and a hoax foisted upon impressionable school children and perpetuated through adulthood. A little horse skeleton and a big horse skeleton do not prove macroevolution. If the skeletons are real, they show that there have been horses of different sizes living on the earth, period--not that a worm, a dog, or a rat is their "ancestor". One set of moths doing better than another set of moths in polluted conditions does not prove evolution, either. The only way to be free from all this deception to believe and obey the Authorized Version of the Bible conformable to the edition of 1611. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed.]

February 11, 2009

On the article's webpage, underneath the picture of the "fishapod" it says "illustration"; however of the PHOTOS: 7 Major "Missing Links" there are only seven pictures including the fishapod "illustration" amongst others like the "walking whale". I suppose that it is as if since they said, "photos," they assumed that brainwashed people's minds would just accept cartoons and artists' conceptions as being actual photos of real objects that prove evolution. People cannot seem to look at things like this and say, "Is there not a lie in my right hand? Evolution obviously is not true if they have to resort to this level to show 'proof'. This is not proof."

The "walking whale" illustration/cartoon/graphic is another one of the seven pictures in "PHOTOS"--

Ambulocetus: The Walking Whale
Illustration by Shawn Gould

Discovered in Pakistan in 1992, the fossil skeleton of 50-million-year-old Ambulocetus ("walking whale") suggests [note: "suggests" states that it is not a fact. In the future, after they feel that people are more conditioned, "suggests," "probably," "perhaps," etc. may very well be dropped from the working vocabulary of evolutionists] it was able to walk on four legs--on land and in the water.

Why it matters: Explaining the leap from land mammals to whales [our note: things like this explain why the top-tier evolution tale-spinners must insist that whales are "mammals"--so that they provide the link between sea animals and land animals. Whales are fish.] was another evolutionary headache for Darwin, who proposed bears as possible whale ancestors. Recently unearthed fossils trace whales to a doglike predecessor of hoofed plant-eaters [our note: who did this, when, where, how is it verifiable? a whale related to a doglike predecessor to hoofed plant eaters?], and genetic analysis has identified hippos as whales' closest living relatives [our note: no "suggests" or "maybes" here. Words like "genetics," or "science," or "controlled studies" cause people to roll over and accept whatever is being talked about without thinking for one second that the person/textbook/teacher/commentator etc. is lying to them. The listener does not know that any study at all was done. If one was done, they do not know the presuppositions and prejudices of the researchers. They do not know if the research was rigged. They do not know if the specimen finds are authentic, etc. If one is saved, on the other hand, he already knows that all of this is a lie and he ignores the proclamations.]. Fossil expert Donald Prothero of Occidental College says Ambulocetus is the "most complete, best studied, and clearest case of something with a whale's head, the beginnings of an aquatic lifestyle with webbed hands and feet, but still fully quadrupedal [our note: that cartoon picture, big words, made up names, made up scenarios, and the words of what they call an expert is not proof of evolution]."

February 11, 2009


The masses of people are listening to the drone of these endless fictional stories, deceptions, lies, decrees, and pronouncements without giving a second thought as to their veracity, their truthfulness. The people are tired (I know I was) and when a person gets tired of trying to memorize the drone and their mind is overloaded with irrelevant foolishness, they give up and just assume that they cannot understand and leave everything up to "the experts." In the face of stunts like this with the "walking whale" and the "fishapod" it is easy to imagine that as imaging technology grows more sophisticated other "photos," and "film footage" will emerge to "prove" evolution. And it is easy to imagine that as the vandalism of biotechnology continues, GMO (genetically modified organism) "specimens" (chimeras--in this case, half this animal and half that animal (crazy-looking, made up genetically modified creatures)) will burst onto the scene to "prove" evolution "beyond any shadow of a doubt".


Television "programming" and the educational system are the two great weapons of mass destruction that have brainwashed and destroyed America. Tv, the school system, books, newspapers, magazines, entertainments, laziness, compulsive disorders, etc. are channels by which people are brainwashed and prepared for brainwashing. The people are constantly watching these things and drinking them in. These things influence how people think and what they think about. And there yet other channels by which people are weakened and controlled--food, drink, false religion, occultism, drugs, whoredom, etc. The assault against the souls of men only intensifies.

When one has eyes to see, it is obvious that the television programs, magazines, the school system, etc. are channels doing the bidding of those behind the scenes. Their tactics to deceive and influence people are couched in various venues--dramas, movies, documentaries, docu-dramas, textbooks, articles, plays, etc. For those that are outside of their system, these tactics are obvious (on those occasions when they encounter them). I recently came across an article that overtly implied that organic brown rice contains arsenic and may be potentially dangerous (as I recall) [note: I do not hunt these things down, they come across my path]--why did they include, "organic"? Is somebody or some corporation(s) unhappy about competition from those who sell real food to people that want to buy it? Why didn't the author of the article not talk about the dangers of GMO food and processed foods? Why not talk about Monsanto's wares and tactics? Why did the author(s) rather chose to question real food? Once a person is aware of what is going on, it is easy to identify these tactics that are being executed constantly in society on many different levels and in many different ways.

***** TWO GROUPS *****

From my notes:

Men, women, and children are being continually bombarded with evil messages crafted by crafty, wicked, subtil men. The messages are viewed, read, and listened to unchallenged by the truth. The people are only open recipients who drink in these evil messages. Those in God's word that remain separate from the message channels remain free from the messages unchallenged. When they hear a message, they can, and do, examine its merits in light of the word of God and draw clear, correct judgments and conclusions. 5-21-11

Unsaved persons that may read this article may wish to see our article, How to Get to Heaven. When we repent of our sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, we are born again and saved and, as we read God's word and hearken to it, we know the truth and the truth makes us free--and he whom the Son makes free, is free indeed. The shackles are loosed and we are free.


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