There was something that I wondered about.

I wondered why modern kings (called Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc.) have been willing to give up their kingdoms for a "new world order," for a "one world government"--for a world without borders that calls for the extinction of their nation's sovereignty. They are not only willing but working towards that end. I found this very curious in light of the way that kings have always ruled and kept their nations together and sought to do things like subdue kingdoms and gain more wealth and prosperity and growth for their own kingdoms and nations.

For most of mankind's history,

  • It has not been the way of a king to say that he wants his kingdom to disappear or to meld into something else.
  • It has not been the way of a king to say that he wants to hand his kingdom over to an unnamed entity for some fuzzy nonsensical reason like, "we can be a new world."
  • It has not been the way of a king to deal devastating axe blows to his own kingdom in order to cut it down to the ground piece by piece.
  • It has not been the way of a king to labor to hand his people over to the dictates of an unnamed entity--while simultaneously treading softly and assuring his people that all is well as he hands them (and their land and property and infrastructure) over to that entity with a plastered smile on his face and words of peace and safety.

And there was something else that I wondered about.

I wondered about King James' use of the word, "parricide" instead of "regicide" when speaking of king killing in his, A Remonstrance for the Right of Kings, and the Independance of their Crownes, Against an Oration of the Most Illvstriovs Car. of Perron, Pronovnced in the Chamber of the Third Estate. Ian. 15 1615 (found in his Workes). I do not know if the word regicide was in popular use or not during the time of the king, but whether it was or not, the use of the word parricide [L. paricida, from pater, father, and coedo, to kill.] made me wonder about why it was used [1].

Today I think that I have begun to understand something.

Many modern kings are not fathers to their people and are quite willing to destroy or give away their kingdoms chunk by chunk. They are in their positions for themselves and their own personal advancement, and not for the good of their people. Their kingdoms are about as big as them and their personal property and their own comfort and their own praise and adoration. This being the case, the people of their nation are for the king's own personal gain. That is why these kings do not care about the people--they are not the real kind of king, they are something else. The people, the land, and the institutions are for their use. Controlling the people and making them obedient brings rewards from the "Maker of Kings" and his agents (not that these rewards are always happy rewards--one reward may be the temporary stay of the disclosure of some blackmail material that is held over the king's head). Executing the orders from the "Maker of Kings" (delivered to the king through the "Maker's" agents) brings rewards to them personally.

These types of modern kings feign and pretend to care about people, but they do not care. They don/wear big toothy smiles, speak words of peace, and enact sweeping proclamations that bring devastation to a sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers that have forsaken the LORD (that is why the peoples of these nations are deceived by these kings, they received not the love of the truth (ref. 2 Thessalonians 2:10)). Acts like "No Child Left Behind" may sound really good and charitable to many, but in actuality it will ensure that the children in the classroom can only learn as much as the least motivated and least able child in the class. Ultimately standards come down so that all (which includes flunking level I-don't-feel-like-being-here students) can achieve the goals (as if American education were not already greatly hobbled--these are death blows...Americans are being pummeled by people who are smiling at them and speaking peace). They talk about increasing student abilities in mathematics and sciences while not even teaching cursive writing. American adults have a hard time handling fractions and the children are doing poorly (physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, intellectually) and are withering under the obfuscation system but meanwhile parents seem happy about this emphasis on science and mathematics--it is just more nonsense pie piled up on top of junk pie. One on the outside of this calamity can just see the screws being tightened initiative by initiative and ordinance by ordinance--like an initiative to feed breakfast to all children in certain regions of Maryland every school day (school breakfast for needy children has already been working for many years)--as if

  • school breakfast is the answer for high scholastic performance,
  • a non-laboring (and often overweight) population needs more eating; and,
  • the tax dollars of a buried-in-debt government need to be spent on lining the pockets of the corporations and organizations who will feed those children.

The kings (including lesser kings like governors) say that they care as they offer bread and circuses to the people (treats, programs, speeches, holidays, entertainments, etc.) so that the people's flesh will be fed--thereby causing the people to relish the bread and circuses and ultimately accept whatever the government says even if they have initial reservations. The masses cannot imagine life without the bread and circuses like tv, ease, air conditioning, etc. and so they yield to the proclamations. [Aside: I know for myself, that it took a long time and many events to finally be able see that the United States could actually end--I had been lulled into a false sense of security like America the great will always remain.] They like the system and are hunkered down in it and go with whatever new statute is passed, no matter how egregious. So it is for the people. Meanwhile the kings are in this for themselves and their comfort--it is their job to keep the people in line, these kings are skilled in the arts of peace. The people rely on them and believe them and trust them and, on the whole, are obedient to them and to their pronouncements...

The "Maker of Kings" cannot do business with paternalistic/fatherly kings who seek out and guard the welfare of their people and their nations. The "Maker of Kings" cannot do busines with paternalistic/fatherly kings who refuse bribes and temptations to corruption; to such kings and their kingdoms, it seems that he sends out his army of agents to carry out

  • wars,
  • agitations,
  • assassinations,
  • "accidents,"
  • rigged elections,
  • dissembling,
  • subversions,
  • coup-de-tats,
  • deconstruction,
  • injections of doctrines of devils thereby producing (through his teaching channels, e.g., tv, school system, newspapers, etc.) church hypocrites, fornicators, liars, whoremongers, adulterers, thieves, drug addicts, witches, unjust judges, sodomites, atheists, false prophets, bad examples, fake Bibles, traitors, etc.
  • the mental, physical, and spiritual corruption of youth and all institutions of society such as family, church, business, and government,
  • the general weakening and degradation of every level of the nation,
  • the distortion and revision of the historical record,
  • the obfuscation and censorship of all righteousness, wherever it may be found,
  • the toppling of kingdoms, and,
  • the placing of evil men as the new kings who are execute the Maker's directives and unleash his decrees while they skim off and slurp up what they can for themselves.

These types of activities seem to be the order of the day for the "Maker of Kings" as his quest for ever more territory continues incessantly...and this quest will not end until his army seizes control of the whole world and despot/tyrant-vassals [2] are ruling and terrorizing every nation on the face of the earth.


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[1] PAR'RICIDE, n. [L. paricida, from pater, father, and coedo, to kill.]

  1. A person who murders his father or mother.
  2. One who murders an ancestor, or any one to whom he owes reverence....
  3. The murder of a parent or one to whom reverence is due.
  4. One who invades or destroys any to whom he owes particular reverence, as his country or patron.

[2] VAS'SAL, n.

  1. A feudatory; a tenant; one who holds land of a superior, and who vows fidelity and homage to him. A rear vassal is one who holds of a lord who is himself a vassal.
  2. A subject; a dependant.
  3. A servant.
  4. In common language, a bondman; a political slave. We will never be the vassals of a foreign prince. [Our note: this has obviously come to pass. We did not love the scriptures nor did we teach our children what they needed to know from their youth.]