The following is an update to the article, "What's Behind the Wall?"

UPDATE: The following is an except from The Deliverance Series

...We want to forsake those things that offend God and take away our peace with him--things like television. Television--that wicked medium to which so many so-called Christians cleave. The following is for professed Christians that watch television even though they have been warned against it and know that it is wrong----

The people on television hate God and blaspheme his name continually. Do YOU hate God, too? If not, why is it a struggle for you to stop watching them? "I watch the news and Discovery channel and animal shows." Those people give God no glory concerning his creation--they ignore him as if he did not exist and then go on to make ignorant and foolish and wrong statements about his creation. Is that good? Do you agree with them and like it that they do this and find it SOOOO impossible to get out of that dunghill called tv watching? Do you like ignoring God like they do and listening to the fairy stories of evolutionists? Is that your idea of a good time? To sit there and listen to the words of infidels, hereticks, mockers, and scorners? Do you think that the devil's people are telling you the 100% truth on the news? If not, then why do you watch the news--because you like it anyway? The people on television dishonour God and divorce his word from every subject. Do you like that? Is that pleasing to you? If not, why do you watch them and subscribe to cable tv and go to the movie theatre and read their books and leisurely peruse their filthy newspapers? DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE THEM? IF NOT, THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A STRUGGLE TO STOP WATCHING TELEVISION, IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM? If you know that hell is hot and that God is serious, don't you think that you need to flee from the wrath to come? Do you love God or do you love tv? What do your actions say? Which one do you love more--God...or tv and the devil? Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden for eating a piece of fruit that God told them not to eat--what do you think you are worthy of watching hellivision (and who knows what else) when you know that it is against everything that he commands and for what he prohibits? Count the cost and make your choice about which way you are going to go and what you are going to do--
(1) the broad way where you can do whatever you feel like doing and then go to hell and the lake of fire; or,

(2) the narrow way where you leave wickedness for a clean life and an amazing journey with the other despised few that find it.

Goat food like tv is for goats and sheep food is for sheep. Unclean is unclean and clean is clean. Are you a goat or a sheep (ref. Matthew 25:33-34)? Will you be on the right hand or will you be on the left hand? Count the cost and make your choice. "I watch the religious programming." The preachers on the television are not telling the truth about Revelation 17 or the source of what is happening in the earth. They are not rebuking sin and telling the truth. And when examining their doctrines, many of them quickly reveal themselves to be false prophets. Why are you watching them? Why are you soaking up television? Television is like a narcotic and people are hooked on it and cannot imagine life without it. The first step to getting free is to acknowledge the situation and repent of it--as in, "I'm hooked like a dope addict. I must stop." It is hard to stop--but not really--just cancel the cable tv and don't touch that remote control (throw the tv away if you must--it is better to lose a tv and go to heaven than having your whole disobedient-pleasure-in-sin-watching body cast into hell--into the fire that never shall be quenched where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. I hate burning my hand and so I don't put it on top of a burning hot stove. If you hate offending God, repent, ask forgiveness, and don't touch that remote control. "What if others in the house watch it?"--then let it be theirs--it is not yours. Start living a real life. See the Deliverance Series for links to articles that may help you to become deprogrammed and to start living a real and clean life free from tv in the midst of a corrupt, brainwashed, programmed generation.


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