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  • Preface
  • Three Witnesses
  • An Obfuscating/Darkening/Making-not-plain Aspect
  • Why are you mentioning this?
  • The List: "What's in People"

*** PREFACE ***

The word of the Lord is right and all his works are done in truth. God has left us his word and told us that man is made of the dust of the earth. The following third witness from science is a record to shew that scientists (nutritionists, doctors, etc.) regularly deal with the fact that man's composition is in the dust of the earth.


A list of three witness--

  1. A glaring example of how false science holds the truth in unrighteousness.
  2. "The human body is one of the most complex structures in nature, yet it is made up of those SAME basic mineral and elements that are our natural resources."
  3. "What's in People" (the article you are now reading)


The list found further down this page is entitled, "What's in People". It is found on a poster by "www.mii.org" which identifies itself as the source of the information. It looks like "mii" stands for "Mineral Information Institute". In addition to "What's in People"there are lists of supposed compositions of various items after the water and carbon have been removed. They call this "Samples Analyzed by X-Ray Fluorescence". As a result, when one looks at their, "What's in a Fish" one DOES NOT SEE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS/elements like the oxygen, carbon (it looks like one does not see the carbon at all!), etc. BUT RATHER A SERIES OF COMPOUNDS INSTEAD OF the INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS/elements of which the fish is made. For example, their list labeled

After removing the water and carbon
What's in a Fish
by XRF Analysis % by weight

begins [bracketed information ours]--

  • Na2O--5.2966% [a sodium/oxygen compound],
  • MgO--1.7583% [a magnesium/oxygen compound],
  • Al2O3--.09591% [an aluminum/oxygen compound], etc.

They say that the list is taken from a tampered-with substance (a fish with the water and carbon) and then implies (by font size, position, etc.) that it shows what a fish consists of and the percentage--but the water and carbon have been removed! In the "both"/"duplicity" strategem, two things that do not go together are presented together in a matter-of-factly type way. If one is paying attention, this can be seen all over the place. The X-ray Fluorescence list looks rather obfuscating as it

  1. lists COMPOUNDS instead of individual components/"elements"
  2. uses the chemical ABBREVIATIONS instead of the chemical names
  3. takes the percentages out to the fourth decimal place (that would fine if the list were of the components/elements of an untampered-with fish and a listed the names of the individual components (hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, etc.) instead of abbreviations

But as it stands, that section "What's in a Fish" would make many of us not even look at it, thereby not making any connection between the individual components found in living things and the things found in the earth, the sea, and the firmament. The following lists are found in the same area of the poster::

  • "After removing the water and carbon What's in a Cheeseburger by XRF Analysis % by weight"
  • "What's in People"
  • "After removing the water and carbon "What's in a Fish" by XRF Analysis % by weight"
  • "After removing the water and carbon "What's in a Tree" by XRF Analysis % by weight"

If they had applied the X-Ray Fluorescence method to the human sample, we would not have clearly seen the individual components of which man is made--fortunately, they did not do that for the poster. In the case of the cheeseburger, they are listing the compounds of a compound which really makes it look like obfuscation.


Why are you mentioning this? Well, we do not know what the use of "x-ray fluorescence" portends for future lists showing the composition of the human body. Whoever is reading this and cares about it (may the sleepy and slumbering wake up) needs to make a copy of these articles and keep them in a prominent place (e.g., a three-ring notebook of measures to remember) to reference, to teach, to pass down. They can even go on a wall or in a special display on a shelf, etc. In terms of the proportions of each individual component/element, I have noticed with different lists, that they may vary a little, and some may not list all the same trace elements. Man does not have perfect knowledge, and at times, we see this admission in the books. This information is not to send anyone off on a wild goose chase. It is basically for the record.


What's in People

  • Oxygen, 65%
  • Carbon, 18%
  • Hydrogen, 10%
  • Nitrogen, 3%
  • Calcium, 1.5%
  • Phosphorus, 1%
  • Sulphur, 0.25%
  • Potassium, 0.20%
  • Chlorine, 0.15%
  • Sodium, 0.15%
  • Magnesium, 0.05%
  • Fluorine, 0.02%
  • Iron, 0.006%
  • Zinc, 0.0033%
  • Silicon, 0.0020%
  • Rubidium, 0.00170%
  • Zirconium, 0.00035%
  • Strontium, 0.00020%
  • Aluminum, 0.00014%
  • Niobium, 0.00014%
  • Copper, 0.00014%
  • Antimony, <0.00013%
  • Lead, 0.00011%
  • Cadmium, 0.000043%
  • Tin, 0.000043%
  • Iodine, 0.000040%
  • Manganese, 0.000030%
  • Vanadium, 0.000030%
  • Barium, 0.000023%
  • Arsenic, 0.000020%
  • Titanium, <0.000020%
  • Boron, 0.000014%
  • Nickel, <0.000014%
  • Chromium, <0.000009%
  • Cobalt, <0.000004%
  • Molybdenum, <0.000007%
  • Silver, <0.000001%
  • Gold, <0.000001%
  • Uranium, 3 x 10−8%
  • Cesium, <1.4 x 10−8%
  • Radium, 1.4 x 10−13%

Excerpted from poster entitled, "Creating a Universe: How We Use the Elements--for Life and for Living" by www.mii.org


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