[Background: Mother comes across a CD by a man who visited a church she attended from time to time and played calm, folk-type Christian music. She listens to a song on the CD of dubious beat, but at the end of it, she hears an interesting interplay with a woodwind after the objectionable beat was over--objectionable because it took her mind back. She let her daughter (who plays the piano) hear only the interplay to give her musical ideas. The daughter liked the interplay and wanted to hear the rest. The Mother warns about the song and mentions that the last she heard, the man has a band that includes playing blues-type songs, etc. She starts the song...]

Daughter: Wait. [Mother stops CD.] Is that what the scripture says?

Mother: In the scriptures, the disciples say something like, "Master, carest thou not that we perish?"

Daughter: Okay, play. [Plays.]

Daughter: Wait a minute. [Music stopped.] He played an F natural. He had better not do that again. [Strong words, but Mother wants to hear an unhindered outside perspective.] Play. [Plays CD.]

[Daughter cringes, doubling over.] Daughter: Stop it. This is what he is doing. [Child gets on the piano and plays the sequence how it should be played and then how it is actually played in the song.]

Mother [who does not have a very fine ear]: I can hear it, it is like being jerked.

Daughter: I keep myself prepared for it. Play. [Plays.]

Daughter: Ouch. [scrunching up] Stop. [Mother stops CD]. It is like he slams you into some cold water and then takes you and puts you in a warm building.

Mother: So he resolves the issue [the shock].

Daughter: Yes, but it can be like hypothermia when there is a danger of warming up a person too quickly. The blood may flow more but if it is still too cold when it reaches the heart, there is trouble. Play. [Plays CD.]

Daughter: Stop. [Stops CD] He slams you into cold water, puts you in a warm building and slams you in cold water again. Sometimes he pushes you down into the cold water instead of slamming you, but it is still cold. [Note: In trying to describe the music, the daughter relates that unlike the disjointed jazz music she once heard on a funeral home website, the man playing the music sounds as if he is a talented musician but that he was not himself the day he made the song.]

Daughter: I can believe that he has a band.

[More notes from the daughter's perspective...It is as if the musician is undecided on the key of the song; undecided on the notes; undecided on singing versus speaking; undecided on major or minor. The music is bouncy. Listening to it is like being placed in a dryer and being tumbled around and around inside of it...In listening to this song, the situation is as if the man grabs you and tells you, I have you here and I am going to punch you at certain points--bam!...The music is unsettling in the literal sense of the word. Loud, soft. Good, scared, happy--no idea of what it is--didn't hear attempt to be happy, doesn't put you anywhere, and you do not find out until the extreme end. "I wonder if he had just taken his first dose of phenergan (a "jumpy" medicine) when he wrote the song?"]

[The CD was discarded.]

Notes taken while listening to, "The Profound Effects of Music on Life" (A presentation by Andrew Pudewa, (writing-edu.com or excellenceinwriting.com) which provides insight into the effect of various types of music. With some types of music, some rats cannot even finish a rat maze. It is as if minds and bodies are being overpowered and confused by the music--and also made ready for vicious acts and sins). I did not listen to all the audio clips of songs, etc. I skipped over things that might offend--whether music or explanations.

  • We seeing an entire society hyperstimulated physically. [The objectionable song mentioned above, with its driving beat was in no wise objectionable to my flesh (no cringing as if in pain...I thought about the words and went with the music, but the music did remind me of the old days and so therefore I knew something had to be wrong. I would never want my child to play that kind of music, I'd think that something was horribly wrong if I heard her do so, and yet it did not bother me.]
  • A syncopated rhythm pattern has an accent on the offbeat of the music to draw the attention, interest, at a transition. It causes a moment of tension and then resolves to the normal music pattern. This has been used in classical music--but now we are seeing a persistent syncopation that does not go away for the entire duration of the piece--melody one way, harmony another, rhythm another creating tension in the music and the body. It is going against the natural rhythm of the body.
  • The problems are not confined to just one genre of music.
  • Eighty-five percent of the revenues of "Christian" bookstores is CDs--and what is happening to America is happening to the visible church.
  • Rhythmic patterns have changed into a synchopated form.
  • The body has hormones, neurotransmitters, endorphins to deal with difficult or stressful situations, like adrenaline. Certain music is addictive and a person is nervous without it.
  • Body feels under attack--chemicals are there to defend you. Shuts down. Starts again. A cycle. The body is attacked. A Vietamese man was listening to what he said was his favorite song. He then told me, "Music make you kill." He told me that it was used in his country after this manner during the war.
  • Society is auditorily uncontrolled.
  • Can strip away spiritual sensitivity.
  • Subtle, indetectable.
  • A person can be easily sucked in.
  • Contemporary "Christian" Music (CCM) mimics the world's music genres, clothing, etc. and church people are listening to both the world's music and the so called Christian music.
  • The music is causing physiological, neurological and spiritual disorders. Rodents are communal animals but when raised on certain types of music they could not live together--they killed each other. Plants die. Some rats are slower in the maze. Some may take one minute to complete it but a short while later after more exposure to the music, it takes them 15 minutes to complete it. Certain groups under certain conditions never learn to complete it, they can't.

[...Aside: I became familiar with Mr. Pudewa through the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Their "Teaching Writing: Structure and Style" (on DVD) is a first rate writing course that teaches teachers how to teach their children how to write well through a systematic process. The course is loaded with nuts and bolts information pertaining to the writing craft. I watched my writing improve that day as I completed the exercises in the workshop. The workshop is so dense/rich, that I only took in a day's worth of study and left off for another time. It was quite enjoyable and I look forward to completing the course. It is not written from a saved perspective nor is it cheap.]


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