Chapter XI.

The Characters of the Followers of Catholicism Compared to the Followers of Protestantism.

I believe that I am not presuming too much when I consider myself authority on the subject of " Character, " as I have had the privilege of studying the characters of the followers of both Catholic and Protestant countries, as I have traveled extensively over both Europe and America and have had occasion to compare the characters of the followers of the Pope to the characters of the followers of Jesus Christ, and the comparison is one that will lead any sane man, or woman, and one who desires to reach a true verdict, to arrive at the conclusion that it is a physical impossibility for any man or woman who depends upon mortal wisdom for their inspiration to ever attain the broadness and purity of character that the man or


woman who lives beneath the shadow of the Cross, and who looks to a living God for their wisdom.

Character is not a spontaneous fungus which grows without proper care, as character is an essential that must be cultivated in the fertile soil of morality, as there is no code of morals which will stand the crucial test of godliness unless it springs from the eternal injunctions laid down in the Holy Bible, and without morals an individual as well as a nation loses its identity among the good of the land, and when this happens, society in general is the loser, for whenever we degrade society we degrade ourselves, for there is no man or woman so strong and powerful in their individuality but what they can become besmirched and contaminated, to a degree at least, by the association of those who have been lowered in the scale of morality by the lack of this most precious jewel of the human family.

We are aware of the fact that Protestantism is not exempt from sin, as we are well aware that we will find sinners of all degrees in the Protestant ranks, but we make the assertion, without fear of


contradiction, that the characters in general of the followers of Protestantism are many times superior to the characters in general of the followers of Romanism.

We will take the large cities in the United States as an illustration, and we will find that the saloon-keepers, comparatively speaking, are from the ranks of Catholicism, and to engage in the saloon business is no bar to a member of the Catholic Church, for if this saloon-keeper, no matter if he runs a wine-room in connection with his saloon and is responsible for the downfall of an army of precious girls, he is considered a fit subject for heaven by the Catholic Church provided he liberally donates to the support of this damnable institution.

Statistics show that ninety-four bar-rooms out of every one hundred in America are owned and controlled by the followers of Romanism. As Catholicism establishes and builds character out of money, she makes money her god, and as long as her followers liberally support the great army of Catholic dignitaries they are taught that they


have performed the essential part in the establishment of character; thus you can see what the result of this doctrine would lead to, and you have demonstrations of this doctrine in this country, and more especially in other countries where Catholicism is solely responsible for the condition of the inhabitants.

Everything that is not in the Bible is taken by the Catholic Church from the heathens and the Jews, and you will find the doctrines and the practices of Catholicism founded upon heathenish practices and not upon the broad plane of morals taught by Jesus Christ.

Those who may read this book, and who are not acquainted with the characters of the rabble of Catholicism, we would be glad to have them go to any of our large cities and visit some of the districts of these cities which are inhabited by the followers of Romanism, and there you will find a class whose countenances alone would condemn them in any criminal court of the land, as they are men and women who are made up of a foreign element and from the criminal districts of


European countries, and who are as ignorant as rams and glory in their ignorance, and who have no idea of patriotism and of loyalty to country, and only have an idea and desire to worship the images and symbols of Catholicism, and any man or body of men, or any nation, who will practice this heathenish worship cannot possess character.

I have traveled extensively over the United States and over European countries which are controlled by the Pope, and if I could vividly portray the characters of Catholicism and Protestantism the comparison would resemble the countenance of the criminal compared to the innocent and loveable features of a girl baby.

Catholicism poisons the very atmosphere that surrounds her followers, and she is not satisfied by confining her contaminating influences to her own followers, but she is everlastingly stretching her filthy grasp to pull Protestantism down to her degraded level. Catholicism lowers the standard of public opinion. She makes war on morality and virtue, which destroys character. Catholicism countenances wrong-doings. Catholicism tolerates


evil and rewards vice, and it is a well-known fact that "evil communications corrupt good manners," and if this is the case, then is it any wonder that the characters of the followers of Catholicism cannot, nor never will, favorably compare to the followers of Protestantism?

I am about to make an assertion that will perhaps shock those who are not familiar with the teachings of Catholicism, but I make it without fear of contradiction, as I know whereof I speak, as I have traveled the Papist road for thirty years, and I declare to you with all sincerity and honesty that Rome would not go far wrong if she counted in her membership 95 per cent of the men and women who are on their road to hell, and if this assertion is true, and if I have not overdrawn my estimation, then, pray, tell me what we can expect in the future in this country should such characters as I have just portrayed be permitted to dominate this government.

Every Roman Catholic that is born in the world comes into the world alienated from God and God's teachings, and is taught from infancy not


to depend upon God Almighty for guidance, but to depend upon Romanism for their everlasting future, and with such doctrines everlastingly funnelled into childhood, what can we expect of the child when it has grown to maturity?

Protestant children are born into the world of parents who look above the horizon of earthly things for their inspirations, and these children are taught from infancy that they must look to an all-wise God for succor and support; but Popery ignores all of this and teaches by heathenish symbols and by paganic practices. Thus it is an easy matter for any sane man or woman to understand why character cannot be found in such a class.

The followers of Catholicism are taught that by the payment of a few dimes they can have their sins remitted and pardoned; thus you will see that crime has no terrors for such a class, as they believe that when they have committed a crime all they have to do is to go to the priestcraft and have their sins pardoned, in exchange for perhaps


a part of the money which they gained in their criminal transaction.

To rule such men, no religion is required. A Romanist does not look to God Almighty for his salvation, but to the church, and the church gives him her unbounded sanction to commit sin, provided that he returns after he commits the crime and pays a few dollars to have his sins pardoned.

A Roman Catholic can swear, break the Sabbath, dishonor his parents, lie, steal, commit adultery, get drunk and commit any other crime that he chooses, provided that he returns to the confessional box and pays for having his sins pardoned.

Now, what can you expect of a class of men and women who believe in this doctrine, and can you expect to find anything but the character of a criminal or a degenerate? If you do, you are undoubtedly as ignorant as the followers of Romanism, as it is a physical impossibility to reasonably expect a man or woman who has been taught these abominations to ever make men and women of character who will adorn this or any other nation.


One of the rulers of England, Charles II, died with prostitutes about him and died a disgrace to England and to himself, but Rome glorified in him as one of her converts. The more of Rome a man or woman possesses, and the. less of God, the more the Roman Catholic Church glorifies in him.

Catholicism is a coward--yea, a cringing coward--when not surrounded by large numbers of her followers, as she has no excuse for her existence and cannot defend herself by intelligent and godly arguments, and the only way she can defend herself is by numbers; but whenever she can resort to physical and brutal strength, she then makes a fight which crimsons the earth with blood, and Protestantism pays the penalty, and the reason why those in the country and in sparsely settled districts do not know more of the hellishness of Catholicism is because this creed cannot intelligently defend itself and will not take issue with Protestantism unless she can take issue by brutal power, but in our cities we have an exhibition of the diabolical deeds of Catholicism, as the majority of our municipal elections are


controlled by the followers of Catholicism, as Rome's followers congregate in our large cities, because they love darkness better than light, and they infest the " tough " sections of our cities and control our municipal elections by brute force, which is sanctioned by the priestcraft.

We will take it for granted that the inhabitants of the United States know more of Mexico than any other nation which is priest-ridden, so we desire to dwelt for a short time upon the characters of the Mexican peon. You will find Mexico, which lays right across from Texas on the Rio Grande River, a dividing line between ignorance and intelligence, crime and godliness, and morality and immorality; however, that part of Texas which lays near the 'Mexican border has become contaminated to a great degree by these Mexican "dupes" who follow the black flag of Romanism; but the difference in character, in manhood, in womanhood, in intelligence and everything which distinguishes right from wrong is so marked and so plain that one does not have to look twice to see the difference, and there is no cause nor no reason


for this great difference in character, in manhood and womanhood but the teachings of Rome.

If we expect America to retain her place among the nations of intelligence and nations of greatness, and nations of goodness and godliness, we must be character-builders, for without character we can never expect to reach the zenith of godliness, and without godliness individual greatness is an impossibility.

Catholicism paints the countenances of her followers with the brush of ignorance and criminality.



Chapter XII.

Why Teachers in Our Public Schools Should Not Be Selected from the Ranks of Catholicism.

The Catholic world does not hesitate in declaring that our public schools in this country are "Sinks of Iniquity," "Schools of Vice," and "Nurseries of Hell;" then why should the followers of Catholicism be permitted to teach in our public schools?

This is a question that ought to vitally interest every Protestant father and mother in this land, and the time is not far distant until they will become interested, for just as sure as God reigns, the time is not far in the future when Catholicism will endeavor to close up the public schools of this land and establish her nurseries of darkness and superstition in their stead.

If the public schools of this country are not


good enough for the children of Catholic parents, it seems to me that the Protestant parents of this country should see to it that their children are too good to be taught by Catholic teachers.

Why is it that the Pope does not promulgate one of his "holy bulls" and excommunicate those of his believers who take the money so freely for their services from the public schools of this country?

Oh, no; the Pope and the priestcraft are perfectly willing, so long as Protestants have the power to maintain those schools, that their "Jesuitical dupes" shall receive the money that is set aside for these schools. My blood fairly boils with unbounded indignation when I think of the hard, harsh, and ungodly slurs that Catholicism is ever ready to throw at our public school system, and then see blind Protestants help to place a Catholic teacher in one of our schools.

We propose to give facts and figures in this chapter that we hope will open the eyes of drowsy, unconcerned Protestants, and help them and their children to apply the brakes to their downward


course, and spike the guns of the Vatican with American manhood.

We hope by the time you are through with this chapter you will be ready to make inquiries as to who is to teach your children in the public schools. Let me ask you, Mr. Protestant, if you ever heard of a Protestant teaching in a Catholic school? Oh, no! But then you will fold your hands and be content to allow your children to be taught by a man or woman who secretly despises the public school system. Shame! Ten thousand times we exclaim you should be ashamed for not asserting your American and God-given privileges of Protestantism gained for you through the blood of your forefathers!

A general system of education, such as affords all alike an opportunity to cultivate and expand the intellect, the poor as well as the rich, is, beyond all question, one of the greatest blessings that any nation can enjoy. Such a system had its birth in America while it was yet comparatively free from the blighting influence of a religio-political corporation whose whole history is one uninterrupted


and relentless war upon every system of education which broadens the intellect and causes people to think. In America was born the public free school system, and from the date of its birth, in 1695, to the present, it has been the means of giving to this nation its most renowned statesmen, jurists, patriots, agriculturists, teachers and divines. It is one of the principal agents by which the United States of America has been enabled to advance to the first rank in all things that make a nation great.

But against this most sacred product of American liberty Rome lifts her unholy hands. Against our schools she hurls her worst anathemas. But it is our purpose in this chapter to let the Roman Catholic Church speak for itself. Its language is plain and needs no interpretation. Listen to Rome's damnable utterances:

"These public schools are devouring fires and pits of destruction. They ought to go back to the devil, from whence they came."--The Freeman's Journal.

"If your son or daughter is attending a state


school you may be sure that you are violating your duty as Catholic parents and conducting to the everlasting anguish and despair of your child. Take it away. Let it rather never know how to write its name than to become the bound and chained slave of satan."--The Shepherd of the Valley.

"The common schools of this country are sinks of moral pollution and nurseries of hell."--Chicago Tablet.

"The public or common school system is a swindle on the people, an outrage on justice, a foul disgrace in matters of morals, and should be abolished forthwith."--New York Tablet.

"The hideous fetish, called the public school, is only an ugly idol after all."--Colorado Catholic.

"It will be a glorious day for Roman Catholics in this country when, under the laws of justice and morality, our school system shall be shivered to pieces." --Catholic Telegraph.

"We hold education to be a function of the church and not of the state, and in our case we do


not and will not accept the state as an educator." --New York Tablet.

They love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. Listen to the snarls of Rome's "dupes:"

"Unless you suppress the public school system as at present conducted, it will prove the damnation of this country."--Father Walker.

"I frankly confess that the Catholics stand before the country as the enemies of the public schools."--Father Phelan.

"The duty of all loyal, God-fearing Christian men (Roman Catholics) then, I repeat it, is to make common cause against this common foe."--Father Gleason.

"The public schools have produced nothing but a godless generation of thieves and blackguards."--Priest Schauer.

"I would as soon administer the sacrament to a dog as to Catholics who send their children to public schools."--Priest Walker.

"The public school system must be destroyed. It must be done by stopping Bible reading, Psalm


singing and eliminating objectionable books." --Priest Phelan.

"To rescue these little ones out of the grasp of that monster (the public school), of that popular idol, is our work."--Bishop John Hennessy.

"We can have the United States in ten years. And I want to give you three points for your consideration: The Negroes, the Indians and the public schools."--Bishop Ireland.

"Emphatically a social plague."--Archbishop Perche.

"A ripe knowledge of the catechism, minus Massachusetts education, is preferable to her education, minus the catechism."--Cardinal Antoneffi.

"The common school system of the United States is the worst in the world."--Cardinal Manning.

"The catechism alone is essential for the education of the people."--Cardinal Antonelli.

"We must take part in the elections. Move in solid mass in every state pledged to sustain the


integrity of the public schools."--Cardinal McCloskey.

"The Roman Church alone is endowed with power to educate the young."--Cardinal McCloskey.

"Education outside of the control of the Roman Catholic Church is a damnable heresy."--Pius IX.

"Public schools open to all children for the education of the young should be under the control of the Romish Church, and should not be subject to civil power, nor made to conform to the opinions of the ages."--Pope Pius IX.

"When I see them drag from me the children, the poor little children, and give them an infidel education, it breaks my heart."--Pope Pius IX.

"It is desirable, therefore, venerable brethren, that in concert with your colleagues in the Episcopate, your efforts and your zeal guard Catholic children from frequenting schools in which their religious instruction is neglected and open danger incurred of spiritual loss. Therefore we vehemently desire, as has already been intimated to you by the propaganda, that in approaching Episcopal


meetings you carefully discuss the measure that. may best help to attain this end. We wish you also to use earnest efforts that the civil magistrates, who know full well that nothing is more advantageous to the commonwealth than religion should provide, by the enactment of wise laws, that the office of teachings, which is carried on at the expense of the public, including consequently the contributions of Catholics, should contain nothing that stands in the way of their conscience or runs foul of their religion."--Pope Leo XIII.

We could go on and quote diabolical denunciations of our public schools from hundreds and thousands of Catholic officials, as the followers of Rome make no "bones" of declaring their animosity towards the public schools of this country, and they are only waiting for the time to arrive when they will be able to wipe from the face of the earth every vestige of our public schools, and place in their stead their parochial schools, which are nothing more nor less than "mills of ignorance" and "institutions of superstition."

An institution of learning is something that is


not desired by Catholicism, for whenever you educate you destroy the doctrines of Romanism, as the hosts of Catholicism cannot stand the searchlight of wisdom, for whenever you educate the followers of Catholicism they become disgusted with their dogmas of damnation.

Our public schools are the bulwarks of this government, and all that we are to-day, and all that we may expect to be in the future, has come and must come by and through the public schools, which are the dearest institutions that adorn this country.

There must be no sectarianism, whether political or religious, in our public schools, but there must be truth and duty there. The unchanging and undying maxim of moral rectitude should be taught to every child. It is not enough that a boy or girl should be educated mentally. The safety of our nation, as well as his own usefulness and happiness, demand that they should be trained to habits of truthfulness and develop a fine standard of honor. They should be inspired to form exalted ideals of manhood and womanhood, charity, rectitude and godliness, and made strong in the


resolution to defend the truth, which is never found in parochial schools, as the Catholic doctrine always tends to humiliate her followers.

The time has come when the pupils of our public schools must be taught the love of country, and Catholicism does not teach this, but the reverse. The children of this nation must learn to love their native land. To whom shall we look for the inculcation of those patriotic sentiments which should inspire the heart of every American citizen? Not to Catholicism, by any means, but to the three hundred thousand teachers of our public schools.

Over every school house in hamlet and city, in country and town, in the North and in the South, in the East and in the West, the American flag should kiss the morning breeze. Place it where twenty millions of children will see it every day, and learn to love it as the emblem of all that is great and good. It will represent to us and to all the world, in a new and peculiar manner, the great fundamental truth that the bulwark of our liberties is in the education of our people.


The war of the revolution was fought to establish our nationality. Incalculable blood and treasure have been spent to establish and keep our national life intact, and the national policy with relation to our public schools is part and parcel of that all-absorbing determination to secure the perpetuity of the state. Men make better citizens for being educated. The higher the popular intellect is raised the more intelligent and independent will be its vote. The stronger the source of government, the stronger the government. If the "bayonets that think" are the most potent, the "ballots that think" are the most beneficent.

Every victory which our nation has won has been a victory of the public schools and a death knock to Catholicism. They have been the nursery not only of our statesmen, but of our patriots and soldiers. They are an American institution and are destined to live as long as the republic survives. There is no other American institution that American people would sooner fight for and die for than that which secures an educated and intelligent nationality. Let us maintain inviolate our


public schools to the end that our nation may ever be the home of liberty, "the land of benedictions."

In the unbounded universe of God's domain there are manifold diversities, and yet there is an essential unity that binds the world together; there is a common point where all matter unites.

As there is great freedom and diversity permitted in the unity of nature, so, in our country of religious and political freedom, we must grant the greatest latitude possible to the individual conscience in personal, religious and civil rights consistent with good government. But that there must be a code of morality common to all as the basis of our civilized jurisprudence, in which the rights of all center or unite and are equally protected, every reasonable mind must admit. But where do we get our ideas of what is morally right, and what is morally wrong, as the basis of our common law and jurisprudence? What book or books contain the best code of morals? We answer, the Bible. For the excellency of the morality of the Bible has been admitted by the most


distinguished men who have opposed its supernatural revelation, among whom are Gibbon, Byron, Carlyle, Lord Bollingbroke, Napoleon Bonaparte, Goethe and Renan. Thomas Jefferson, speaking of Christ as a teacher, said: "He set forth the sublime ideas of the Supreme Being, aphorisms and precepts of the purest morality."

Catholicism says: "No Bible shall be taught in the public schools," but demands that she be allowed to proclaim her dogmas.

Benjamin Franklin, five weeks before his death, said of Christ: "I think His system of morals, and His religion, as He left them, are the best the world ever saw or is likely to see." The services of the Bible in behalf of human rights and freedom, and in reforming and purifying jurisprudence and politics, have been recognized by many of the most distinguished historians, jurists and statesmen.

As the makers of our laws and the founders of our government have accepted the moral code of the Bible as the basis of our jurisprudence, and have forbidden the union of church and state, and have


left every citizen free to "worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience," so long as he does not interfere with the rights of others or violate the moral code common to all citizens, for the law cannot allow a person to murder or steal, or burn human sacrifices, or be a polygamist, or commit any other public crime, even if the dictates of his conscience should lead him into such a form of religion, because the moral code of the Bible is the basis of our jurisprudence, and it forbids such things.

Therefore, we demand that the "book of books" be kept where the rising generation shall come under its moral teaching without party or sectarian comment, so that all may understand the fundamental principles upon which the science of our common law rests, and thus one of the objects of the order is "to maintain the public school system of the United States and to prevent sectarian interference therewith, and upholding the reading of the Holy Bible therein."

The argument that the reading of the Bible in the public school should be abolished because it is


objectionable to the conscience of some comes only from the Church of Rome, and applies with equal force against the moral code of jurisprudence, because it is objectionable to the conscience of the anarchist, and the conscience of the anarchist is just as sacred and entitled to as much respect, under the law, in this free country of ours as the conscience of any one else.

We have, just as much right to take the moral code out of our common jurisprudence as to take the Bible out of our public schools, because the moral code of the Bible is the moral code of our common law.

We desire the Bible to be kept in the school as the standard of moral truth, as the dictionary is kept there as the standard of words and their definitions. As the unabridged dictionary contains all the words of the English language, so the Bible contains all the truths of Christianity. Every book has a part of the words of the dictionary, so every Christian creed has a part of the truths of the Bible. As there never was a book written that contained all of the words of the dictionary, so


there never was a creed written that contained all the truths of the Bible. Therefore, as the dictionary and not the books is the standard for words and their meaning, so the Bible, and not the creeds, is the standard of moral truth. A man can take the words in the dictionary and write a bad book, but that is not the fault of the dictionary, but of the man. A person may take passages of Scripture and misapplied truths and write a bad creed, but that is not the fault of the Bible, but of the creed-maker. But every man who takes the Bible as a whole has a complete standard of moral truths.

It is claimed that the Bible should not be read in the school because there are passages that are not proper to be read before children, or a promiscuous audience, but this is only claimed by Catholicism. Yes, and there are words in the dictionary that it would be just as improper to use and define before children or a promiscuous audience as any passage in the Bible. Therefore, it would be just as reasonable to exclude the dictionary as the Bible from the school room on this


hypocritical argument in favor of false modesty. The man's conscience that will object to the reading of the Bible in the public school will ultimately object to the moral code of our jurisprudence, and such a conscience is dangerous to our form of government, inimical to the best interests of society and good government, as has been clearly demonstrated in the past. The Mormons claimed the right under our constitution to live in polygamy, as that was their religion and the way they served God according to the "dictates of their own conscience." But the supreme court decided they could not worship God according to the dictates of their conscience if their worship was a violation of the moral code common to all. Thus all must submit to the moral code irrespective of their individual conscience. So the Bible should be read in the public schools, irrespective of the conscience of any, until the majority of the government of the people, for the people and by the people shall say: "Away with your Bible, away with your Sabbath, away with your Christian jurisprudence, and give us infidel,


revolutionary France, or lawless anarchy, or the inquisition of the dark ages!"

Our public school is the mill that is to grind out this standard of morality, knowledge and patriotism common to all. Hence we must have the Bible in it as the standard of morality, and primary principles of literature, science and art, the standard of knowledge, and the American flag and its essential principles as the standard of patriotism. Our American school system is like a great paper mill, into which are cast rags of all kinds and colors, but which lose their special identity and come out white paper, having a common identity. So we want the children of the state, of whatever nationality, color or religion, to pass through this great moral, intellectual and patriotic mill, or transforming process, and thus lose their foreign peculiarities and come out not as Germans, Irish, English, Runs or Poles, but as Americans, having the common identity of morality, knowledge and patriotism that is essential to true American citizenship and good government stamped upon their minds, and when they


pass through this mill of purification they then begin to lose confidence in the heathenish doctrines of Catholicism.

In a government where the people are the rulers, intelligence and education are necessary to maintain the nation's stability. Under this belief, the public school system of the United States was founded.

Following are expressions of prominent Americans on the general subject of popular education:

President Hays: "I am firmly convinced that the subject of popular education deserves the earnest attention of the people of the whole country, with a view to wise and comprehensive action by the government of the United States. The means at the command of the local and state authorities are in many cases wholly inadequate to deal with the question. The magnitude of the evil to be eradicated is not, I apprehend, generally and fully understood."

President Garfield: "Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently


maintained. Its interests are intrusted to the state and to the voluntary action of the people. Whatever help the nation can justly afford should be generously given to aid the states in supporting common schools, but it would be unjust to our people and dangerous to our institutions to apply any portion of the revenue of the nation of the states to the support of sectarian schools. The separation of the church and the state in everything relating to taxation should be absolute."

Dr. Strong: "Free schools are one of the corner-stones of our government."

Washington's Farewell Address: "Promote them as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinions should be enlightened."

Calhoun: "In proportion as a people are ignorant, stupid, debased, corrupt, exposed to violence within and danger without, the power necessary for a government to possess in order to preserve society against anarchy and destruction


becomes greater and greater, and individual liberty less and less, until the lowest condition is reached, when absolute and despotic power becomes necessary on the part of the government and individual liberty extinct."

The church of Rome wants to rule by tyranny so that she can force her "dupes" to do her bidding.

No subject could be of more interest to American citizens to-day than that of foreign immigration to America. Every section of the country has felt, to some degree, the demoralizing effect of the free admission of aliens, unsuited morally and mentally for participating in a government of the people.

The consensus of opinion among all classes of good citizens is that some restrictive measures should be adopted, and this can be effected only by popular agitation and demand.

Read what some prominent men of the country have said on the subject:

Hon. Wm. E. Chandler: "We should prepare ourselves with wisdom and vigor to enforce


completely such laws of exclusion as we have adopted. We should throw our strongest force into a stricter administration of those laws so that no man and no family shall pass through the Ellis Island doors, or into any seaport, or across the Canadian or Mexican borders, who is a pauper or likely to become such. One method of stricter administration should be the requirement that all immigrants before leaving their own countries shall obtain consular certificates abroad, showing their right to enter the United States."

Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge: "You ask me for a few words on the subject of immigration. My opinion has been stated at length, both in speeches in Congress and in review articles, but I am very glad to restate it in the briefest possible form. I think that immigration to this country is increasing too fast on one hand and deteriorating on the other. We are ready to welcome every honest immigrant who comes to make a home and become an American citizen, but I believe that the present immigration ought to be sifted and restricted much more than it is, both as a protection to the


quality of our citizenship and to the rates of wages to our workingmen."

Hon. Robert P. Porter, Superintendent of Census: "The unrestricted admission of the diseased, half-fed swarms of helpless humanity from the purlieus of Southern European cities is the dangerous phase of immigration. If continued, it will prove a curse and blight to American citizenship and American institutions. There was a time in our history when the better class of foreign immigrants and our own population was able to swallow up the less desirable class, but it takes no great discernment now to see the congested spots here and there on our body politic. In this lies the danger. Such a change in the character of immigration as herein shown cannot have taken place without materially affecting the entire immigration problem, and the sooner our statesmen get to the bottom of the present condition of affairs, the better for the republic. "

Rev. Josiah Strong, D. D.: "It is immigration which has fed fat the liquor power, and there is a liquor vote. Immigration furnishes most of the


victims of Mormonism, and there is a Mormon vote. Immigration is the strength of the Catholic Church, and there is a Catholic vote. Immigration is the mother and nurse of American anarchy, and there is to be an anarchist vote. Immigration tends strongly to the cities and gives to them their political complexion, and there is no more serious menace to our civilization than our rabble-ruled cities."

Samuel Gompers, President American Federation of Labor: "It almost grieves me even to recommend the slightest restriction to the full and free immigration of anyone who desires to escape from the iniquitous conditions from which he may suffer, but the progress of our civilization is hanging in the balance, and intelligent and brave men should not be afraid to express themselves to secure us against results which may be appalling. Unrestricted immigration injures the people of our country and does no good to the people of other countries. It injures all."

A. S. Draper: "I would hang the flag in every school room, and I would spend an occasional hour


in singing our best patriotic songs, in declaiming the masterpieces of our national oratory, and rehearsing the proud story of our national life."

Francis Marion: "Men will always fight for their government according to their sense of its value. To value it right, they must understand it. This they cannot do without education."

Winship: "The public school is the one force, is the only force, that can unify all classes and conditions of society. Here we have the children of the nation in their entirety, and we can, if we will, teach them in the schools so much of the grandeur of our possession, of the heroic in our history, of the brilliant in our prosperity, of the fascinating in our traditions, that the fathers of the future will be willing to vote for and die, if necessary, for the American idea; that the mothers of the future will teach their sons to develop our resources by industry, to honor the active duties of private and public system, because it lies at the foundation of our national existence."

Where does the vicious element which is found in this country come from, and to what church


does it belong? Ah, 98 per cent of those whom we call anarchists can trace their origin from foreign countries, and they are always identified with the Roman Catholic Church.

Wherever you find a national disturbance, and wherever you find the spirit of anarchy in this country, you will find a spot where Roman Catholicism exists, as her teachings are anarchistic, as she teaches her followers a doctrine that is as sure to lead to anarchy as water is to flow down hill.

Catholicism teaches her children that our public schools are "plague spots" and "nurseries of hell," and impresses upon their minds that education, in a broad sense, is not essential, and also teaches them that they must look to the priestcraft for their education, and at the same time the priestcraft is instructed by the Pope of Rome that a broad-gauge education is not permissible to be given to the followers of Catholicism, and the Pope of Rome teaches her bishopric and her priestcraft that they must fight the public school system. and in its stead erect the parochial schools


of Rome, which are nothing more nor less than schools of dogmas, and these dogmas are incubators of anarchy, for without education and without love of country, anarchy is as certain to follow as the day is certain to follow night, but still Protestantism stands idly by and allows Catholicism to vilify her institutions, and at the same time permits Catholicism to place her followers in a position to draw salaries from the institutions which they despise and hate with the venom of hell.

It is my object and my aim to arouse Protestantism to a sense of their duty, and if I can do this I will feel that I have accomplished a task that will eventually call forth the plaudits of the American people, for as sure as God reigns, just that sure our public schools will be crushed out of existence by Catholicism unless Protestant America raises her voice and her strong arm in defense of our public school system, and against the encroachment of the damnable and diabolical doctrines of Catholicism.

Our greatest American statesmen, our greatest


American patriots, our greatest American thinkers, our wisest and most loyal citizens, and our grandest old mothers are Protestants, and born of Protestant stock; then why should we hesitate to denounce this anarchistic demon of Rome, when we know what she thinks of our American institutions, and when we are absolutely certain that if it was within her power she would crush into dust everything that is near and dear to Protestantism?

Arouse, ye Protestant hosts, and buckle on the armor of your forefathers and march out in a solid body of Protestant warriors and fight to the death the encroachment of Romish rule and force her back into the trenches of her degradation, and compel her to remain within the border of the countries which she has desolated by her hellish dogmas, and purge the shores of the "home of the brave and the land of the free" of this scarlet robed hag, who would paralyze our American institutions which are near and dear to every pure American, both man and woman, who dwells beneath the folds of the American flag.



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