If an obedient, striving Christian remains in a relationship with a professed Christian where they cannot reason together from the scriptures concerning what is specifically right or wrong, then that relationship is not truly Christian. Many professed Christians love and cleave to television and will not talk about it, but will yet want to be in a relationship with those who have rejected the evil. They expect the obedient Christian to keep his mouth shut about television and talk about ANYTHING BUT the evil that the professed Christian has devoted himself to.

When an obedient, striving Christian is in a relationship like this one, he is in a relationship where he cannot reason about righteousness on that point (and probably others). He is therefore off balance and out of his place--he cannot reason about the kingdom of God and what is specifically happening right in front of his very eyes--even though his whole being is towards the scriptures, God, and his holy child, Jesus. The obedient, striving Christian allows himself to be muzzled while the disobedient is free to speak. The truth is suppressed, ignored, and fallen in the street--all in order to satisfy the disobedient, and in order to keep the "peace". This situation must

  • content the devil;
  • leave the disobedient unscathed but feeling like a good, justified Christian dealing with a slightly "legalistic" brother who knows better than to mention "the issue";
  • displease the Lord;
  • weaken, hamper, hinder, and corrupt the striving, obedient Christian as he wastes time with such a person;
  • bring forth to the striving Christian the shame, duplicity, and guile that comes from engaging in such an unseemly and untoward course.

For this reason, the obedient, striving Christian does not fellowship with those who refuse to reason of righteousness--he oftentimes learns this from the school of hard knocks.


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