I do not like learning vocabulary lists. I like to learn words in context. Over the years, I have seen and considered some things and was at a loss for how to explain certain things. In recent days, a few terms and concepts have come at various points.

  • PRIESTCRAFT, n. The strategems and frauds of priests; fraud or imposition in religious concerns [our note: there is a lot of money to be made in religion in the various places of the world]; management of selfish and ambitious priests to gain wealth and power, or to impose on the incredulity of others [people trust religious leaders whether called priest, pastor, etc. and there are these leaders that will wickedly take advantage of the reverence and respect that they receive. Even true Christians must beware because it is possible to abuse our power in the gospel.]. (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

  • PREVARICATOR, n. One who perverts or corrupts; one who evades the truth by quibbling (playing upon words, trifling, caviling/raising frivolous objections just to win an argument; finding fault with an argument without good reason. [Our note: using sophistry and word tricks for the sake of "fake" winning an argument. Prevarication is the opposite of plain dealing. THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT WILL LOOK AT YOU IN YOUR FACE AND LIE AND RAISE FAKE OBJECTIONS AND WASTE YOUR TIME. A MAN THAT IS AN HERETICK AFTER THE FIRST AND SECOND ADMONITION, REJECT. ADHERENCE TO THIS KEEPS ONE FREED UP FOR PROFITABLE PURSUITS.])

Black's Law Dictionary on "prevarication"--

  • PREVARICATION, n. In the civil law, the acting with unfaithfulness and want of probity*; deceitful, crafty, or unfaithful conduct; particularly, such as is manifested in concealing a crime. In English law, a collusion between an informer and a defendant, in order to a feigned prosecution. Any secret abuse committed in a public office or private commission; willful concealment or misrepresentation of truth, by giving evasive or equivocating evidence.
    *PROBITY ...strict honesty; sincerity; veracity; integrity in principle, or strict conformity of actions to the laws of justice. (Webster's 1828)


  • Is it possible for powers to set up a fake prosecution in order to get it into the court system?

  • Is it then possible for there to be a losing verdict?

  • Is it then possible to advertise that verdict to the earth through the press?

  • Is it then possible, with much fanfare, to try it again in another six months or so?

  • Is it then possible to get the verdict that they want and get the case law that they want and get the publicity of it that they want?

  • Is it then possible to start using that case law to impact legislation?

  • Is it then possible to start charging people with a crime with what was thrown out of court until just recently?

When rulers take on a spirit of prevarication and constantly utilize it to control the people (whether the rulers be judges, attorneys, heads of state, legislators, journalists, presidents of corporations, scientists, educators/academics, etc.), the people are regularly abused, plundered of their protective laws, deceived, duped, and being played for the fool.


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