The little people outnumber tyrants. The question tyrants face--how to get the little people on their side. Searching our memory banks and glancing at Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto can give some ideas about how tyrants get the little people on their side.

  • Contend that people are not being treated fairly. Make them dissatisfied with their circumstances (even though they are alive and well and have food, etc.).

  • Continually extend fake love and fake charity to show concern about the "plight" of the little people so that the little people will admire the tyrants (include plenty of toothy smiles and photo ops (opportunities) to keep those smiles and stories on display via various venues). Although foundations, charities, etc. (and their supporting systems) require large expenditures, this is done with a goal in mind--to secure the undying support of the masses. Offer the little people alms and treats/bait so that they become completely devoted to, dependent on, and jealous for the ruination system being set up.

  • Continually lampoon and calumniate the children of those that founded our nation (particularly the group labelled as White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Lampoon and calumniate everywhere and via every communication channel. Seize the channels, buy the newspapers, get the pulpits and teaching positions, broadcast on radio, get positions in government and in courtrooms. Seize and undermine like moles scooping out and digging out the ground under the grass. Chew up all the roots. Lampoon and calumniate. Reach every person--especially children while perception is being opened. Maintain a constant brainwashing attack.

  • Point to the problems (past or present) of the most needy and then blame the prosperous for that which they did not do and that they had no control over. If there is any blame magnify it to the hilt and never let it be forgotten. They must always be blamed. If they have done anything worthy, quicky name it (lest the tyrant have no credibility or his actions be suspected) and then find a way to lampoon it.

  • Continually trumpet the "cause" of the little people and speeches about how badly their leaders are treating them--or, rather, how some people have more than others neverminding the fact that the American way is to work hard and prosper. Stealing from those that have in order to give to those that want is a completely unAmerican ideology.

In summary:

  1. traduce/defame/vilify/calumniate/willfully misrepresent and put down the peaceful and prosperous situation that the little people have,
  2. turn them against their benefactors (the industrious persons from the various spheres that are the bedrock of their society)
  3. shower the little people with fake love and concern (trumpet every act via the communication channels so that everybody knows what "good" things the tyrant is doing)
  4. give the little people treats in order to capture their devotion to the treats--and the tyrants that provide those treats.

More thoughts--

  • Cause problems and then cast the blame for them on societal benefactors. (1) "Underprivilege" the people (example of a one-two punch--(1) encourage whoredom in society (television, books, etc.) which results in a multitude of bastard children living without the protection, support, encouragements, and comforts of a father and (2) make school compulsory and then waste children's time by not teaching them well. They grow up and there is no real way to better their station in life. THEN speak of how underprivileged these people are because of some unknown group of "capitalists" and employers (the ones who are actually providing jobs).

  • Speak of how all men should have the exact same benefits in life--"He has a pool, why don't you?" Raise up jealousy and contempt for the plain-dealing American who has prospered under the American principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead of being censured, he should have been commended for his thrift, ingenuity, provision of employment opportunities, community service, and good-quality American products (I remember these products, some can still be found in thrift stores).

  • Provide "benefits" and perks and treats and alms in order to receive the admiration of the little people--and ultimately their dependence on the powers. For example, multi-generational welfare recepients [note: no need to cry out "racism" as this writer is a plain black person who has been on the receiving end of racism more than once, but much more often I have had the opportunity to be friends with my fellow man and to receive good from his hand].
    A lunch conversation, "I'm tired of working, I'm going on welfare." "But you have too many skills to go on welfare." comes the protest.

    Another example, from an article that spoke on this wise, A welfare recipient asked her 15 year old daughter when she was going to start having her children so that she could get her check. A permanent underclass can be created--we need not limit this to welfare. There are multi-generational drug addicts, and, in this case, I am not thinking of black people, I am thinking of a very sad video that I saw about multi-generational drug-addicts and in-the-streets people in Wales, I believe. To some people, "drugs" is a perk, "food", etc.--whatever will hook people's fancy--TELEVISION IS A HUGE ONE FOR MANY. Receiving the love of the truth--which is God's word--is the ONLY way a person can be disentangled from this horrible web, which is actually more like a deep grave.

  • Give the masses credit so that they can attempt to "buy" exactly what the "privileged" have (and if they are "privileged" they can overextend themselves). All possible outcomes "ludicrous" (to borrow a word from Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto) in nature, e.g.,
    • become slaves to debt
    • go bankrupt
    • keep on borrowing making minimal payments for a lifetime leaving behind a bad example and no inheritance to the children to help them get forward in life
    • compulsive spending (people have clothes with tags on them, unopened QVC boxes, junked up houses full of boxes, etc.)
    • the curses of excess, e.g., compulsive obsessive disorders, obesity
    • love of ease and dislike of labor (with resultant loss of skills and wandering children with no skills)
    • etc.

People are having many troubles from the artificially constructed life (witness the widespread use of psychotropic/mood altering drugs), but they live and die never truly understanding what the problem is--

They are being rendered as surely as fat is rendered and melted down into grease.
They are being rendered by an enervating/weakening/enfeebling culture--its television, its schooling, its music, its entertainments, its food, its god (which seems to be Dionysus/Bacchus god of wine, revelry, and debauchery), etc...

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