If you are an abuse survivor (their numbers increase as Satan makes his last stand in these closing vexatious hours), you may wish to see our Deliverance Series and articles such as One Monkey.


In looking at my website logs, it appears that some wicked individuals are coming to this page after having searched the internet for vicious acts on children. To the vicious that come to this page, you need to repent of your great wickednesses and evils against little children.

Hell is Real.

May God help the children. They need him a lot. And may parents get saved, take back their parental roles and protect their children from the vicious and from television, and from the the modern education system and from dogs, sorcerers, whores, and whoremongers and sodomites and from fake religion and from all deceivers, blasphemers and heretics. Children need their parents and they need God's word the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Saviour of the world. When children have learned of and believed God's word, they cannot be deceived. They need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and they shall be saved.

We all need the Lord Jesus Christ--even the vicious. I once had my conversation in this world, too, fulfilling the lust of the mind and of the flesh, but I REPENTED of my sins and BELIEVED on the Lord Jesus Christ and his holy word and he brought me out of that devilish life that kept me in a cesspool and den of iniquity. And now, all these years later, I still don't want to crawl back into that filth. The Lord Jesus Christ changed me and the change was permanent. It came through the reading of his word. It has been about 20 years now since I started walking with the Lord. He has severed me from among other people that I should be holy unto him (ref. Lev. 20:26). We have one life to live and that is it. Now is the time to get our houses in order.

How to Get to Heaven


Sexual Abuse by Roman Catholic Priests (and the coverup thereof)

The number one issue: The Roman Catholic "Church" is not Christian

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"The Roman Priesthood" section of
The Antichrist Slideshow for a sampling of
the depths of Satan lust horrors
of the Roman priesthood.

Roman Catholic Priests sexually abuse altar boys

"...the Catholic Church acts like an ecclesiastical crime family."

(Excerpt from Antichrist Conspiracy by Edward Hendrie (revised tenth edition), focusing on Roman Catholic clergy child abuse crimes and
the Roman Catholic Church pattern of "aiding and abetting of criminal pedophiles")

[Cover of Newsweek magazine--Sex, Shame and the Catholic Church 80 Priests Accused of Child Abuse in Boston--And New Soul-Searching Across America] The Catholic religion is infamous for the sexual abuse perpetrated by its ungodly priests. I have read that it can hardly get liability insurance the abuse is so prevalent. Why are so many perverts in the "priesthood"? A few thoughts:
  1. The unbiblical requirement for a celibate priesthood.
  2. The Roman Catholic religion is not Christian so its priests are not saved and are still in their sins.
  3. Catholics are trained to look on their priests with awe--Catholic priests are called "alter Christus" or "another Christ" (which is a definition of antichrist) . This is called brainwashing. Little children and unstable adults are easy victims. Pervert Catholic priests all over the world have been having a field day with people's lives. They got away with it for centuries, but with the media, people are speaking out now.
  4. Some ungodly men e.g., whoremongers, pedophiles, sodomites, etc. may be attracted to the priesthood because of the opportunities to abuse their power as Romish priests.
  5. It may be that many Catholic priests do not even believe in God. The Catholic priesthood is a vocation/job to them. They get adoration from men, a place to sleep, something to eat. A former Catholic related to me that when he was in counseling with his priest the priest told him not to mention God--the priest said his therapist had said that he had to deal with his own problems!

The following are a few links about abuse cases of Roman Catholic clergy (and the coverup thereof). I could spend weeks compiling an international list of pervert priests. It distresses me greatly that this is occurring and for all these years Rome has just been shuffling these wicked men from place to place. It is like the Roman Catholic "church"--MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Revelation 17:5)--is a repository for them.

(but you can do a search to see if simply moved to another url):

"" Pervert Priest Rudy Kos--More Abused Come Forward

"" Ten year old child raped by multiple priests

"" Priest in Innu community faces sex abuse charges

"" Vatican silent on sex abuse allegations by Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder and head of the Legionaries of Christ

"" Monsignor admits that there are "secret archives" containing records of sexual assaults by priests upon children

"" more on Conneticut priests

"" Bishop Higi... 16 perverts in his diocese
~ Lafayette Diocese officials admitted to 12 troubled priests and as many as 40 victims in the past dozen years.

"" Betrayal -- Sexual Abuse and The Catholic Clergy
~Report by ABC News

"" Irish child molester priest gets 12 years" Another success story of a survivor obtaining some sort of justice--almost $1 million Catholic official suggests parents should be also blamed for sexual abuse.
~Bishop John Kinney, the chairperson of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Clergy Sexual Abuse, claims that the sexual abuse by priests is a "minor" problem. Note: Read that in Australia, 100 mentally-handicapped children were abused by Catholic "religious" brothers.

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