Christian Parenting 20: It is okay to be "old school" (actually it is very much in style and cutting edge)

  • The fireplace may only hold a log or two, but that little fire can call to the visiting workman who declares, "In here, it smells like when I grew up."
  • It's okay to offer food to a hungry delivery person (and seconds, too)
  • It's okay to teach cartwheels in a field when you are fifty years old.
  • It's okay to have gray hair and jump double-dutch
  • It's okay to have gray hair period, if you feel like it. It's okay to walk the earth as a mature adult. If you want to cover it up, that's okay, too.
  • It's okay to use cocoa butter, Vaseline, etc. to keep your skin looking good.
  • It's okay to be active and in good shape.
  • It's okay to offer water to somebody hot.
  • It's okay to say hello to a young man working in the grocery store.
  • It's okay to teach children games and let them be the entertainment as you cheer them on.

    There is a lot of talk about the "millenials" in the professional world. Many youth have not had a firm, family-oriented upbringing. They have technology. They appreciate somebody breaking through to speak. The older generations (baby boomers and generation X) are good at communicating and actually very powerful. Powerful leaders with powerful ideas. It is okay to release that old school power and ability. No computer can keep up with it. It is okay, and very good, to live the old way.

    Not too long ago, I was at a football game. My parents were there. It was like a trip back to the 1970s. They asked me, as old as I am, to do a cheer from cheerleading days. Then they got us on the field so that we could run races and relays with the grandchildren. That day made me understand the significance of our family's dynamic back then in my childhood. Children were the entertainment and we went everywhere our parents did. They put us in activities and then cheered us on. We learned to participate in life, and sometimes even win. We need some encouragers today. People's lives are often in a shambles and they don't have the tools to get out of the wreckage. We can be ready to encourage and offer ideas, as opportunity arises.

    As we ask for the old paths and go back to old ways, it becomes who we are. Just living that calm, regular life becomes a call to others and witness in itself in these days. It's okay to encourage young people and others. It's okay to spread joy. It's very much called for in these brutal times. It's okay to have joy--and to spread the wealth! When we understand precisely what is going on and who is doing it, we are freed up to have a happy time, one of the most cutting edge things we can do at this time.

    Jeremiah 6:16 Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls....