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Christian Parenting 17: The Pendulum Swing

[Prefatory note: Some people seem to have a natural understanding of good parenting. Unfortunately, we often don't know them and/or don't hear their voices. The pendulum swing may not occur in every household, but does explain a phenomena.]

I perceive that many of us grew up with television and the schoolyard and the playground. We experienced the ravages of sin and some of us got saved. One day, we got saved. Children came along, but we had no child rearing skills. We grew up on the playground and with our peers, not under close, relaxed parenting. When we marry and children arrive, we don't know how to order the children--nobody ordered us in a good way, we were left out in the cold to figure things out. Because we are saved, we want to make sure that our children do not go through what we went through. We are parents but we don't know what to do. We do not want to repeat what happened to us so we make moves to try to ensure there is not a repeat performance of our personal devastation. This is where the pendulum swing becomes evident. The following may be a bit over-simplified but demonstrates the basic idea--
100% playground people 100% warning people

100%-playground people grew up (left side of the pendulum)

The 100%-playground people grew up playing all the time and basically living parallel lives with their parents. Yes, they had room and board and some basic interactions, but the playground, peers, school/television/movies/music was their lifestyle. The 100%-playground people encountered incessant temptations, sins, and wicked examples from their youth on up to adulthood. Witches and wizards were everywhere--unconscionable devils all ready to defile children and adults alike. Sorcery stew and sins was for breakfast lunch and dinner, but that wicked stew did not arise on its own (anyone not familiar with the Roman Catholic institution as the great whore of Revelation 17, the infamous Jesuit order, and the Jesuit ratio studiorum, needs to print out our index page and study it. F. Tupper Saussy in his Rulers of Evil, states that, "The Jesuit college is no longer just a chartered institution; it has become our entire social environment--the movies, the mall, the school, the home, the mind. Human experience has become a Spiritual Exercise managed by charismatic spiritual directors who know how to manipulate a democracy's emotions.") The 100%-playground people were reared by actors, books, magazines, movies, teachers, textbook authors, "the classics", etc. Unsurprising, the 100%-playground people learned to live wickedly.

The Change

Some 100%-playground people hear the voice of the Son of God and get saved. Oh happy day! when Jesus washed my sins away!

The Marriage and Children

Children come. Oh-oh, what to do. We don't want them to take the wrong path but we don't have experience in relaxed, but vigilant, parenting, so we start warning--and, of course, reading books which are of little or no use at all.

Get to the middle

Take a look at our relaxed Christian parenting series for ideas. Life is fun, children are fun.


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