If Christmas was NEVER found in the Bible, NEVER observed in the Bible and NEVER acknowledged, then where did it come from? Always remember this; if something is NOT found in the Holy Word of God, then it comes NOT from God.

In Rome, over 300 years AFTER the resurrection of our Lord, there was a yearly feast celebrated by the Romans who worshipped the god Saturn. This time of celebration was always situated around the December 17th--24th time frame so it would coincide with the ending of the winter solstice, a time for seasonal pagan worship.

THE PAGAN YEAR: This is always a period of days, months and times that revolve around the seasonal changes of the earth and are usually in the winter, spring, summer and fall. The WINTER SOLSTICE is a day or period of days in the winter when the days are shortest (light) and the nights longest (darkness prevails). This is usually a time in their festivities of drunkenness, revelry and debauchery (perversion), and I must say, that spirit is no different in the world we live today.

The Pagan Romans called this celebration "The Feast of Saturnalia," in honor of their god Saturn. They celebrated the festival from the 17th to the 24th of December, usually exchanging "gifts" on the last two days from house to house. Then on the 25th of December, they began the new Celebration of "The birth of the unconquerable Sun," as the days of light would now begin to lengthen and the sun would now begin to regain its dominance.

During this time, the ancient pagans believed that the sun would die during the winter solstice and then RISE AGAIN from death as the solstice ended by the revolving of the earth in nature. Does this begin to sound a little familiar to the "SON" who died and rose again? Thus, every year these people would have their celebrations to serve their gods, of which we as Born-Again believers now know, and weknow that Satan is the one behind them all.

When the Roman Catholic Church had now been born in Rome, they saw that during this time, there was no party or celebration for their Christian faith or their God. Since the 25th of December was the day when the gifts were given for thebeginning of the Sun-god to rise again, they chose to take this pagan ritual and worship the Son of God. Since the heathen had the 25th of December as the day of the sun-god birthday, the Roman Catholic Church chose to have their Son-God Birthday. When the church saw the festivalthe pagans had with their god, they now realized there was nothing for their own belief.

Instead of rebuking, correcting and taking a stand on holiness and righteousness, they "INCORPORATED" the pagan ideologies into their Christianity. All Satan did was disguise a church in the name of our Lord and open the floodgates of paganism and heathenism to pollute truth. How sad!! Do you think the Apostle Paul would have ever compromised like this? Hardly!! Just read the Book of Acts and see how he stood out and condemned pagan rituals. But then again, we must remember where the Catholic Church came from. Even Jesus said in Revelation 2:13 that there would be a church where Satan's seat would be yet it would keep the name of Jesus and men would be martyred.

Just study history of the inquisition and see how many millions were killed at the hands of the Popes and Catholicism as heretics for taking a stand on the Word of God. Now to you men of God out there who stand before the children of God as faithful shepherds and Elders, this I ask. As a Born-Again, spirit-filled man of God, would you allow someone in your church to:

Pray the Rosary? I pray not—you would bring correction.

Would you allow someone to Pray to Mary? I pray not—you would bring correction.

Would you allow someone to Pray the dead OUT of Purgatory? I pray not—you would bring correction.

Would you allow someone to Pray to saints? I pray not—you would bring correction.

Would you allow someone to Pray to IDOLS? I pray not—you would bring correction.

Would you allow someone to lift up the Pope as the vicar of Christ in the earth? I pray not—you would bring correction.

WHY would you then allow someone to observe Christmas? It comes from the SAME church!! The SAME spirit!! The SAME roots as the Rosary, Mary worship, Purgatory, Idols. Why would you not allow all the others but EXPLAIN away Christmas? Think about it. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Do you fear men or God? Speak truth I pray, unto the saints and set them free. No more need be said on Catholicism at this time. Just know if you know the truth about that religion, you can now begin to see where Christmas came from and why it was NEVER in the Bible. Let us go on.

Now in competition with the pagan's holiday and the heathen superstition, the Catholic church started having a "MASS" for "CHRIST," which is now today's CHRIST—MASS or Christmas. Now, if any of you reading this were raised Catholic, and you are now Born-Again, then you MUST know that there is a very great difference in your life now that you are saved by the blood and filled with the Spirit of truth!! After you become Born-Again, do you still worship the mass? Do you still pray to Mary? Do you still pray the rosary? Do you still pray to saints? Do you still believe in purgatory? Of course NOT!! You have been set free.

But now I ask this. Since Christmas is an origin of the Catholic church with all its pagan rituals incorporated, then why would we want to celebrate it? Remember the roots of the trees. Bad roots, bad tree. We have a very bad tree here, and think about it. What does every home have in it at Christmas time? A TREE!! If you will take the time to research the "Encyclopedia Britannica", "Encyclopedia Americana"or the "World Book Encyclopedia", you will see each and every one of them give the historical beginning of Christmas. Let us first read from the World Book Encyclopedia about this god Saturn, Saturnalia and the history of Christmas origins.

"SATURN was the youngest son of Uranus (heaven) and Gaea(earth) in Roman Mythology. The name probably comes from the Latin verb "serere" which means "to sow". The Greeks called him Kronos (where we get time-chronology-from) and to the Romans, Saturn was the god of HARVEST. (Sound Familiar?) The festival called SATURNALIA was held in Rome every year from December 17th to the 23rd in his honor. During Saturnalia, the Golden Age was supposedly returned to the earth. The Greek word "chronos" means time. Kronos or Saturn is usually depicted as a bent old man with the scythe (sickle) in the one hand. In the other hand, he holds a serpent which bites its own tail. The story of Saturn's swallowing his own children is a way of showing that time creates and then it destroys its creations. World Book Encyclopedia

This is quite powerful, is it not? Look at this spiritually through the eyes of truth. This god, represented to them a god of time and a god of harvest. Does not the Bible say that no man will know the TIME of the HARVEST? Does not the Bible say the reapers (Angels) will come and put in the sickle for harvest?--Mark 4:29 Notice how in one hand is the sickle, representing harvest and in the other hand a serpent, thus Satan actually believes he can harvest the world, in his time, and this is what the people were celebrating each year—the god Saturn. Also it says that Saturn would devour his own children. Just like those of the World will end up devoured in hell. Satan is a master of deception and Satan is the SPIRIT behind Christmas.

Do you honestly think we can put the name Jesus on this pagan wickedness and expect our Heavenly Father to be pleased? So much for our saying that Jesus is the reason for the season. What a lie this truly is. Satan is the reason for this season. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and put this wickedness far away. We are not close to being done, so please keep your soul at peace and continue to read the rest of this teaching as we expose the unfruitful works of darkness.

"SATURNALIA"—was the name of an ancient Roman festival given in honor of Saturn, the Roman harvest god. (My emphasis here, but notice how close the name and sound of SATAN and SATURN). The festival began on Dec.17th and lasted for seven days. On the first day, public religious ceremonies honoring Saturn took place. On the second day, many families offered sacrifices of young pigs. The SATURNALIA festival was a gay occasion. Schools closed and all public business stopped. Courts of law closed their doors, and no criminals could be punished. Families held their banquets and even slaves were free to attend the festival. The last days of the festival were spent visiting and EXCHANGING presents. Some of the gifts were little clay images called "sigillaria", which means small images (idols) World Book Encyclopedia

After reading this account, you can see, or least I should say you SHOULD see that everything that these pagan people did to worship their god of harvest, is identical to what people do today for Christmas—and of course—why not? This is where it all came from—Satan!! Notice how the exchanging of gifts to each other were the little graven images or idols. I pray you can see the picture coming together of this total blasphemy to the Kingdom of God. Let us go on now and see the history of Christmas and please remember—THE AXE IS TO BE LAID TO THE ROOT OFTHE TREE!!!!

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