Another delivered from false prophets.

Sis. Melissa's Testimony.

Hello Sister Tracy,

I want to thank you for your wonderful site. When I first came across it, about a year and a half ago, I was a Charismatic who adhered to the NIV (although I rarely read the Bible!). When I first read some of your articles (particularly against Charismatics and the NIV "translation"), I was so furious! I started to study some things, in an effort to prove you wrong, but all I ended up doing was proving that you were right. A few months ago, I tossed out all of my new age Bibles and bought an AKJV. It's truly amazing, before when I had the supposedly "easy to read" Bibles handy, I couldn't get motivated to read them. I just couldn't bring myself to read them. Now, with my AKJV, I read it with no problem at all. I love the Word of God, love studying it, love reading it. A few weeks ago, I also left the Charismatic church I had been attending on and off for nearly eight years of my life. After visiting your site, I started noticing things that you mentioned, like the tongues and the "holy laughter" and being "slain the spirit" and all. As I read my KJV more and more, I started repenting for ever participating in these things. You see, at one point in time I spoke in tongues, and participated in "holy laughter," and was even supposedly "slain in the spirit." I have ceased from all of this and repented before my Lord Jesus of ever being involved. I now attend a Baptist church, I plan on becoming a member soon and being rebaptized (I was baptized in the Charismatic church, but I want to disassociate myself from all things and events in that church). I can't explain things that went on in that church, but now that I look back I can say that they weren't of God.

It's been a bit difficult to rid myself of the Charismatic doctrine in some points, but as I become more engrossed in the Bible and my new church, I am becoming much more God-focused. You know, I have been to several Charismatic churches in my day, and in each one so many weird things went on, I don't even know if you would believe me if I told you! In one church I visited, one of the pastors called in "spirits" of judgment, of conviction, of fear, all sorts of different spirits! Even then, I couldn't help but think, I don't even WANT to know what kind of spirits he's calling in, the only spirit I want in MY life is the Holy Spirit! Other strange things - competing with other church members in an effort to be labeled "spiritual" by others instead of focusing on God, lack of the preaching of the Gospel in favor for "prosperity" preaching, focusing on God blessing us instead of us following His Word and Commandments, the fear of losing one's salvation for doing something wrong and therefore becoming a works-based faith for some of the time, religiosity, the belief that Charismatic churches "got it" and "traditional" churches don't have it, the belief that Charismatic churches are somehow more "spiritual" than other denominations, denomination bashing (in particular Baptists), you name it!

I once heard an evangelist preach these words, "We [Charismatics] should love our Catholic brothers and sisters, because they are closer to our doctrine than Baptists are, for Catholics believe in tongues whereas Baptists do not." What a loaded statement! Even in the height of my "Charismatic fervor," I could not help but see the faults! To say that Catholics are closer to Charismatics than Baptists are - that is not a comparison I would want! And to elevate tongues ahead of salvation (as the Catholic church does not preach salvation whereas Baptists do) is horrible!

The "love" in Charismatic churches, I have yet to find. In my old church, new people weren't greeted, and everyone pretty much went their own way once service was over. No one knew anyone. But in my new church, the Baptist one, the love is so real there. People actually care for one another, and pray for one another, and show Christian love to the brethren. What a refreshing relief!

Sorry that this email got to be a bit long, but I wanted to say how much God has used your site to change my life. In fact, I have now registered my own site and I will soon start building it for the glory of Christ, to witness to the lost and expose the false doctrines that are invading the church right and left. Keep preaching the truth! :)


Postscript from a subsequent email from Sister Melissa: I have been so hungry for the Word lately, which is something completely new to me. I read my AKJV Bible throughout the day and when I am in my car...I listen to the Bible on Tape, AKJV of course. My goal was to get through the Bible by the time the new year comes (can you believe I have never read the Bible completely through! just bits and pieces here and there), I am well on my way and plan on being through now by the end of October. I'm so excited about it! (8-1-02)

God bless you and God speed, my sister.

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