"Masturbation poses the threat of lifelong bondage and hell."
[Following are excerpts from an internet article. Those with compulsive problems like masturbation may wish to see our "Deliverance Series."]

Masturbation: Right or Wrong?

I've been collecting the information for this page over the past 5 years.  I've drawn from a combination of sources, including the Bible, my experience as a former sex addict and  correspondence with thousands of people involved in various stages of sex addiction.  I honestly have not found one long term benefit of masturbation, yet plenty of reasons to refrain from it.   Regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, I encourage you to thoughtfully consider the below points about masturbation and how it affects us.

Non-spiritual points about masturbation:

Masturbation is addictive!  I encourage anyone who doubts masturbation is addictive to see how many weeks or months they can go without masturbating.  As with drug addiction, masturbation requires an increasing amount of stimulus to achieve the same level of pleasure.  This often leads people into searching for more and more sources of things to lust after to feed their craving for masturbation (ex. porn).  Left unchecked, this progression can result in debt, sexual crimes, perversions and other harmful effects.  

Masturbation conditions our bodies to respond to self-stimulation, which is self-centered...

Masturbation conditions our bodies to respond to fantasy more than reality:  Sexual arousal causes powerful hormones to be released that cause emotional bonding between the person and the stimuli.  The hormones reinforce the thought patterns and memory associated with the  stimuli.  The result is that we become sexually oriented toward whatever we've been looking at/experiencing when we've been masturbating.  For example, a married man...may find it hard to get excited about his... wife. [our note--He may leave her alone for long periods of time, or permanently.]

Masturbation causes sexual imbalance:   Masturbation stirs up our [lust] and trains our bodies to seek a sexual release more frequently than normal.  Sex is an important part of many people's lives, however, common sense tells us that there should be a balance between sex and the other activities in our lives.  Masturbation disrupts that balance by training our bodies to expect gratification more frequently than normal.  The reality is that most of us don't have time and/or opportunity to be having sex 3 or 4 times a day.  The imbalance between reality and fantasy can likely drive an addict further into a masturbation habit.

The imbalance caused by masturbation addiction will affect other areas of our lives by diverting energy, time and resources into sexual fantasy.  For example, here's a typical scenario we read about often in email:  A man stays up late each night to surf for porn to masturbate to.  His job performance suffers because he can't stay awake, his family life sours because he's grouchy, his wife is alienated from him by his lack of affection and interest in her, and his debt increases because of the credit card charges from the porn sites he's visiting to feed his habit.

Spiritual points about masturbation:


  • Masturbation uses your body as an instrument for sin

  • Masturbation is the exact opposite of fleeing evil desires because it involves setting our minds on the evil desires and simulating the sexual act with our bodies.

  • Masturbation defiles God's temple and grieves the Holy Spirit:

  • Masturbation reinforces "carnal mindedness

  • Masturbation brings you into deception and corruption:  Masturbation opens the door to the deceiving influences of lust. Our repeated practice of lust through  masturbation will also bring about a "hardening" of our spiritual heart toward God. This could ultimately cause us to turn away from God completely.

  • Masturbation poses the threat of lifelong bondage and hell.