November 5, 1997

To the Elders in the Faith;

Praise the Lord and God bless you on this day. We are called as "Elders" in the faith to stand on and represent the principles concerning the Kingdom of God. I address this cover letter to all men that are "called" by our Heavenly Father to represent the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. We live in a day where the scriptures expressly tell us of perilous times and where doctrines of devils and seducing spirits will lead beloved saints FROM the faith once delivered unto them. We are called as Elders to Shepherd the flock and take oversight (Bishop Ministry) which protects the soul from such deception.

peopleWe must remember to not "substitute" views, opinions, emotions or feelings, for Paul warned us in Col.2:8 about how men would spoil the saints with traditions, vain deceits and philosophies which are after the rudiments of the world and NOT after Christ. Jesus Christ himself warned his disciples about the leaven of Pharisees (men's doctrines, views and opinions) which made the Holy Word of God of none effect (Mt.15:1-10 and Mt.16:1-3) It is therefore of the utmost reverence and fear of the living God that we as men of God should by all means speak truth and only truth, of which there is only one truth and that is the Word of God. "Shall we now persuade men or God? Should we please men? If we please men then we should NOT be the servants of Jesus Christ". Sound like strong words? Read Gal.1:10

You have heard much, I am sure, these last few years about different aspects of the Christmas Holiday. I would ask you all in Jesus precious name to please read this in detail and with an open heart. Everything spoken is FACTUAL TRUTH and SPIRITUAL TRUTH. The "Spirit" behind this, which you will read about as it is exposed, is one of blasphemy, lasciviousness and sexual perversion. The question is, what will we do with it? Jesus said in Luke 6:46, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, yet do not the things I say"? If we truly love Jesus we will keep HIS word and offer no strange fire before HIM.

Now to you men of God out there who stand before the children of God as faithful shepherds and Elders, this I ask. As Born-Again, spirit-filled men of God, would you allow someone in your church to: Pray the Rosary? I pray not—you would bring correction. Would you allow someone to Pray to Mary, pray the dead OUT of Purgatory, pray to saints , pray to IDOLS allow someone to lift up the Pope as the vicar of Christ in the earth? I pray not—you would bring correction. WHY would you then allow someone to observe Christmas? It comes from the SAME church!! The SAME spirit!! The SAME roots as the Rosary, Mary worship, Purgatory, Idols. Why would you not allow all the others but EXPLAIN away Christmas?

Think about it. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Do you fear men or God? Speak truth I pray, unto the saints and set them free.. If we are called to speak and live on the Word of God, then why do we observe this thing called Christmas, when it was never recorded, observed or mentioned in the Bible? Since when are we as men of God to bring things to our beloved brethren that are not founded or built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ who is the Word of God? I desire to be a wise-masterbuilder (I Cor.3) and I will take heed to how I build.

There are no views and opinions here. The Pharisees (Religious Elders) stood on the street corners every day beckoning people with the love of God.. These are the very ones who ended up gnashing their teeth and crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ. In John 8:40-44, they were the ones who said their father was God in heaven, yet Jesus said their father was the devil! Who is our Father, I pray we know? It was in John 6:66 (666-the number of man) where many disciples walked with HIM no more due to HIS hard sayings. They followed "THEIR" ways. Prayerfully this is not a hard saying for you.

It is going to take loving, caring and strong men of God in this hour to build the Kingdom of God.. Where is the preaching today that turns the world upside down, causes gnashing of teeth, stoning, and being driven from cities? That is the way the Book of Acts was recorded.

The Kingdom of God DID NOT give us Christmas, but "Christianity" did. The Roman Catholic Church gave us this idolatry.. We know that John the Baptist, Jesus and the Apostles NEVER preached "Christianity"—they preached the Kingdom of God. The name "Christian" was not given to a believer of Jesus, but a DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ—Acts 11. A disciple obeys his master.. Jesus said ONE way, ONE truth, ONE life and ONE door. Christianity alone has over 250 different dogmas and doctrines and denominations in America alone. May we see the truth of many going one way, few and a remnant finding the Kingdom of God.

I would pray you all would honestly search your hearts after reading this. Please do not put it down or throw it away without first reading it through. Let not your soul man sway you because of our "traditions". Remember why the very first Doctrine of Christ was "Repentance from DEAD WORKS". May we forever be blessed, and may you have the strength to stand before the saints of God and speak truth. Remember, Prove all things. God Bless you.

I would love to hear from you. If you feel I error in truth, then please bring correction to me, for I am willing to repent (change my way of thinking), but remember that all correction and instruction MUST be by the Word of God. (II Tim.3:15-17) Enjoy this teaching and please do not be offended by some of the things you will read about the sexual perversion behind this thing. E-mail Bro. Kim Gossett.

A brother, friend and servant

Mr. Kim C.Gossett—Lead Elder
New Covenant Christian Center Int'l
World Outreach Director

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