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What was the Gunpowder Plot?

In the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, Roman Catholics (amongst them Jesuits) attempted to blow up and kill King James I of Great Britain, his wife, his son, and the entire British Parliament in a single stroke. King James often wrote about the popes, Roman Catholic recusants taught to kill for the pope, and about the Jesuits and their political intrigues and evil deeds. Even today, the Gunpowder Plot is still remembered every November 5 on Guy Fawkes (a Gunpowder Plot conspirator) day. On this page, find links to primary source documentation detailing what happened.

Roman Catholics attempted to kill King James I
only because of their zeal for false doctrines of the Roman Catholic religion
(which basically state that it is a "meritorious" thing to kill kings out of favour with the pope).

King_James_I"...how wonderful it is when you shall think upon the small, or rather no ground, whereupon the practicers were enticed to invent this Tragedie. For if these Conspirators had only been bankrupt persons, or discontented upon occasion of any disgraces done unto them; this might have seemed to have been but a work of revenge. But for my own part, I scarcely knew any of them, so cannot they alledge so much as a pretended cause of grief: And the wretch himself in hands doeth confess, That there was no cause mooving him or them, but merely and only Religion. And specially that christian men, at least so called, Englishmen, born within the Country, and one of the specials of them my sworn Servant in an Honourable place, should practice the destruction of their King, his Posterity, their Country and all: Wherein their following obstinacy is so joined to their former malice, as the fellow himself that is in hand, cannot be moved to discover any signs or notes of repentance, except only that he doeth not yet stand to avow, that he repents for not being able to perform his intent." King James Speech in the Parliament House (1605), Workes p. 499

The chief promotors of the Gunpowder Plot were Roman Catholic Clergy--specifically Jesuits.

The trial records indicate that it was Roman Catholic Jesuit traitors who spurred on other Roman Catholic traitors to kill the king, his wife, his son and heir apparent, the Parliament, etc.--

The Effect of the Indictment.

THAT whereas our Sovereign Lord the King had, by the Advice and Assent of his Council, for divers weighty and urgent Occasions concerning, his Majesty, the State, and Defence of the Church and Kingdom of England, appointed a Parliament to be holden at his City of Westminster; That Henry Garnet, Superior of the Jesuits within the Realm of England, (called also by the several names of Wally, Darcy, Roberts, Farmer, and Henry Philips) Oswald Tesmond Jesuit, otherwise called Oswald Greenwell, John Gerrard Jesuit, (called also by the several names of Lee and Brooke) Robert Winter, Thomas Winter, Gentlemen, Guy Fawkes Gent. otherwise called Guy Johnson, Robert Keyes Gent. and Thomas Bates Yeoman, late Servant to Robert Catesby Esquire; together with the said Robert Catesby and Thomas Percy Esquires, John Wright and Christopher Wright Gentlemen, in open Rebellion and Insurrection against his Majesty, lately slain, and Francis Tresham Esq; lately dead; as false Traitors against our said Sovereign Lord the King, did traitorously meet and assemble themselves together; and being so met, the said Henry Garnet, Oswald Tesmond, John Gerrard, and other Jesuits, did maliciously, falsly, and traitorously move and persuade as well the said Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, and Thomas Bates, as the said Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright, Christopher Wright, and Francis Tresham, That our said Sovereign Lord the King, the Nobility, Clergy, and whole Commonalty of the Realm of England, (Papists excepted) were Hereticks; and that all Hereticks were accursed and excommunicate; and that none Heretick could be a King; but that it was lawful and meritorious to kill our said Sovereign Lord the King, and all other Hereticks within this Realm of England, for the Advancing and Enlargement of the pretended and usurped Authority and Jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome, and for the restoring of the superstitious Romish Religion within this Realm of England. To which traitorous Persuasions, the said Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, Thomas Bates, Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright, Christopher Wright, and Francis Tresham, traitorously did yield their Assents: And that thereupon the said Henry Garnet, Oswald Tesmond, John Gerrard, and divers other Jesuits; Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, and Thomas Bates, as also the said Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright, Christopher Wright and Francis Tresham, traitorously amongst themselves did conclude and agree, with Gunpowder, as it were with one Blast, suddenly, traitorously and barbarously to blow up and tear in pieces our said Sovereign Lord the King, the excellent, virtuous and gracious Queen Anne, his dearest Wife, the most noble Prince Henry, their eldest Son, and future Hope and Joy of England; and the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, the Reverend Judges of the Realm, the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses of Parliament, and divers other faithful Subjects and Servants of the King in the said Parliament, for the Causes aforesaid, to be assembled in the House of Parliament; and all them, without any respect of Majesty, Dignity, Degree, Sex, Age or Place, most barbarously, and more than beastly, traitorously and suddenly to destroy and swallow up. And further did most traitorously conspire and conclude among themselves, That not only the whole Royal Issue-Male of our said Sovereign Lord the King should be destroyed and rooted out; but that the Persons aforesaid, together with divers other false Traitors, traitorously with them to be assembled, should surprize the Persons of the most noble Ladies Elizabeth and Mary, Daughters of our said Sovereign Lord the King, and falsly and traitorously should proclaim the said Lady Elizabeth to be Queen of this Realm: And thereupon should publish a Proclamation in the name of the said Lady Elizabeth; wherein, as it was especially agreed by and between the said Conspirators, That no mention should be made at the first, of the alteration of Religion established within within this Realm of England; neither would the said false Traitors therein acknowledge themselves to be Authors, or Actors, or Devisers of the aforesaid most wicked and horrible Treasons, until they had got sufficient Power and Strength for the assured Execution and Accomplishment of their said Conspiracy and Treason; and that then they would avow and justify the said most wicked and horrible Treasons, as Actions that were in the number of those, Quae non laudantur, nisi peracta, which be not to be commended before they be done: but by the said feign'd and traitorous Proclamation they would publish, That all and singular Abuses and Grievances within this Realm of England, should, for satisfying of the People, be reform'd. And that as well for the better concealing, as for the more effectual accomplishing of the said horrible Treasons, as well the said Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, and Thomas Bates, as the said Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright, Christopher Wright, and Francis Tresham, by the traitorous Advice and Procurement of the said Henry Garnet, Oswald Tesmond, John Gerrard, and other Jesuits, traitorously did further conclude and agree, that as well the said Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, and Thomas Bates, as the said Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright, Christopher Wright, and Francis Tresham, thereupon severally and traitorously should receive several corporal Oaths upon the holy Evangelists, and the Sacrament of the Eucharist, That they the Treasons aforesaid would traitorously conceal and keep secret, and would not reveal them, directly or indirectly, by Words or Circumstances, nor ever would desist from the Execution and final Accomplishment of the said Treasons, without the consent of some three of the aforesaid false Traitors first in that behalf traitorously had: And that thereupon as well the said Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, and Thomas Bates, as the said Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright, Christ. Wright, and Francis Tresham, did traitorously take the said several corporal Oaths severally, and did receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist aforesaid, by the Hands of the said Henry Garnet, John Gerrard, Oswald Tesmond, and other Jesuits. And further, that the said Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes,Robert Keyes, and Thomas Bates, together with the said Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John Wright,Christopher Wright, and Francis Tresham, by the like traitorous Advice and Counsel of the said Henry Garnet, John Gerrard, Oswald Tesmond, and other Jesuits, for the more effectual compassing and final execution of the said Treasons, did. . .         [Read more]

Excerpted from, The Trials of Robert Winter, Thomas Winter, Guy Fawkes, John Grant, Ambrose Rookwood, Robert Keyes, Thomas Bates, and Sir Everard Digby, at Westminster for High-Treason, being Conspirators in the Gunpowder-Plot. 27 Jan. 1605. 3 Jac. l.

Quote from James' Remonstrance for the Right of Kings--

"...the chief promoters, the complices of the powder-conspiracie in my Kingdom? were they not Ecclesiastics?"
--King James I, King of Great Britain
A Remonstrance for the Right of Kings, and the Independance of Their Crownes, Against an Oration of the Most Illustrious Card. of Perron, Pronounced in the Chamber of the Third Estate. Jan. 15 1615 [Workes, p. 381]

There has been a long time, historic Roman Catholic interference in politics.

In light of historic Roman Catholic recusancy against kings, toppling thrones, assassinating kings, ordering kings around in the most grievous manner, deceiving kings (e.g., the Donation of Constantine), making kings their vassals, etc. it is little wonder that King James spoke so often about the divine right of kings to rule their own kingdoms. He often spoke about Rome's role in such an abominable practice. A quote from his Remonstrance for the Right of Kings (Workes, p. 393)--

"Was not he that killed the forenamed King, was not he one of the Clergy? Was not Guignard a Jesuit? ...Did not Ravaillac that monster of men, upon interrogatories made at his examination...refer his examiners to the Sermons made the Lent next before, where they might be satisfied concerning the causes of his abominable undertaking and execution? Are not Bellarmine, Eudaemonoiohannes, Suarez, Becanus, Mariana, with such other monsters, who teach the doctrine of parricides [king killing (kings as fathers of the countries, not like the businessman-kings today)]...are they not all Clerics? are not all their bookes approved and allowed...? What were the heads, the chief promoters, the complices of the powder-conspiracie in my Kingdom? were they not Ecclesiastics?"

A strange thing can be heard today--that King James was Roman Catholic--but King James said that he had NEVER been Roman Catholic.

Our article, King James was NEVER Roman Catholic includes information on what appears to be an extremely misleading excerpt found on the Fordham University website (Fordham is a Jesuit university). The Fordham webpage has an out-of-context excerpt from James' Workes (his Premonition) emphasizing where King James states that he was a Catholic Christian--in the paragraph right before that statement king James was emphasizing that he had NEVER been Catholic. Moreover, the entire Premonition itself was a broadside against Rome. Is this an example of the Jesuit "way of proceeding" mentioned at the University of Scranton (a Jesuit university) website? An excerpt from our index page--

An excerpt from, "Jesuit Tradition" at www.scranton.edu/about/jesuit-tradition/index.shtml (emphases ours)--
Our Mission

The University of Scranton is a Catholic and Jesuit university animated by the spiritual vision and the tradition of excellence characteristic of the Society of Jesus* and those who share its way of proceeding. . . . (as of 5-24-2014)

*The Roman Catholic Jesuit order is known, of all things, as the "Society of Jesus" (a misnomer if ever there were one)

Primary source documentation on the Gunpowder Plot.
Read from King James himself about what happened.

  • King James VI & I on the Gunpowder Plot (Extracts from speech to Parliament, 1605. King James did not want non-guilty Roman Catholics to receive any unjust treatment by his people.)
  • A Discourse of the manner of the discovery of the Powder Treason, joined with the examination of some of the prisoners (By King James, taken from his Workes, pp. 223. This is an interesting, up close, play-by-play overview of how King James and the British Parliament were miraculously spared being blown up in the Gunpowder Plot/Powder Treason by Roman Catholics conspirators such as Guido Fawkes, Jesuit conspirators Garnet, Owldecorne, etc. One also has the opportunity to see with what fairness King James and his Counsellors proceeded, in order, by law, by mercy only shewing the rack to the obstinate, disrespectful Guido Fawkes. To call any of the executed conspirators a martyr is a blatant proof of unrepentance for such an heinous attempt. One also sees that one of the kings subjects had a dear relationship with a Catholic involved in the Plot--it was this Catholic that tried to warn that subject not to be in the Parliament house--there was not a hate relationship with Catholics in England. Their history of popes and Jesuits troubling the state required action in order to secure the state (witness the Spanish Armada of 1588). During those times, Roman Catholics were openly taught that it is a "meritorious" good thing to kill a king out of the pope's favor. "Ultramontanes" ("over the mountain") refers to Catholics who are citizens in various countries, but their first allegiance lies in the decrees of the Roman Catholic pope, the pope--at will--can release them from their loyalty to their king/ruler.
  • King James I and the Defense of the Right of Kings (Includes telling excerpts from the trial of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators.]
  • Transcription of the Gunpowder Plot Trial Taken from Collection of State Trials.
  • Mischief Mystery; or Treason's Masterpiece, the Powder Plot A 1617 tract against the evil deeds of the Roman Catholic institution.
  • A SPEACH IN THE PARLIAMENT HOVSE, AS NEERE THE VERY WORDS AS COULD BE GATHERED AT THE INSTANT [ANNO 1605] [1605, Workes pp. 499-508] In the wake of the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, a thankful James addresses Parliament, rehearsing the great and miraculous deliverance that God has granted him.
  • A PREMONITION TO ALL MOST MIGHTIE MONARCHES, KINGS, FREE PRINCES, AND STATES OF CHRISTENDOME [Workes pp. 287-338] James warns and awakens his fellow princes to the papal threat to royal authority. Includes information on Jesuits involved in the Powder Treason, Roman Catholic doctrine teaching that Church-men are not subject to Kings or Princes; etc.

Knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot can direct the attention as to what has been happening in the earth.

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 is much more than a single, unfortunate incident. For those who are seeking the truth, it can help open the door as to who the Roman Catholic institution is, what she* has done, and what has been happening in the earth. *MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT is a woman (see Revelation 17)--the issue regarding these last days is not "anti-Catholic" or any such thing; the Authorized (King James) Version of 1611 of the Bible makes it clear that the issue is "antichrist" and it shows the precise characteristics of antichrist and the man of sin. Right now, each person is making his choice as to whether he will serve the Lord Jesus Christ according to his word, or whether he will serve him not. A beast and man of sin shall arise in the earth (Satan shall give him his seat, and power, and great authority (Revelation 13)--the one world leader for the one world government/new world order); the people that receiveth the mark of the beast in their hand or in their forehead, will be cast into the lake of fire for ever. The spirituality of this "new" order is devil worship the contemplative prayer/yoga/meditation/kabbalism/mystics/etc. use similar repetitive techniques to contact the devil directly. The God of the Bible cannot be contacted directly. Men must come through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Church people are becoming perilously close to the unpardonable sin--they are ignorantly and horribly using names of God in order to contact devils which they think are God--they need to repent and obey God's word. Christians shall be hated of all nations, but God's people will endure the wrath and war made against them and shall live forever. As people continue to interact with evil spirits, it is easy to see how that influence will only deepen their anger and hatred towards those who have the testimony of Jesus Christ and keep his word. How to Get to Heaven ||| Hell is Real.

What about after the Gunpowder plot?
The Roman Catholic Jesuits seem to have continued to take on a life of their own.

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