I purchased a used dictionary. Upon inspection, I removed certain sections (including "Law for the Layman: A Concise Encyclopedia" (edited by Hugo Sonnenschein LL.B., LL.M., J.D.)) and discarded the rest of it (although it was a somewhat older dictionary, the entries were akin to the more corrupted modern dictionaries, as if it were one of their predecessors.)

In scanning the short contents section of "Law for the Layman", the section on "infants" caught my eye [bold emphases ours].

...While the word infant in its ordinary usage signifies a child of a tender and helpless age, the word infant as used in law refers to a person who has not arrived at his majority as fixed by law. Majority is the age at which the disabilities of infancy are removed, and hence a person who has reached his majority is entitled to the management of his own affairs and to the enjoyment of civic rights.

The "Infants" section comments on the "Nature of Infancy" [emphases ours]--

The disabilities of infancy are in fact personal privileges conferred on infants by law, and as such they constitute limitations on the legal capacity of infants, NOT TO DEFEAT THEIR RIGHTS BUT TO SHIELD AND PROTECT THEM FROM THE ACTS OF THEIR OWN IMPROVIDENCE AS WELL AS FROM ACTS OF OTHERS

Looking up various terms related to "infancy" takes one to terms like "disability," incapacity, incompetence, etc. This focus on incompetence bespeaks the fact that children are not aware of so many things--they are learning. They have lack of understanding and lack of facts. They can be tricked into making wrong choices. They can be easily confused. They believe what they are told, they are like sponges. They are incapable of maturely judging--because of their lack of understanding, they are still gaining perspective as to what things are. This is why there are juvenile courts. They cannot take care of themselves, they need their parents. According to "Law for the Layman" THE DISABILITIES OF INFANCY ARE NOT TO DEFEAT CHILDREN'S RIGHTS BUT TO SHIELD AND PROTECT CHILDREN FROM

  • "their own improvidence" (their lack of understanding, foresight, and ability to make safe judgments) AND
  • other people (which would include evil men and seducers that buzz around to prey on them).

"Disability" in Black's Law Dictionary (Fifth edition, fourth reprint 1981)--

The want of legal capability to perform an act. Term is generally used to indicate an incapacity for the full enjoyment of ordinary legal rights; thus, persons under age, insane persons, and convicts are said to be under disability.

...Absence of competent physical, intellectual, or moral powers...

***** IF... *****

If, according to the law, children are legally considered disabled and lacking intellectually,

then how can groups of wicked persons

  • openly and impudently insist on "sexualizing" children,
  • march and open up their mouths as pedophiles (e.g., NAMBLA),
  • impudently state that the children have rights to work whoredom, and
  • impudently go on to lead "workshops" about whoredom and have discussions with whole groups of school children about whoredom
  • and practically the whole society is silent?

SORCERY, n. Magic; enchantment; witchcraft; divination by the assistance...of evil spirits...

BEWITCH, v.t. To fascinate; to gain an ascendancy over by charms or incantation... 2. To charm; to fascinate; to please to such a degree as to take away the power of resistance.

People are sitting there watching that television that fascinates and bewitches them and pleases them. They enjoy it and could not imagine a life without it. Meanwhile, messages pass right on in, right past even common sense. They are charmed and will not stop watching television, it is like their blood flow and artificial life support. Even when they object to something, they ignore the evil and keep on watching no matter how grievous. They spend hours and hours watching it--and not watching their children. Some can't stop buying the offering on buying shows like "QVC" (I heard a lady speak to another of how many boxes of stuff she moves when she is having company so that they don't have to look at the stuff and have heard of people who just stuff the boxes in the attic). The people just sit there charmed watching whoredom, witchcraft, murder, sodomy, foolishness, "news" propaganda, cooking shows, etc. The people are bewitched. With clear eyes, one who does not watch television, etc. can see what people are seeing on television. Their hairstyles look alike (even across races), they have an abundance of tattoos, men are walking around with bagging pants with underwear showing, people are sporting strange piercings, men are walking around with purses and wearing fingernail polish, including young men and older men black and white. These things are manifested in the streets. The people are influenced, bewitched, and charmed, pleased to such a degree to take away their power of resistance. In the midst of this powerful sorcery and deception, only those who adhere to the holy scriptures (Authorized Version) and obey them can remain outside of the deception--and they must spend time with their own children and teach their own children of God's word (Christians should have been doing this all along).


God's word has a command for parents

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:

7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

8 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

9 And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.



God's word has a command for children

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not... Ecclesiastes 12:1

Do not delay, remember thy Creator now in the days of thy youth.


Two great abominations are occurring in America

  1. The children are being turned AGAINST the precepts of the holy scriptures (the Authorized Version is the holy scriptures) via television, classrooms, textbooks, music, addictive foods and TO anything precept or practice that can lure them away from the truth. Therefore the children are not growing in wisdom at the exact time they should be growing in wisdom and have no true basis on which to determine right and wrong. All they have left is (a) their own pliable childish ignorant logic, (b) their lusts and what feels good, and the lies of man to guide them. There is a way which seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (ref. Proverbs 14:12). Something can seem so right but it is dead wrong. The children are being connected to sins and they will not want to let them go. All of life will have these strong sin cords that they will not want to break.
  2. The children are being forced to endure and learn the words of whoremongers and blasphemers (textbooks, workshops, etc.) while they (the children) are trapped in the compulsory school system--and they cannot get out of the situation and they have to try to get a good grade to pass to the next "grade" (or should it be "degree" like in the masons?).

...in a short period of time, these two abominations combine inside the mind and body of an individual and it is not long before they start flaming out into abomination. This works practically across the board. I've seen people of various nations catching it, too as they take shelter in this land. Practically by a law this combination (children being turned from the Bible to lies and children being taught/commanded by whoremongers and blasphemers) forms a deadly, irresistible, toxic, disastrous force within an individual. I've seen for myself how these abominations are foisted on children from elementary school students and upward, even when completing GED preparation exercises.

How can the wicked insist that American children not be informed about God's law, the Bible, when the Bible is the book of this nation engraved in national buildings and found in its documents? And how is it that the Bible is actually spoken against in classrooms across America when the "Robert Aitken Bible" (an edition of the Authorized Version published by Robert Aitken) was recommended by the United States Congress, by Congressional Resolution, to the inhabitants of the United States? What nation hath changed their gods? Has India changed from Hinduism or Saudi Arabia from Islam? How was America deceived and changed without a gunshot?

[Aside: We Christians, as a people, need to ask and answer these questions, because if what happened is still happening, we need to see what went wrong so that we can make any necessary adjustments within ourselves. Judgment must first begin at the house of God. Where was the true church during all of this sorcery and deception and what is she doing today? From what I gather, the preachers enjoyed the fried chicken and lemonade that came with the pastorate and loved the tithes and adoration while the people liked the "down home" feeling of church and the safe haven of church where they wore their "Sunday best." From what I gather and see, the visible church (pew and pulpit) maintained friendship with the world--and that permitted a whole host of errors to rush into the visible church, unchecked. Only a few sins that were against the general sensibilities of the church people were considered sinful, e.g., stealing, sodomy. But they did not mind foolish talking and jesting, etc.. Those of us that have journeyed through such churches can attest to this. Church became a safe place to be with others who enjoyed the same type of peace and safety, but not a place where God's word was honored on every point. Because of this, church became a place where divers strange doctrines arose amongst those who like being together like in a social club. The people were not/are not clustered around the word of God closely obeying its precepts. Really the word "church" just gives them a reason to huddle together to talk about what issues they want to talk about or enjoy whatever entertainments they want to enjoy (music, talent shows, speeches, plays, yearly church trips to places like Disneyland, Hawaii, etc.). Even today, in the midst of this battlefield (the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds) there are those who position themselves on the battle lines, but they are not striving lawfully on all points. For instance, it is wrong to make images of the Lord but there are tracts that ignore Exodus chapter twenty and therefore cannot be used as written. Many who consider themselves on the Lord's side often ignore the truth when confronted with it. Except a man strive lawfully, he is not crowned. We need to know what happened (and is happening) in America so that we can repent and change where necessary. The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles by the deeds of the disobedient visible church.]


The wicked are seducing children through various means to become whoremongers. The wicked are impudently giving children worldwide their whoremonger literature, books, and workshops replete with the whoremongers' base, brute beast filthy practices that only lead to spiritual, emotional, and physical disaster for the helpless ones. What will be the result? Pain, disaster, disease, death, and a world of impulsive, profligate, mentally-deranged sinners abandoned to sin, and hooked on compulsive disorders.

Being a whoremonger is a perilous, dangerous ordeal for adults (those who have survived it and gotten saved can attest to this fact)--how fearful is this for children who truly and legally are unable to take care of themselves and make sound decisions for themselves. They do not know the facts. Children have intense energy and dreams and desires to explore--to wickedly divert the desires of a young child to abuse and whoredom (and the accompanying devastating mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual disorders, diseases, and compulsions) and to subject children to the overtures and ways of evil men and seducers is unconscionable--so much so that it seems like it is something that nobody would ever do or even think to do, but then again I remember reading the story of a serial child abuser who himself related that he had been abused and that he could remember the time when he broke under the abuse and changed into a person with the mind of an abuser. Whatever the case, there are actually vicious adult persons with boundless energy to corrupt children--and the masses are silent in the face of their proclamations. When the promoters of these abominations say that they do these things to "educate" or "help" children it seems that that is enough for the world at large to keep quiet. There is actually "human trafficking" in the United States and I have heard that it is increasing. Registries of sex offenders reveal individuals in local area that are making child pornography. The children are being set up to be further victimized. Children are easily intimidated by adults--no one who is somewhat normal wants to imagine what a child in the hands of a predator (or predators) must endure. I knew a woman who was abused from three years old by grandfather and uncle. Her mother had died and while her father was at work, they would come to harm her. He father apparently did not hearken to her calls for help. As an adult, she would seem to do anything. She may have no money but could get to Hawaii. She broken down on the road one night and moved in with the man who stopped to help her, etc.

The children are being set up to be victimized just as I was and so many other children. As a result, America is become a nation of bastards and a blood-soaked graveyard for tens of thousands, yea millions, of innocent babies killed in their mothers' wombs by assassins for hire who go by the title, "doctor". Being a whoremonger is not only dangerous for the child introduced into it, but to the children that will be conceived by that child once the whoredoms begin with other whoremongers. Once inducted into the whoremonger system, whoremongers rage out of control and many of our firstborn citizens are dying across the land while in their mothers' wombs. Mothers are killing whole families--women are having multiple abortions--four, eight, thirteen… I read somewhere that one in three Americans is missing due to abortion (it seems that that number will most certainly increase). I also read that the economic presence of those slain Americans is missed as well--the money that they would have earned is not there for Social Security and the children are not here to help their parents, either, as their parents grow old.

So...in the midst of this bloodbath, the children that survive their mothers' wombs are now being encouraged to enter whoredom at even earlier ages. This is unnatural. The devil is come down to us having great wrath for he knoweth that he hath but a short time. The Lord Jesus is coming back in power and all of this will be over and his people will live with him in that amazing world to come--in the LORD's presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures evermore. Moreover, we will not remember these troubles that are now occurring (Isaiah 65:15-17).

The devil hath but a short time and his ministers are furiously working to forward the affliction and speed it up, putting the gas pedal down to the floorboard of the vehicle as the masses quietly adjust to whatever new abomination arises--in this case, spurring children on to whoredom (of a most perverted type, from what I have seen).

What kinds of things can the children expect to find upon entering these dark, abominable waters set out by the filthy, the ungodly, the abominable, and the wicked?

  • ignorance of righteousness
  • membership amongst them that live in error
  • deceivableness of unrighteousness
  • compulsive disorders
  • mental disorders
  • abuse (abusing and being abused)
  • exploitation (them being exploited and them exploiting others)
  • to be missing at the hands of those who have deceived them
  • murder at the hands of the impious
  • murder of own children by abortionists
  • being manipulated
  • shame
  • embarrassment
  • remorse
  • regret
  • gonorrhea
  • syphilis
  • hepatitis
  • AIDS
  • crabs
  • trichomonis
  • blood and tears in their bodily tissues
  • sexually transmitted diseases of many sorts
  • being with child
  • a potential fistula for young childbearers without adequate help
  • rape
  • depression
  • pain
  • hopelessness
  • compulsive disorders
  • victimization (victims of different crimes--rape, theft, etc. whoremongers steal from each other, etc.)
  • drug abuse
  • drunkeness
  • impulsiveness
  • profligacy (a state of being given over to sin)
  • prostitution
  • used in pornography
  • slavery (I read it is happening in America and is on the rise)
  • deception
  • rape
  • chronic abuse by pedophiles young and old (the victim sometimes becomes one when grown)
  • mental disorders
  • itching from disease but they do not know to go to the doctor for help
  • whoredom immeshed in body and mind (once started, it becomes expected)
  • violence
  • theft
  • lying
  • deceit
  • being deceived
  • danger
  • fear (from many directions--perpetrators, pain, verbal, mental, spiritual abuse, etc.)
  • anguish
  • affliction
  • cruelty
  • loneliness
  • wasted youth, wasted life
  • self-medication as they try to deal with the abuse
  • degeneracy
  • weak and without strength to go through life strong
  • adultery, divorce
  • wrecklessness
  • abortion
  • confusion
  • separation from family to strangers who will use them
  • madmen
  • pimps
  • drug dealers to use them as "mules" to carry "product" (people do not suspect children on a plane, etc.)
  • horror
  • terror
  • rituals (there are abominable defiled "religions" that incorporate whoredom)
  • witchcraft, drugs, and any criminal outrageous thing that whoremongers do
  • schizophrenia and/or other disorders as a result of trying to cope with the abuse
  • obsession with sin
  • bondage to sin

promulgation of whoredom among children forms a cadre of unsuspecting which are to be harmed physically, spiritually, mentally.

"Infants" have the "right" to whoredom (I've seen it written as "sexual pleasure") and should be taught how to commit whoredom?

And all is silent. It is as if parents have relinquished all responsibility for their own children, putting them in the hands of strangers that strangers might take care of them, not caring what their children are being taught by these people. Even if they do disagree with some of what the children are taught, they still send their children to school.

I read of young people in town who, outside of a clinic (maybe doctor's office), were given each other "high fives" because they all came back positive for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It was like a club. What a foolish and improper and dangerous response. When people (children and adults) have nothing to do, they end up doing divers strange and dangerous things. Instead of the useless life, man should be useful and should teach his children to be useful. This includes Christians who are often as lazy as others. They sit back lazily and their children are taught to be as useless as anybody else's. The Bible has a lot to say about working and slothfulness and being diligent to know the state of thy flocks. Instead of the "nothing to do" life, there can be a turn around in the lives of children--

  1. no television and video games
  2. give them important, valuable things to do
    • Overview of the Bible
    • Read the scriptures
    • housework
    • cooking
    • sewing their own garments by hand
    • fishing
    • gathering wild edibles
    • Learn Spanish
    • Tack a quilt
    • Create tangible products and writings (products are useful and also yield a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction)
    • Daily walk and/or run, calisthenics, or exercise video in inclimate weather
    • Make and review (from time to time) "cardboard reviews" of important precepts that were created on pieces of cardboard (e.g. internal organs, layers of firmament/atmosphere, geography of Europe, etc.)
    • Make cassette tapes of playing and instrument and singing hymns with parents


Properly defined, "right" means straight and correct. God, our Creator, is perfect and perfect in judgment. He has given us his word in the Authorized Version of the holy scriptures. God's law is right. "Right" is that which is in conformity with the word of God and his will. Sin (which is wrong) is the transgression of the law of God.

There is an ultimate law by which all other laws are judged--and that ultimate law is the word of God. It is the perfect standard. It is straight and correct.

  • The law of the LORD is perfect,
  • the testimony of the LORD is sure, the statutes of the Lord are right,
  • the commandment of the LORD is pure,
  • the judgments of the LORD and true and righteous altogether.

Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible relates extensively about the merits of God's law, commands, precepts, statutes, judgments, and testimonies.

The ungodly speak against the word of God because it reveals the evilness of their proclamations and activities.


But what do the impious mean when they say "rights"? They mean conformity to whatever laws they come up with--conformity to human laws and other human standards of right and wrong, just based on man's proclamations; this is so dangerous. Man's heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked (ref. Jeremiah 17:9). Jeremiah 17:9 asks a question, "Who can know it?" When a person walks into that region where man makes the rules, one walks into desperate wickedness--which is what is being seen with these proclamations on children's whoremonger "rights" an unconscionable ploy to indoctrinate children into whoredom.

Who is the one determining these man-made up rights? What ringmaster is leading the circus? "Right" is not simply what man calls a "right." Right is according to God's law. Wherever man's words contradict God's law, man is wrong. Let God be true and every man a liar. The law of God, found in the Authorized Version of the holy scriptures reveals the validity or invalidity of all law. The transgression of God's law is "sin," not a "right." Whoever is calling whoredom a "right" is not of God. If they speak not according to God's word, it is because there is no light in them.

Any hijacker or usurper of a society could stand up and talking about "rights" and sound "just" because he is standing up for "rights" before an ignorant and sinful people who will use their logic to determine the their mental response to the person's arguments figuring that either way there is nothing they can do. As long as they are not ill-affected (or do not seem to be in their minds), they will let all sorts of things pass for current.

Upon reading a letter by a concerned person concerning some UN agency moves with regard to children and "sexuality," questions can begin to arise about people who call for children's whoremonger "rights"--

Why are they calling being a whoremonger a "right"? Is it because they can then go on say that people should know their "rights" (as in practices)? And if so, might they then say that there should be an official agency to advise children of their rights? An ostensibly "official-type" channel that sends out proclamations and decrees and booklets and videos about being a whoremonger and how being a whoremonger is something for all ages? Could they not say that children have been oppressed persons and have rights that they need to learn? Could they not say that children need reproductive and medical and mental health services and drug rehabilitation services as a result of the devastation to be felt around the world as a result of children entering the whoremonger's world?

Instead of considering the harbingers of such wickedness (such as the UN agencies spoken of in the letter at this link) perverts, sinful people that do not hearken to God's law can be fooled into thinking that these people are trying to help children just because they called whoredom a "right" when it is a "wrong", a "good" when it is an "evil".

What does it mean when they call whoredom a "right". It means that being a whoremonger is right and that being a whoremonger is desirable and that being a whoremonger should not be denied to anyone, they have included children. When, in actuality,

  • being a whoremonger is wrong
  • being a whoremonger is undesirable
  • being a whoremonger is something a person should be warned against.

In the current hothouse atmosphere of whoredom in this world, "sexual rights" can become a vehicle/channel with an office, like, "The Office of Sexual Rights" (with its own mandate and propaganda materials) through which children are taught their "rights," and can be incited to whoredom and even taught filthy whoremonger ways and techniques as in this letter when all they wanted to do naturally is play AND LEARN AND GROW UP AND TAKE THEIR PLACE IN THIS WORLD, NOT SIT AROUND IDLE AND MENTALLY DERANGED AND ENSLAVED TO LUSTS AND SICK AND ABUSED AND UNFIT TO BE ANYBODY'S WIFE OR HUSBAND OR PARENT. The victimized children go through the ringer never knowing the wonderful way of a man with a maid--everything for them and their spouse was low down, perverse, abusive, and filthy in life. I read in a first aid book that children have a NATURAL modesty (and that that modesty is to be considered when delivering first aid to them); meanwhile the agents of the devil trying to legitimize the doctrines of devil and the ways of the heathen by their grievous and unrighteous decrees. They obviously seek to shipwreck and destroy children. These so-called children's sexual rights are sins and child abuse introducing unknowledgeable children to that nightmare world of whoredom and exploitation--some of us lived through it and, even though we were practically adults at the time, we still got used and abused and it was scary). How could such egregious, outrageous, self-evident child abuse be accomplished, managed, held, and maintained while parents and other adults look on?

SORCERY, n. Magic; enchantment; witchcraft; divination by the assistance...of evil spirits...

BEWITCH, v.t. To fascinate; to gain an ascendancy over by charms or incantation... 2. To charm; to fascinate; to please to such a degree as to take away the power of resistance.

Powers are setting children up for child abuse and exploitation; making children complicit in the wickedness instead of afraid of it when targeted by the filthy. The child then will feel that the child himself asked for the situation. The children are being led to enter what the powers make them think is a "consensual" act when the child have no true idea as to what is involved and how perverts are trying to lure them away from God's word to the ways of Satan. Once entered into whoredom, the children have no ability to sort out what happened--or even to call it abuse or a sin. The ungodly are barricading the children against the Bible and essentially trying to say that there is no sin, but that is a lie. There is sin and men will burn for it if they do not repent.

Through systemic vehicles--television, school system, newspapers, books, music, magazines, etc. natural modesty and self-preservation are stripped away, leaving sinners foaming out their own shame. Self-preservation has been replaced with an unnatural obsession with whoredom and impulsive risk-taking behavior.


Parents are almost no where to be found in their children's lives. It is as if they only provide room, board, clothing, spending money, and transportation. They are hands off following their own lusts and problems and desires and leaving the children to their own. I remember some years ago reading the words of a young teenaged girl. I believe that her letter was written to an editor or columnist (or something like that) of a periodical. Her letter was on this wise (I believe she used the word "creep" as found below)--

I am fifteen years old and my mother lets me go out with any creep that comes to our door. Sometimes, I wish that she would say "No." Life is kind of scary when you are out here on your own.


Although many parents are not teaching their children the truth, there are still children that want to know what the truth is; they are looking for it on their own--and when they find it, they believe it, and confess it, and never forget it. These babes and young people know how to praise the Lord Jesus Christ and they agree with the truth. They are a delight to encounter and witness. The powers are trying to hinder people from hearing the truth, but we know that when the Lord Jesus returns, his church will be waiting for him--the dead in Christ shall rise first, and then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord (see 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). We need to pray for the children and for our other fellowmen and do what we can.


May each parent do inventory and let their heart come back home and teach their own children in various areas of life and be available to their children. It is important to me to teach my daughter the things that I know how to do. If we do that, then our children can, at a minimum, do what we can do and can springboard into other areas from there.

***** EXCERPT ***

The following is an excerpt from Deception 23--


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a document that separates the child from his parents saying that he has his own rights totally distinct from what the parents say. I read somewhere recently that the UN said that children have the right to some sort of "sexual" (I do not like to use this word) pleasure. If you do not want to take my word for it, here is an excerpt from a letter on the UN's website found at http://www.un.org/esa/population/cpd/cpd2010/IGO_NGO/GlobalHAWC.pdf--(this document is very insightful as to how mad the UN is on whoredom. They want the children to be reckless when, if left alone, they would not have made themselves available to each other and the pedophiles of the world. A cadre of children for pedophiles--I read a book that said that was what the Hitler Youth was as well (I believe it was entitled, The Pink Triangle--the book was too dark, could not read much before discarding it).). (emphases ours)--

Mr. Chair, Distinguished Delegates, I would like to draw your attention to some serious matters related to the deliberations occurring at the Commission on Population and Development. To put this in context I need to talk about what happened at last year's CPD deliberations. Last year toward the end of the deliberations a phrase was proposed to the draft CPD resolution calling upon governments to provide "comprehensive education on human sexuality."

We were very concerned as this was a new undefined term and a departure from the traditional "sex education" language used in past UN consensus documents. Our worries were confirmed when just a few months later, UNESCO, in cooperation with UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, and UNAIDS released a draft copy of their new International Guidelines on Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

These extremely controversial guidelines were created to drive sexuality education worldwide and promote a them [probably "theme"] of sexual pleasure that we have found in a number of UN-published sex education guides. These original UNESCO Guidelines suggest teaching five year olds that they can touch their body parts for sexual pleasure and teaching nine year old the definition and function of orgasm, and encourage sex educators to teach children that "Both men and women can give and receive sexual pleasure with a partner of the. . .same sex."

UNESCO has since revised their original sexuality guidelines, toning them down quite a bit. However, by reading their original version, you can see what five UN agencies were originally planning to promote to children under the guise of "comprehensive education on human sexuality" before a number of UN Member States complained.

In 2002 at the World Summit for Children, we exposed a UN-published manual for children distributed in Mexico that had a page on how to obtain sexual pleasure including with a person of the same sex, with an animal, with an inanimate object or with a non-consenting person...

Found at: www.un.org/esa/population/cpd/cpd2010/IGO_NGO/GlobalHAWC.pdf


here. Fair Use.


In 1987, one United Nations UNICEF office was found trafficking in child pornography. From the internet--


...In a statement issued in Geneva, Unicef said it is ''deeply shocked'' by the scandal, which has led to 14 arrests in Belgium and others in Switzerland, France and Britain.

Unicef said it was investigating charges that the Belgian committee was linked to an organization producing pornographic photographs of children and distributing them throughout Europe...

The scandal erupted last week, when the Belgian police arrested Jos Verbeek, 63 years old, the director of Unicef's Belgian committee, and charged him with inciting minors to debauchery.

The arrest followed the discovery of a secret photographic studio in the basement of the Brussels building where the committee's offices are housed. The studio was used to take pornographic photographs of children, many of whom were of North African origin, the police said. #1,000 Photos Seized The police said more than 1,000 such photographs were seized, along with a mailing list of some 400 names in 15 European countries that had been prepared on the Unicef office computer.

Similar photographs found in several other European countries appear to have been taken in the Unicef office in Brussels, according to investigators.

Among those arrested was another Unicef employee, Michel Felu, 45, who the police say organized evening computer classes for children in the organization's offices. These children were then sometimes made to pose for pornographic photographs, the police said.


We are in the last days. I did not know that I would personally live to see it, but we are here. Evil men and seducers are waxing worse and worse and I mean they are out in the open. We need to find ourselves in the word and watching unto prayer. When we hear about these abominations, we need to go tell God about what we see and ask him to help the poor, unfortunate children and brainwashed masses that have not heard the truth. I ask him to send labourers into his harvest, save people, and stablish them in the faith of Jesus Christ. We need to find our place at the morning oblation early in the morning and we need to pray throughout the day.

Now is not the time to be sleepy. To me, fasting and going without all the treats in life is about self-preservation. I need my mind and spirit clear in these times. These madmen are just like their father, the devil--they are out for to steal and to kill and to destroy our children (and all mankind). We need to pray for all children, not just our own, let the children come to mind--children from every nation. They need for us to pray. If we were in their situation, we would want and need somebody to pray for us and to rescue us from our affliction and houses of cruelty. God hears the sighing and the groaning of the prisoner. We need to let ourselves feel this and pray.

From the internet--

  • In Cambodia, it has been estimated that about a third of all prostitutes are under 18.
  • The exact number of child-prostitutes in Thailand is not known, but Thailand's Health System Research Institute reports that children in prostitution make up 40% of prostitutes in Thailand.
  • In India, the federal police say that around 1.2 million children are believed to be involved in prostitution. A CBI statement said that studies and surveys sponsored by the ministry of women and child development estimated that about 40% of all India's prostitutes are children.
  • In Indonesia, UNICEF estimates that 30% of the female prostitutes are below 18.
  • In the Philippines, there are 60,000 to 100,000 prostituted children, according to UNICEF and non-governmental organisations.
  • In Sri Lanka, there are nearly 40,000 child prostitutes, according to UNICEF and ILO.
  • In Nepal, according to research conducted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on 440 prostitutes from Kathmandu, approximately 30% of them were found to be children.
  • In Bangladesh, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimated in 2004 that there were 10,000 underage girls used in commercial sexual exploitation in the country, but other estimates placed the figure as high as 29,000.
  • There are estimated to be at least 70,000 prostitutes in Vietnam, and 20,000 of these are children.
  • In Afghanistan, Bacha Bazi is a form of child prostitution employed by Afghan warlords where small boys are regularly bought and sold into sexual slavery.
South America
  • By 1999, it was reported that in Argentina child prostitution was increasing at an alarming rate and that the average age was decreasing. The CATW fact book says Argentina is one of the favored destinations of pedophile sex tourists from Europe and the United States. The Criminal Code criminalizes the prostitution of minors of eighteen years of age or younger, but it only sanctions those who "promote or facilitate" prostitution, and not the client who exploits the minor.
  • It is estimated that Peru has about 500,000 child prostitutes.
  • In Colombia, it is estimated that there are 35,000 child prostitutes, with between 5,000 and 10,000 of them on the streets of Bogotá.
  • In Chile the estimated number of children involved in some form of prostitution has decreased. In 1999 UNICEF informed that there were approximately 10,000 children between the ages of 6 and 18 involved in prostitution, but in 2003, a governmental agency estimated that there were approximately 3,700 minors.
  • In Ecuador, a 2002 International Labor Organization report estimated that 5,200 minors were engaged in prostitution.
  • In Bolivia, the average age of entry into prostitution is 16.
  • Brazil is considered to have the worst child sex trafficking record after Thailand. According to the Protection Project report, various official sources agree that from 250,000 to 500,000 children live as child prostitutes, but other sources in Brazil put the number at up to 2,000,000 children.

North America

  • In 2001, Dr. Richard Estes and Dr. Neil Alan Weiner estimated that in the U.S., 162,000 U.S. homeless youth are child prostitutes (CVE) and that 57,800 children in homes (including public housing) are estimated to be victims of CVE. They also estimated that 30% of shelter youth and 70% of homeless youth are victims of CVE in the United States. One third of street-level prostitutes in the U.S. are under 18 years old while fifty percent of off-street prostitutes are less than 18 years old. Off-street prostitution includes massage parlors, strip clubs, and escort services. According to Estes and Weiner, 12 to 14 is the average age of entry into prostitution for girls under 17 years old in the United States while the average age of entry into prostitution is between 11 and 13. [I don't know what the acronym "CVE" stands for--but this is what I found on the internet-- It was the limitations of the term child prostitution that led to the development in the mid-1990s of the term "commercial sexual exploitation of children", or CVE,as a more encompassing description of specific forms of sexual trade involving children. ]
  • A study by Unicef Mexico and the DIF/National System for Integral Family Development estimated that more than 16,000 children in Mexico were involved in prostitution (in June 2000); a 2004 study by researcher Elena Azaola estimated that some 17,000 children under the age of 18 are victims of the sex trade in Mexico; the State System of Integral Family Development (DIF) reported that more than 20,000 minors were victims of child prostitution in Mexico in 2005, an increase since the year 2000. Out of Mexico City's 13,000 street children, 95% have already had at least one sexual encounter with an adult (many of them through prostitution).
  • In El Salvador, an NGO study in 1998 indicated that at least 44% of the estimated 1,300 prostitutes in three major red light districts of San Salvador were between the ages of 13 and 18. Among all prostitutes of the country, between 10 and 25 percent of visible prostitutes are minors, and an estimated 40 percent of the hidden prostitutes who cater to upper-class clients are believed to be minors, according to a UNICEF study released in 2000.
  • In Nicaragua, according to Casa Alianza, in the brothels of Managua there are between 1,200 and 1,500 prostituted girls and young women, and almost half of them are under the age of 18. Every night, hundreds of teenage girls line the Masaya Highway commercial corridor on the capital's south side. Street children engage in prostitution, often to support a drug habit.


  • In Ukraine, research has shown that between 30 and 40 percent of prostitutes are between 11 and 18 years.
  • A 2006 report by World Vision Middle East/Eastern Europe funded by the Canadian government and supported by six United Nations agencies and the International Organization for Migration reported that the sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking and sexual violence towards minors is increasing and that Russia is becoming a new destination for child sex tourism. The report adds that some studies claim approximately 20 to 25 percent of Moscow's sex workers are minors. [editor's note: Russia is considered Asia]


  • In Australia, there are an estimated 4000 children involved in prostitution, according to a study by Child Wise, the Australian arm of the global End Child Prostitution Pornography And Trafficking group.
  • ECPAT New Zealand and Stop Demand Foundation have cited in a report, "The Nature and Extent of the Sex Industry in New Zealand," a police survey of the New Zealand sex industry, which showed that 210 children under the age of 18 years were identified as selling sex, with three-quarters being concentrated in one Police District.

We need to pray for the children of the world and protect our own children. If you call yourself a Christian and watch that propaganda called television and allow your children to do so, you are part of the problem and at one with a false church. Those that know God of a truth need to pray. And when you pray, please pray for me, too.

One more article for your consideration--

Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement by Steve Baldwin
http://wiki.cve.org.co/Subjects/SexualImmorality/Pedophilia/14_2baldwin.pdf (broken link)

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