These are the end times and knowledge is increased. Technology increases exponentially and we are seeing the scriptures fulfilled before our very eyes.

Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

There are many things that can be known in this world. I can remember trying to talk to someone and trying to search through all the data in my mind to figure out what I should talk about. I came across this passage today (9-29-11)--

1 Corinthians 2:2 For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

Paul determined not to know any thing among the Corinthians save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. What a shame came to me today as we considered this scripture. In the highways and bi-ways of this life how many time have I encountered individuals and talked to them about the end times and not talked to them about Jesus Christ and him crucified? What shame and embarassment has fallen upon me today as I was faced with Paul's words in I Corinthians 2:2 and how I have not kept them. I can remember speaking to someone (probably many someones) and trying to search my mind for where I should begin.

Paul said that he determined not to know any thing among them, save Jesus Christ and him crucified. He made a determination not to know. That made a serious impression on me. I said that I was making a determination not to know any thing outside of Jesus Christ and him crucified. All my information that I know was to be put to the side. My daughter and I talked extensively about this. She concluded that the people she encounters are witnessing opportunities and that she should warn them of God's judgment.

...In the midst of typing up this message as the shame stayed with me a service person showed up at my home. I am just now getting back to typing...

The serviceman that showed up was quite friendly and wanted to engage in conversation. He said that he was a "retired" Ford technician. He said that they are good cars and that basic maintenance would keep a car going. I said I did not want to ever buy another vehicle. He said that all a vehicle needs is speakers and a radio. He talked about the kinds of music he likes to listen to. I told him I listen to Christian music. He said he works six days a week and does not go to church. A thought came to my mind.

"...he determined not to know any thing among them, save Jesus Christ and him crucified."

I cannot remember all the words I said, but I basically told the man that the Lord Jesus Christ died for his sins and that we need to have a relationship with the Lord, obeying his word. I told him that going to church is not enough and that many people in church do not follow God's word. He basically said something about being a Christian or believing in the Lord or something like that. But he quickly went on to talk about how he is a "paranormal investigator" and how one has to believe in something in order to do that and that "they" (I suppose he and his colleagues) were trying to engage a Roman Catholic church and a priest because of some thing that they are dealing with that is "not very nice" (how he put it). He said that he could tell me about it. But within me was,

"...he determined not to know any thing among them, save Jesus Christ and him crucified."

[Note: Not long before the serviceman came, just an hour or two earlier, my daughter and I were talking about Paul's determination not to know any thing among them save Christ and him crucified. During our discussion, my daughter and I had talked about staying on the subject of Christ and him crucified and not being side tracked by people changing the subject. I acted out an example that went something like this: a murderer is in court for murder. He says that he helps old people at a local nursing home. The prosecutor says, "Oh really? That is a nice thing to do. I've always been interested in geriatrics." The murderer says "Come on and we can talk about it over lunch," and the prosecutor agrees. The murderer walks away from the judgment seat and the prosecutor follows him. I can think of a time when I was talking to a professed Christian about television. She changed the subject (television is a false god full of wickedness, lies, and distortions that many will never give up) and I let go of the fact that we reached no agreement on the professed Christian and television. I do not even fellowship with professed Christians that watch television, but I let her change the subject. She went on to say whatever she wanted to say and I ended up looking like a simpleton. She left the judgment seat and I went with her--I was undoubtedly derelict in my duty. The judgment seat is the Authorized King James Bible of 1611 and those that are instructed unto the kingdom of God are like householders that bring out of their treasure things new and old. We carry God's word within us and we are able to judge all matters. He that is spiritual judgeth all things and yet he himself is judged of no man (ref. I Corinthians 2:15).]

The man said that he could tell me about his paranormal investigation(s). I went forward in speaking of obedience to the scriptures. I told him that he told me that he listens to different kinds of music like country music, R&B, and rap (I may not have gotten the last two right). I told him that God does not approve of that. He said not another word and went on about his business and I went quietly about mine. At the conclusion of the business, we said a few parting words.

A second man (a tow truck driver) came soon after the first serviceman left. The tow truck driver gave me bad news--the vehicle was sitting too close to the ground, it was not elevated enough (suspension problem?) and needed to be fixed. He said that upon being lifted up, the back end of the vehicle would break up the street near my home and would also break up the street when it was offloaded. The tow truck driver went back to his truck and I prayed to God about it and told him that that I did not want the streets broken up and that he had the power to fix the situation. In front of my very eyes the vehicle lifted off the ground to what looked like its full height. The tow truck driver came back and asked me if I did something to get it to do that. I said that I prayed and that you have to know the Lord. He said that he talks to him all the time but nothing like that has ever happened. He kept saying how strange that was. He even got back under the vehicle to look, all the while saying how strange that was. But it did not take long before he attributed it all to natural causes.

At the end of the day, I told my daughter that I could not feel good even though the Lord showed up in our lives so much today. My daughter was very thankful for the things we learned as was I. But I told her I could not be happy because of what I had just witnessed. One man did not want to speak of God's requirement of obedience and the other was quick to dismiss what God did. This is not to say that these men may not come to know the Lord, but what I thought about is that Americans do not love the Lord Jesus Christ and his word and our judgment is here because of that.


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