Psalm 50:15, And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

[Note: This page is for if you have something that you are trying to stop doing so that you can be free and please God--this page is for people with problems. You can learn how to be saved here, but all that is required for salvation is to REPENT of your sins and to BELIEVE the gospel of Jesus Christ--that he died on the cross for your sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day, and to OBEY his word. If you want to know how to be saved, you may wish to visit our How to Get to Heaven page.]

People are caught up in different nets that they cannot seem to get free from--overeating, sweets addiction, whoredom, anorexia, bulemia, sodomy (homosexuality), television watching, whoremonger movies (pornography), etc. They want to be delivered, but they keep falling back into the same old habits. Some people have been abused and want to leave behind the pain and go forward in freedom from the past. One person wanted information on how to be permanently free from Wicca witchcraft. The first step is to be saved and to call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and to pray and to read his word and to obey it. By the fear of the Lord, men depart from evil (ref. Proverbs 16:6). To be saved, we must do what the Bible says. The Bible makes it clear that the disobedient will not be saved.

God is our Father and he is an ever present help in time of need. God's children can be free. Cut off the television permanently and seek God's face through his word. Learn to build, work, spend time with your children, do good, read your Bible, pray without ceasing and go forward. God will help his children who seek him and try to stop their evil deeds. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed.


The devil and his agents are denaturing our men, women, and children and bringing them into bondage to compulsive disorders and addictions like masturbation and watching the evils of television and movies. In these end times, the powers are getting people attached to sticky things early, even (and especially) corrupting children. Our nation is being unmanned. People are being put through the wringer (even those that do not know it). At this point, people are being pumped fill of temptations and their sins are many. Some may feel like their sins are so bad or so many that they cannot be forgiven.

The gates of hell are raging at breakneck speed (the devil knoweth that he hath but a short time). It looks like they are trying to recreate the conditions of Sodom, not just the sodomy/homosexuality but all that goes along with it, the mentality of the people, the idleness, the fullness of bread, etc. The masters of the present are coming full speed against children in order to capture their attention, their minds, and their bodies. The television and the school system are the two great weapons of mass destruction utilized to destroy the children (and society) physically, mentally, and spiritually. The fallen church paved the way for their widespread use and acceptance.


Married people and single people may wish to see our Christian Family Page (we Christians are one family and we are all to have sanctified homes and lives. There is a holy, productive way to live. We walk away from wrong to right). Christian parents can homeschool, spend time working/walking/etc. with their children, and cut out all television, cable, movies, etc. that they might have a truly sanctified and Christian home.]

***** WALK AWAY *****

By God's grace, you can walk away from your problem. Don't keep reminding yourself about the issue--just walk away to your new life. Don't keep talking to other people about it, either, just forget it as you live the life you are to live. Ignore your issue and do not talk about it to people. It can quickly start to fade away as you start learning to live the productive Christian life as you frankly walk away from your old habits (not just your sticky problem but also television and other evil habits). Live what we call "the work lifestyle" being busy with what you should be doing--whether cleaning out that drawer over there or working outside. As we deny the old things by moving on in life with productive things, God's grace comes and we look up one day and find ourselves delivered. And being delivered, stay delivered--never go back and fetch up the old ways (if you do, a worse thing might come upon you). The following articles contain things that have helped me tremendously and I believe that these things can help others as well. You may want to print out select articles that speak to you and make notes on them for future reference, if necessary. [In the beginning stages of your deliverance, you may feel a need to reference a certain article or articles to confirm what you once knew.]

***** A NOTE ABOUT ABUSE *****

Some people are caught up in bad habits as a result of having be abused. Some victims of abuse may continue to be overwhelmed by painful memories, anger, etc. and they need deliverance from these things. Vicious acts against children are destroying and devastating children. The children then carry the hurts, pains, and scars into adulthood. The following is an excerpt from link number 29 below--

"If someone has abused you, you can call on the name of Jesus and be saved and helped. You are not a product of your abuse, you are your own person, even if you never knew it. What somebody did to you was the wickedness that they did; their actions are not you. You are a person separate and distinct from any vicious acts that may have been perpetrated upon you (whether physical, verbal, etc.). My real 'me' was buried for so long under my personal response to 'socialization' that I only recently understood that my life is not just a series of accidents and incidents and that I am a person separate from what is happening outside of me..."

They can go forward in the name of Jesus as they call on his name and obey his word. They also need to pray so that they can forgive their enemies and be free. I have had to learn the hard way to resist not evil (ref. Matthew 5:39)--I believe that the sticky problem that I fell into was a result of resisting evil when the Bible says resist not evil. We must give place to wrath (see Romans 12:19). Move aside. People may do wrong and cause us pain, but we have decided to follow Jesus and his word. By God's grace and help, we can forgive perpetrators and then go on about our business. Holding on to past hurts and pains can eat away at us and gnaw at us for years on end. The cycle can be broken when we pray and live according to God's word. God comes in and handles that invisible part and we know that things are better, and we know that we can call on him at anytime. I once heard a preacher say something on this wise, "when the Lord tells you to forgive someone, it is not for them; it is to keep the devil off of you." Unforgiveness can cause a root of bitterness to spring up in us whereby many can be defiled (ref. Hebrews 3:14-15). I had to learn the hard way not to resist evil (link number 28 below).

I recently (2013) read the words of a woman who had been sorely abused as a child and then subsequently went through many sins and disorders as an adult. After she came to know the Lord, in time she was able to forgive those that abused her. She said that she forgave them before the Lord (she did not say that she contacted them)--and she said that it gave her freedom. She called forgiveness God's medicine. In her testimony she stated, "I have forgiven all the people that have hurt and abused me. It took a long time to discover that forgiving those that abuse you is the only thing that will set a person completely free from the pain and devastation that abuse causes. It takes the help of God to forgive, I realize, but he is right there waiting to help a person forgive, when they are ready -- ready to be set completely free and be made whole." Someone else stated that forgiveness has the equivalent power of "a nuclear warhead." Forgiveness and going forward frees us up. [Aside: while reading the testimonies of professed Christians, I found that more than one ended up in a divorce-and-remarried-to-a-different-person situation. This is a common occurrence in the fallen church and it often constitutes adultery (link number 30 below).]

updatedNumber 41 below, "One Monkey," offers a strong word for those that have been abused.

Setting a child in front of a television (with its foolishness, seductions to the world, and incessant evils) is like a form of child abuse warping children's minds and even their bodies (situations can elicit a bodily response) and their futures (a warped mentality making for unfit husbands and wives, no skills learned at the age when they need to be learning useful skills, etc.). Parents tell their children, "Don't talk to strangers," but they let wicked strangers talk to their children for hours everyday. Children need to spend time with their parents. They need to be working, playing, exploring, and being normal--

  • not being exposed to the worst seducers the world has to offer.
  • not watching fake creatures called cartoons--the vain imagination of some adult with a penchant for enchanting children with foolishness and evil.


When we do not do what is right, we need to confess our sins and then go forward doing what is right--I John 1:9, If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The Lord will help us to do right as we continue on this journey called life. Never give up--strive to enter in at that strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it (ref. Matthew 7:13-14).


We want to forget those things that are behind and move forward. We want to forsake those things that offend God and take away our peace with him--things like television. Television--that wicked medium to which so many so-called Christians cleave. The following is for professed Christians that watch television even though they have been warned against it and know that it is wrong--

The people on television hate God and blaspheme his name continually. Do YOU hate God, too? If not, why is it a struggle for you to stop watching them? "I watch the news and Discovery channel and animal shows." Those people give God no glory concerning his creation--they ignore him as if he did not exist and then go on to make ignorant and foolish and wrong statements about his creation. Is that good? Do you agree with them and like it that they do this and find it SOOOO impossible to get out of that dunghill called tv watching? Do you like ignoring God like they do and listening to the fairy stories of evolutionists? Is that your idea of a good time? To sit there and listen to the words of infidels, hereticks, mockers, and scorners? Do you think that the devil's people are telling you the 100% truth on the news? If not, then why do you watch the news--because you like it anyway? The people on television dishonour God and divorce his word from every subject. Do you like that? Is that pleasing to you? If not, why do you watch them and subscribe to cable tv and go to the movie theatre and read their books and leisurely peruse their filthy newspapers? DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE THEM? IF NOT, THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A STRUGGLE TO STOP WATCHING TELEVISION, IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM? If you know that hell is hot and that God is serious, don't you think that you need to flee from the wrath to come? Do you love God or do you love tv? What do your actions say? Which one do you love more--God...or tv and the devil? Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden for eating a piece of fruit that God told them not to eat--what do you think you are worthy of watching hellivision (and who knows what else) when you know that it is against everything that he commands and for what he prohibits? Count the cost and make your choice about which way you are going to go and what you are going to do--
(1) the broad way where you can do whatever you feel like doing and then go to hell and the lake of fire; or,

(2) the narrow way where you leave wickedness for a clean life and an amazing journey with the other despised few that find it.

Goat food like tv is for goats and sheep food is for sheep. Unclean is unclean and clean is clean. Are you a goat or a sheep (ref. Matthew 25:33-34)? Will you be on the right hand or will you be on the left hand? Count the cost and make your choice. "I watch the religious programming." The preachers on the television are not telling the truth about Revelation 17 or the source of what is happening in the earth. They are not rebuking sin and telling the truth. And when examining their doctrines, many of them quickly reveal themselves to be false prophets. Why are you watching them? Why are you soaking up television? Television is like a narcotic and people are hooked on it and cannot imagine life without it. The first step to getting free is to acknowledge the situation and repent of it--as in, "I'm hooked like a dope addict. I must stop." It is hard to stop--but not really--just cancel the cable tv and don't touch that remote control (throw the tv away if you must--it is better to lose a tv and go to heaven than having your whole disobedient-pleasure-in-sin-watching body cast into hell--into the fire that never shall be quenched where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. I hate burning my hand and so I don't put it on top of a burning hot stove. If you hate offending God, repent, ask forgiveness, and don't touch that remote control. "What if others in the house watch it?"--then let it be theirs--it is not yours.

The precepts in this Deliverance Series include many seemingly different things but they are all things that have illuminated, comforted, given rise to praise, given rise to a new type of living, etc. in my life. Within a very short period, I began to feel better. I have personally experienced this--and it has been within the past year (2011). Those that do not fear the Lord and give up trying to do right are in trouble. The ones who keep on going on in their trespasses will harden and finish out their time. I think of it as a person being on a sliding board-- at the end of it, they fall off into hell. In the aftermath of my harrowing experience, I am now understanding scriptures that I thought that I understood before. I began to understand the progression of those scriptures. Don't get sidetracked. One preacher I knew said, "First the devil gets a toehold, then a foothold, and then a stronghold." Near the end, just before that last chance, the flames lick high--for me, at the hip--it is a fearful day of reckoning and the choice must be made. The apostle John spoke on this wise, "Little children, keep yourselves from idols." [In 2013, I am still learning more about what happened to me. Continued willful disobedience in one area can be the cause for becoming ensnared in something seemingly unrelated.]


The Bible teaches that man is to work six days a week and rest on the seventh day of the week. Work actually provides a framework for our lives. People are not working and with their idle time and bad ideas they learn from television, etc., they are falling prey to compulsive disorders. Seek out the work lifestyle. Finding Release from Compulsive Disorders (article number 8 below) has an important bullet on the work lifestyle. An excerpt, "Focus on living the work lifestyle, doing things for yourself, not just sitting around....The work lifestyle makes you a more independent, whole person and reduces stress because things are not left undone."

Let life consist of a series of tasks that the scriptures show are good for us to do, e.g., a man must care for his own house (e.g., working, repairing the house, fishing, etc.), a woman must guide the house (e.g., cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc.), etc. AND TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO DO THESE THINGS, TOO. THAT IS PART OF THE JOB OF A PARENT, TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO BE WORKING, PRODUCTIVE MEN AND WOMEN. Learn how to fulfill your role as a man or woman in a better manner--the tv generation is lacking in many skills. If God gives you a ministry, don't leave your housework behind--be faithful to do EVERYTHING that you are supposed to be doing--caring for your house, teaching your children, performing your ministry (*IF* God has given you an outside ministry. You may be called to primarily stay at home and take loving care of your family and help those that God may send your way. The Bible tells us what men, women, boys, and girls should do. Let us live quietly and simply reading God's word and obeying it.), etc. What you purpose to leave behind is your issue that has done nothing but plague you. Now that I am better I don't even like thinking about the past or even reading some of these articles again because they are reminders, but the truth is that the precepts you will read below have changed my life and even in the aftermath of writing them, these articles proved important counsellors to me at times when I needed serious help. The flesh and the devil will do what they can to keep your attention--one day I felt a heavy oppression in the wake of having learned some of the things in this series. That day it was as if I could remember nothing--but I knew that I had known something. I fled to get one of the specific articles below ("Accidents," I believe. I had previously printed out the articles and put them in a binder for our multi-generational library), so that I could remember what I knew. After scanning the article (primarily the notes and/or underlines I had made to it), I had understanding, I calmed down, and continued forward...We move forward and let the past be forgotten. There is work to do.

2 Timothy 2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

***** OVERVIEW *****

An overview of some of the articles in this series (article numbers are in parentheses):

  • The first articles help the person to understand about hell (1) and how to get to heaven (2).

  • Next there are links about the Bible (3, 4, 5)--including a free download of the Authorized King James Bible which is the word of God. It includes a link to a sound Overview of the Bible (5). You need to READ YOUR BIBLE DAILY, it is your spiritual food. I have had times where I have felt physically drained or else perhaps spiritually oppressed and then realized that I had not read or quoted a chapter from the Bible or listened to the Bible (you can record books of the Authorized Version (Pure Cambridge Edition) of the Bible yourself on cassette tapes). You also need to pray and talk to God and obey his word.

  • Next is, "What's behind the Wall?" which is about the evilness and dangers of professed Christians watching television (6). Television is the first of the two great weapons of mass destruction. These two weapons are destroying the peoples of the world (the second great weapon of mass destruction is modern, "industrialized" education). The fallen church paved the way for their widespread use and acceptance. "What's behind the wall?" offers advice on good things to do instead of watching the television programming (people are being brainwashed and corrupted from their youth to their death).

  • Next is "Back to School" (7) (modern schooling is that second great weapon of mass destruction. All that have been through the system are infected in some way or another but our children need not be destroyed, we can teach them ourselves at home via a Biblical scholarship). In this poem, a compulsory school agent expresses himself.

  • Next are two articles on "Finding Release from Compulsive Disorders". These articles introduce a different type of lifestyle, a Biblical one, where work is embraced rather than avoided (8, 9). A lifestyle where life is productive and rich instead of wasted.

  • The short article "Deformados" (Deformed Ones) (10) discusses the state of the American people. We have been brainwashed from youth.

  • The article, "Accidents" shows that life is more than just reacting to what is around you (11). Maybe you just impulsively give in to whatever temptation comes your way--this is not reasonable and you do not have to do this. You are a person and God is your Father and you are not defined by whatever pops up in your mind or whatever is happening around you (or whatever has happened to you in the past or might happen in the future). You and God are together inside of you and the issues and thoughts outside of you are not you--you do not have to impulsively react to the things that pop up in your mind or around you, they are not you. This article is a good followup to "Finding Release from Compulsive Disorders" (8, 9)

  • "Arrested Development"--Americans are not the rugged, independent, mentally stable, productive people that they once were. By design, our development from our youth to our adulthood has been continuously arrested at various stages and corrupted (12).

  • "For the Love of Money" (13). In this short illustrated online book learn the story of Jeb and see how Americans went from mentally and physically independent to dependent on the masters of the present. God sent me back to old ways--ways like making things for myself. A plain handsewn skirt with an elastic waistband (or with a crocheted chain-stitched "cord" for a draw string) may not win a sewing contest, but it works and it is modest. With some old rags and clothes, one can tack a quilt in short order. There is a life outside of store-bought "sanitary napkins." A person can make their own. There is life outside of grocery stores, there is food outside for gathering and adding to our meals (or of which to make a meal). Doing things for yourself makes for a satisfying life. The mind and body participate in your life the way that they are supposed to instead of you sitting around and feeding on the confusion being sowed into the mind by television "programming" and on events and people who are also feeding on the same.

  • "The Hymnal" (16)--Hymns can encourage, edify, rebuke, and admonish our souls. The Hymnal includes the words and music to a number of hymns, for free.

  • "What is causing you to offend?" (22)--identify it and take action and God will help you.

  • "Are you violent?" (23)--the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force--this is not physical violence--we are to be as harmless as doves--this is a spiritual violence. Make your choice about what you are going to do and who you are going to serve and go forward.

  1. Hell is real

  2. How to Get to Heaven

  3. Why I only read the Authorized King James Version (There is only one Authorized Version (published in 1611), by definition, all modern versions are unauthorized versions.)

  4. Download the Authorized King James Version (download and bind your own Authorized Version of the Bible. Read it online (or print out individual books) here.)

  5. Overview of the Bible (tells what the Bible is about--includes a short overview of each book of the Bible)

  6. What's Behind the Wall? (television is an addictive medium full of wickedness that poisons the mind and spirit--AND TAKES PEOPLE TO HELL--INCLUDING PROFESSED CHRISTIANS WHO SUCK ON THAT EVIL. Television programming is that first great weapon of mass destruction. Americans first encounter it in infancy, crave it as they grow up, relax by it and soak it in as they drift through life, turn it on in the hospital when they are sick, and listen to it as they die upon their deathbeds. It is always there.)

  7. Back to School (a compulsory school agent expresses himself in this poem. The school system is that second great weapon of mass destruction but the next generation need not be destroyed. We can teach them ourselves via a Biblical scholarship (see number 21).)

  8. Finding Release from Compulsive Disorders (in modern society, many of us are involved in things that we cannot seem to stop doing (like watching television). If you are saved, you can be free as you live a whole new kind of satisfying life.)

  9. Finding Release from Compulsive Disorders -- Part II

  10. Deformados (deformed ones) (A short article stating that we Americans have been brainwashed through television and the school system--the two great weapons of mass destruction--and the supporting systems (e.g., books, music, etc.). The fallen church paved the way for their widespread use and acceptance.)

  11. Accidents (life is more than reacting to the things that are around us. We are individuals and those of us who are saved are to resort to that inner life with God where we make prudent decisions and do not impulsively react.)

  12. Arrested Development (our development from our youth to our adulthood has been arrested at various stages. For this reason we are not whole.)

  13. For the Love of Money (Short, illustrated story. How Americans went from independent, resourceful, skillful, industrious, and productive to dependent and deranged.)

  14. Honesty

  15. Water

  16. The Hymnal (Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19). Hymns can encourage, edify, rebuke, and admonish our souls. The Hymnal includes the words and music to a number of hymns.)

  17. Prayer and presenting myself before the Lord at the beginning of the day.

  18. Psalms (I remember once being under oppression. We opened the Psalms and found them to be like a healing balm, like medicine. All was cleared up and we continued to read them regularly.)

  19. Proverbs (Includes practical wisdom and instruction for daily living.)

  20. Helpful Tips and Ideas (Contains useful household and health tips and ideas.)

  21. Biblical Scholarship (We can teach our own children at home.)

  22. What is causing you to offend? (Identify it and take action and God will help you.)

  23. Are you violent? (The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force--this is not physical violence--we are to be as harmless as doves--this is a spiritual violence. Make your choice and go forward.)

  24. Yield Not to Temptation

  25. Many are excited about the Lord Jesus Christ and heaven but they refuse to exercise themselves in righteousness and holiness--they are in danger (There are sins that can take a person up to the point of no return--take it from one who knows, the flames lick high. God, in his mercy, will pull out all the stops to stop the rebellious from destroying themselves.)

  26. Private Hours (the way we interact with our families and during our quiet hours, can shoot our spirits full of holes and cause breaches that greatly impact us in public and in our walk with God)

  27. Buttermilk (I liked milk too much. I made a simple adjustment. I was soon changed.)

  28. Resist Not Evil

  29. Protection: Protect your eyes, ears, heart. Males protect your loins; females protect your wombs.

  30. Profaning the Covenant of Marriage (most divorce and remarriages today constitute adultery. People need to be made aware of God's laws that govern the marriage covenant. Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. If one is committing adultery, they are in active sin and need to get right. Active sin brings judgment--not deliverance, judgment. May we all work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12) and make whatever adjustments we must.)

  31. Waiting

  32. Digital Nomads (a call to get disconnected from the electronic amusements in order to work and live normally)

  33. Unman (the devil and his agents are denaturing our men (and women) and bringing them into bondage to compulsive disorders and addictions like being a whoremonger and watching the evils of television and movies.)

  34. Fatherhood (God is our Father and he is an ever present help in time of need. God's children can be 100% free. Cut off the television permanently, seek God's face and strive to enter in at the strait gate. Learn to build, work, spend time with your children, do good, read your Bible, pray without ceasing and go forward. God will help his children who seek him and try to stop their evil deeds. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed.)

  35. The Sublimity and Beauty of Divine Limitations And Duties

  36. Do not listen to them. (Excerpt--"If you know that what you are saying is right, and everybody else around you gangs up on you to go against what you know is right, don't listen to them, stand firm.")

  37. The enemy (We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The devil can influence people to resist you, if you are trying to do what is right. These people can be a drain on your spirit and your time. The Bible reveals that there is a time to move on from such relationships (and it is not after years of struggle). For those married to an unbeliever, see I Corinthians chapter seven. It is very clear what you are to do--stay, but if one depart, remain unmarried or be reconciled to your spouse. Remarriage while your spouse is living is adultery.)

  38. Words significant to someone that was gutted out, deformed, and denatured.

  39. Turn Away and Quicken ("This verse [Psalm 119:37] is about a redirection--going from vanity/nothing (crying, blubbering, longing, wasting time) to everything.")

  40. The Rule of Fives (a novel approach to making housework feel easier and more interesting and fun)

  41. One Monkey (a strong word for those that have been abused)


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