During the time of Germany's Adolf Hitler, Croatia was carved out of Yugoslavia to be a Nazi "puppet state." Croatia was to be a Roman Catholic country. The Roman Catholic hierarchy (e.g. Archbishop Stepinac) was deeply involved in supporting the Croatian government. In the new state of Croatia, there was a "convert or die" policy (as in, "Convert to Roman Catholicism or die."). The following is an excerpt from "Genocide in Croatia 1941-1945 750,000 Serbs 60,000 Jews" (published by Serbian National Defense Council of Canada, Serbian National Defense Council of America)--

...Devout Catholic Dr. Mile Budak Minister of Education and Cults said on July 22, 1941:

"The movement of the USTASHI is based on religion. For the minorities we have three million bullets. WE SHALL KILL one part of the SERBS. We shall transport another, and the rest of them will be FORCED TO EMBRACE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION, THUS our NEW CROATIA will get rid of all Serbs in our midst IN ORDER TO BECOME ONE HUNDRED PER CENT CATHOLIC WITHIN TEN YEARS!" [our edition has no page numbers but when numbering from the very first page, this excerpt is from page 46; bold and underline emphases ours]

Croatian Ustasha murder squads horrifically murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Romas (gypsies) to "clean out" the area of non-Catholics, slaughtering men, women, and children. Amongst the Ustasha murderers were Roman Catholics and Roman Catholic clerics like the brutal, mass-murdering Roman Catholic Franciscan cleric Miroslav Filopovic-Majstorovic who was called various names like "Father Satan"/"Brother Satan"/"Friar Satan"). Meanwhile, there were Roman Catholic priests calling for murder from the pulpit and Roman Catholic periodicals writing articles supporting the Ustasha government. There were forced conversions to Roman Catholicism--but many still did not convert, and they died. Many hundreds of thousands of people were massacred in the most horrible ways by the Croatian Ustasha murder squads. READ CHAPTER THREE OF THE VATICAN'S HOLOCAUST BY AVRO MANHATTAN.

It is to be noted that while many Catholics listened to their leaders, a feeble dissenting voice, here or there, can be read while going through books about those times (I can recall reading of one who tried to speak out). Also of note is today in 2013, Yugoslavia is no longer whole like it was; it has been carved up into different countries--one of which is Croatia. Croatia is 87.8% Catholic according to What is Croatia like today? This link ( has an article entitled, "Today's Croatia is a Carbon Copy of its Nazi Predecessor"...

Roman Catholic Franciscan cleric and mass murderer Miroslav Filopovic-Majstorovic in his religious clothes and in his Ustashi uniform.


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