PSYCHOTROPIC, a. Relating to or denoting drugs that affect a person's mental state. [source: Google]
Having an altering effect on perception, emotion, or behavior. Used especially of a drug. [source: the Free dictionary]
[word origin c. 1948]

"...the continual thread between virtually every major shooting of this caliber [the Connecticut massacre of elementary school children as well as adults] involves Big Pharma's [a reference to the big pharmaceutical drug companies] suicide and violence linked drugs [a reference to antidepressant, psychotropic drugs]."

(from "Was the Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza on Hardcore Psychotropic Drugs?")

I heard that practically all of the murder sprees (like Columbine) involved killers who were taking some kind of psychotropic drug(s). This being the case, when I heard of the recent Connecticut shooting, I did an internet search on, "Connecticut shooting psychotropic." The above quoted article was the first link in the results. The fourth link was "Foster Kids Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs" on the website. According to link, these drugs are routinely being given to foster children (including infants--what must happen to their developing brains?). The children testify on the video about the effects that the drugs had on them. As I recall, antidepressant drugs somehow cut off access to the front part of the brain where emotions reside--and more than one person on these drugs has committed suicide (I saw a video of a young girl of about eight years of age who committed suicide after being on these drugs). Some of these drugs in their package inserts indicate that suicide can be one of the contraindications (potential bad side effects) of taking the drug.

The world's children are being attacked on every side; and even those in homes are being left to the television and the school system while simultaneously being kept from the truth (which their parents often do not feel like hearing so therefore the parents will not teach them). The children are doing what they see and whatever they think can make them feel better or alive or something, anything. By God's grace alone, I find myself escaped from that system, but at times like this I can remember what life was like in "the system"--I can remember my attitudes and impulsive actions, my impressions, and the profound loneliness and feelings of inadequacy. Without the Lord Jesus Christ, the options for living inside of a closed, wicked system like this are devastating at best--and the system worsens by the moment. We must let the children come to mind and we must pray and do what we can. Even just living properly and normally is a testimony as to what normal is. If we were in their position, we would want someone to care for us and for our delivery.


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