In looking at my website logs, it appears that some wicked individuals are coming to this page after having searched the internet for vicious acts on children. To the vicious that come to this page, you need to repent of your great wickednesses and evils against little children. Hell is Real.

May God help the children. They need him a lot. And may parents get saved, take back their parental roles and protect their children from the vicious and from television, and from the the modern education system and from dogs, sorcerers, whores, and whoremongers and sodomites and from fake religion and from all deceivers, blasphemers and heretics. Children need their parents and they need the Authorized Version of the Bible of 1611 and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Saviour of the world. When children have learned of and believed God's word, they cannot be deceived. They need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and they shall be saved.

We all need the Lord Jesus Christ--even the vicious. I once had my conversation in this world, too, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind and was by nature a child of wrath even as others, but I REPENTED of my sins and BELIEVED on the Lord Jesus Christ and his holy word and he brought me out of that devilish life that kept me in a cesspool and den of iniquity. And now, all these years later, I still don't want to crawl back into that filth. The Lord Jesus Christ changed me and the change was permanent. It came through the reading of his word. It has been about 20 years now since I started walking with the Lord. He has severed me from among other people that I should be holy unto him (ref. Lev. 20:26). We have one life to live and that is it. Now is the time to get our houses in order.

How to Get to Heaven


Roman Catholic Priests sexually abuse altar boys


These are very great and horrific and grievous attacks perpetrated against children. The Bible tells us that forbidding to marry is a doctrine of THE DEVIL. The Roman Catholic religion is the MOTHER of harlots and abominations of the earth. She births them into existence and then cares for them. I am so sorry for the children, so sorry--and many of these victims don't want to hear anything about the Lord ever again because a Satanist called a "priest" masquerading as an "alter Christus" ("another Christ") got ahold of him--that wicked man was/is perpetrating a fraud. These things make me VERY sorry. I talk to the Lord about it and pray for the children and others. We are in the midst of many troubles down here--and they are only worsening.

Reader, you know your own body and you may not need to read the article found after this introductory section! Anybody that is willing to, just take my word for it, these children are being abused in the most vile way by the vilest of men who are permitted to go from place to place to perpetrate more and more crimes. Those who choose to read, I suggest that you just read the big writing. The rest is just back up proof to substantiate. [Update: I've taken out some of the information and included ellipses (...)] The Roman Catholic priesthood is well known for its licentiousness.].

For those that have been abused and that seek to go forward, you may wish to visit our How to Get to Heaven article and for those that are already saved, there may be precepts in our Deliverance Series that can help you to go forward as you walk with the Lord and are the productive person that he made you to be and walking in liberty. We are not defined by what some wicked person has done to us, we are each our own selves. Vicious acts are not us, they are somebody else's transgression. God will handle the transgressor. God is the Judge of all the earth and the transgressor will be judged. The Lord can help us as we trust in him and obey him. I was not abused in the manner that these altar boys were, but it took me a long time to find out that there is a real me and that I am me and I am not here on this earth to just simply respond to outside events. To me, television and movies and wicked music and books, etc. are child abuse, heaping up adult and witchcraft-level evil in children's minds and hearts and inciting them to do things they would not have thought of doing. I've read in a First Aid book that children have a natural sense of modesty; but when I look around, I see that by the time the tv and the school system get through with the children, that modesty is gone and they are chomping at the bit to be whoremongers. You are not a compilation of events and abuses, there is a real you, and the outside things like abuse are just that--OUTSIDE, and we can leave outside things where they belong, OUTSIDE and we can go on about our productive business learning how to live a holy, useful life. Those that have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and are obedient to his word, can live whole and walk at liberty. All these wickednesses shall be judged--this world will not continue indefinitely. All of the abominations that are raging in the earth today are indicators that the end is at hand. Those that love the Lord Jesus Christ and keep his word and endure to the end (the Lord is faithful to his people and he helps us to overcome this world as we call on him.) shall be saved and all the others shall go to hell and that place of everlasting shame and contempt.

The Unkindest Cut: the Altar Boy Connection

Dave Eberhart, NewsMax
Friday, May 3, 2002

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, a national advocacy group for victims of sexual abuse by clergy, is getting 10 times as many calls and e-mails as usual. Many of those connections are from former altar boys, known in the Church as "knights of the altar."

Decades after serving their last mass, some of these boys-grown-to-men can never forget when their lives, their faith and their trust in all authority were altered forever. Some, the suicides, are past forgetting.

"Survivors are ever so gradually gaining more courage and realizing that suffering alone in secrecy, shame and silence won't magically make their pain go away," explains David Clohessy, the network's national director.

Clohessy suggests, as do many others, that only the tip of an iceberg of abuse has emerged into the light of day.

Those who have served with priests at the altar as they consecrated unleavened bread, transforming it into the body and blood of Christ, can most readily understand and identify with the enormity of the betrayal.

In the parochial schools of decades ago, the teaching nuns ruled the classrooms with an iron fist and often a stiff yardstick. These immaculate "brides of Christ," operating under direct license from God, had no problem with discipline.


But even they cowered reverently to the priests.

The nuns may have been married to God, but the priest was God, or as close an approximation of God as a 10 year-old altar boy would ever experience temporally.

Thankfully, the large majority of former altar boys never lost their awe and reverence of these special servants of Gods. And like the romantic egoist F. Scott Fitzgerald, who avoided re-meeting his sublime first love in middle age, they cling to the memories of those halcyon days when Judas was the only traitor.

However, the media reports assault and re-assault the happy images:

Tales of altar boys ... attacked ...

Dropping a Bomb

"It's like someone dropped a bomb in my lap," said one anonymous former knight of the altar, speaking out at last about his 1985 ordeal to the Philadelphia Daily News.

As a 12-year-old altar boy he was summoned to the rectory prior to serving mass. There he was ordered into the bedroom of a visiting priest...

Since that day 17 years ago, the shell-shocked altar boy has not entered a church, not even making an exception for his father's funeral.

This week the Connecticut Post reports that a Catholic priest who served prison time last year for trying to entice an underage boy into sex via the Internet is now being accused of sexually assaulting an altar boy at a Trumbull, Conn. church in the late 1980s.

In a lawsuit "James Doe," now 26, accuses the Rev. John Castaldo of molesting him beginning when he was 12 years old in the sacristy of St. Theresa Church and during a trip with other altar boys to Florida.

Last month the Hartford Courant reported that in the summer of 1984, the Rev. Charles Carr moved into the rectory after joining the faculty of Immaculate High School in Danbury, Conn. Within weeks of his arrival, Carr took a 14-year-old altar boy to the movies where...

In March, the New York Daily News told the story of another man preferring anonymity, now 37, who confronted John Cardinal O'Connor with numerous alleged ... episodes by a priest formerly in charge of the parish altar boys.

The alleged victim said the assaults started during sleep-overs at the priest's residence when he was an 11-year-old altar boy at St. Mary's Church in upstate Port Jervis. The victim alleged the priest would...

Confronting a Cardinal

"Cardinal O'Connor said to me 'It's your word against the Father's. What am I supposed to do?' That's when I handed him a letter," he recalled to the News.

The letter was one of 10 that Joseph had solicited from fellow altar boys recounting their own episodes of abuse at the hands of the priest.

Also last month, the Miami Herald Herald reported a bizarre tale of stalked altar boys hiding under tables, in locked bathrooms and under beds. One boy, according to the report, "cinched his belt tight" to try to avoid being molested.

During a 31-year Florida career that began in Boynton Beach and ended with retirement in Tampa, the priest allegedly molested at least 12 boys, according to court documents, church memorandum and attorneys for the boys.

"In my opinion the toll may be far higher," said Sheldon Stevens, who represented three former altar boys allegedly molested by the priest. "Catholic Church officials never fired him. They never prosecuted him. Instead, they promised parents that they'd make sure he was never around kids again."

That promise never came to pass, according to the Herald.

Paul Schwartz maintained he was molested by the Rev. Robert Larson in the mid-1980s while an altar boy at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Newton, Kansas. Larson pleaded guilty to four sex crimes last year in Harvey County District Court and is serving three to 10 years in prison, according to a report in the Wichita Eagle, March 24.

"It's a matter of, 'I'm not the only one -- see, I was telling the truth,'" Schwartz said.

Schwartz said he has begun healing, but one of the other victims was not as fortunate. Eric Patterson committed suicide in 1999, only months after confessing to his family he had been molested by Larson when he was an altar boy in Conway Springs.

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