A lesson learned for dealing with a little one in the midst of dark times like these--here a little, there a little.

Not too much bad news. Just here a little, there a little when asked or when there is something significant to share.
Not too many details.
Make a lot of time for a child's training and for household duties, push other things back into their place.
Seek to understand a person, where they are in life, and follow after charity.

The backdrop, a life lived simply under the scriptures--

  • Morning presentation and prayer (of critical importance for strength, power, forgiveness, grace, vision, direction, guidance, protection, help, illumination, and to thank the Lord and to praise him and to intercede for others...)
  • Setting and meeting objectives
  • Working
  • Learning and teaching (the scriptures, reading, writing, mathematics...using a payphone, etc. Not too much data--extract the important data)
  • Regular walks and sober enjoyments (parks, knitting, gardening, missionary story and food from that land, reading, singing hymns, etc.)
  • Sabbath rest
  • Seek peace and ensue it


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