The modern versions, dope, booze and worldliness.

Sis. Elisha

The entrance of thy words giveth light;
it giveth understanding unto the simple. Psalms 119:130

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,

Dear Sis Tracy,

...I've read the new topic on your website "Give me the OLD Booke!"... I agree to everything in that statement! Here's a brief testimony you can share with others...

Since I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour in 1995... I was not on track and quite confused. I used the NIV, and I wasn't satisfied... I was hungry and later bought the Contemporary English Version and STILL wasn't satisfied... again I bought the NKJV... it was allright but ... still I gave up and stuck with the NKJV.

Down the road, I came to ------ University and I bought NASB. The words were allright but somehow... I did not learn a thing or two!! I READ IT!!! I DIDN'T BUY IT FOR DISPLAY! But you see, through 5 years of my life in misery, grief, pain, getting drunk, got high on drugs, I was still living like the world! I went to church, bible study, special reading groups and NOTHING changed my life, my marriage began to fail - that was when I was playing with God.

Finally in the year 2000, that was where it hit me hard.... A dear friend of mine gave me an NIV quiz and he allowed me to "cheat" and use the NIV bible for answers (where you fill in the blanks that matches the verses). I could not find the answers and some of the verses were missing in the NIV..... I thought my friend was cheating me to see how gullible I was! I gave up and used the NKJV, NASB, NLT... and no answers to my avail. I had an IDEA! I decided to take a sneak peek in my friend's room and picked up a King James Version... all the answers MATCHED perfectly and I could answer EVERY ONE of the questions!!! Then I opened the NIV and KJV looked at them side by side comparison - oh I prayed to the Lord for my mistakes and how I used the satanic bibles that had cheated my relationship with the Lord Christ! My husband's eyes opened wide as well.

The next day I bought my own King James Bible and ever since, my attitude changed, who I was - I became a better person and more humble than ever. I began to forgive and love my family, my friends and became more obedient to the Lord than ever before. I left my worldly friends and left my worldy past. I do not miss a thing.

Praise the Lord, I am on the way to the paths of righteousness! Amen!

Good night with much love and prayers,


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