What you will read:

  • Preface
  • The "Authorized Version" is the authorized version of the Bible
  • The Authorized Version is the name by which the Authorized Version is known worldwide
  • The reason for the translation of the Authorized Version--to make a principal good translation not justly to be excepted against
  • What does it mean to whet a sword?
  • The Authorized Version: The word "Authorized" defined
  • The Authorized Version was specially commanded by a king
  • The Authorized Version was made to be used to the exclusion of other Bible translations
  • It seems that somebody is upset about the Authorized Version
  • The words of the Lord are preserved, cherished, and treasured

*** PREFACE ***

After I had written a good-sized portion of this article, I left it, came back to it, looked at it, and then, with what felt like a grimace (a distorted look on my face), I wondered aloud why I was writing about something that was so self-evident ("'The Authorized Version' of 1611 is the authorized version of the Bible.")...for a moment, it seemed that the article was not going to be completed, but a few moments later I began to understand why I had started writing the article--

  1. By definition, any Bible version that is not the Authorized Version of 1611 of the Bible is an unauthorized version; all modern Bible versions are unauthorized versions [1], and

  2. Professed Christians are buying these unauthorized versions of the Bible.
    [1] UNAUTHORIZED, a. Not authorized; not warranted by proper authority; not duly commissioned.

In a time of deception (like today), even self-evident things are not always so self-evident; our fathers were not taught many important things because their parents were not taught those things and, unsurprisingly, we are not taught. This lack of sound teaching goes back for generations. I guess I am talking about blood relations, but I am really talking about the church. Many questions could be asked about this, such as, "What have preachers been talking about all this time, all these years?" Generations of preachers and pastors have come and gone in succession. What have they been doing and saying? As we look around today, we behold the rubble and desolations in the visible church. We must not let ignorance continue.

  • We must learn what we need to learn as we come across new things (documenting them (or printing them out, etc.) for the multi-generational library) and

  • we must teach our children everything we know (here a little, there a little and as we discover new things) and

  • we must emphasize to them the importance of them teaching their own children the truth, should they have children. They need to understand the need of clear multi-generational teaching.


The "Authorized Version" of the Bible, also known as the "Authorized King James Version" of the Bible is the authorized version of the Bible (its name, "Authorized Version" agreeing thereto). It is good that the Authorized Version is also known as the Authorized King James Version--by this we know the name of the king by which it was commanded (this is especially good for those that question as to what "Authorized Version" refers to--it refers to the Authorized Version of the Bible specially commanded by King James I of Great Britain at the Hampton Court Conference in the year 1604)--this is the specific Authorized Version that has existed and been accepted by God's people all over the world for over 400 years--and continues to be accepted by Christian people around the world. There is no other Bible known as "The Authorized Version" of 1611 and there cannot be one--that exclusive name is already taken. The name "Authorized Version" applies to ONE Bible only [note: I have read of a production that has supposedly called itself the Authorized Version, but it is actually a modern unauthorized version. It is important to attach "of 1611" when naming the Bible], the same one known as the Authorized King James Version, specially commanded to be translated in 1604 and first published in 1611. [Note: Knowing the name of the historical personage of King James puts us in touch with a specific historical time period where we learn much and can put facts together. ]


This section is to establish that the name "Authorized Version" is the actual name of the Authorized Version (or Authorized King James Version) of the Bible.

  • In Britain, where the Authorized Version was translated, it is known as the "Authorised Version" (this is the British spelling). Our website logs reveal that the search terms "Authorised Version" and "Authorized Version" are still used by some people when they are searching for what is often called the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.
  • When one looks up "Authorized Version" in the Encyclopedia Americana (1971), one finds the following (underlining ours)--
    AUTHORIZED VERSION OF THE BIBLE, ...the English translation of the Bible, often known as the King James Version. Its preparation was authorized by King James I in 1604....
  • When the Authorized Version was published in 1611 by the Church of England, its title page simply read, "The Holy Bible." It did not remain in England, it spread outward into the entire earth--not by force or marketing campaigns--it was simply read and accepted by God's people all over the world as the authorized version of the holy Bible and was specifically called the "Authorized Version" out of their own mouths. The people simply began to use it of their own volition and free will to the exclusion of other versions. It became known as the Authorized Version of God's word. There was no coercion for God's people to use the Authorized Version and stop using other versions, they just did. The translators achieved their goal to make that Principal, chief translation--and once published, the children knew their milk, bread, and meat and they supped richly. It was only natural for the spiritual.
    "Says Dr. Lee, Principal of the University of Edinburg: 'I do not find that there was any canon, proclamation, or act of parliament, to enforce the use of it. "The present version," says Dr. Symonds, as quoted in Anderson's Annuals, "appears to have made its way, without the interposition of any authority whatsoever; for it is not easy to discover any traces of a proclamation, canon, or statute published to enforce the use of it."...'" (footnote in Alexander McClure's Translators Revived as quoted in Gipp's Understandable History of the Bible, p. 35)

    God's people clave to the Authorized Version and chose to use it to the exclusion of previous versions; it became known all over the world as the Authorized Version.

    Until the late 1800's there was, generally speaking, only one Bible, the Authorized Version. There had been others, but the translation instituted by King James I...had become known not just in England but throughout the entire world as the "Authorized " Version (Gipp's Understandable History of the Bible, p. 34)

    Here is a final witness that "Authorized Version" is the actual name by which the Authorized Version is known. When one looks up "Bible, English" in the Funk & Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedia (1965), one finds the following (underlining ours)--

    The most notable translation of the Bible in English is the Authorized Version, completed in 1611. Sponsored by King James I, and known as the King James Bible, the Authorized Version is the work of fifty-four theologians and scholars...


In the "Translators to the Reader" found in the Authorized Version, the translators gave the reason for their translating--

Truly, good Christian Reader, we never thought from the beginning that we should need to make a new translation, nor yet to make of a bad one a good one; (for then the imputation of Sixtus had been true in some sort, that our people had been fed with gall of dragons instead of wine, with whey instead of milk;) but to make a good one better, or out of many good ones one PRINCIPAL good one, not justly to be excepted against; that hath been our endeavour, that our mark.

The Authorized Version, from the onset of its translation was purposed to be a PRINCIPAL good translation, chief and highest in rank. At that time--

  • It is said that the translation of the Authorized Version raised the English language to its zenith. Nowadays, we have books out like, Losing Our Language.
  • God raised up a wise king, King James I (commonly known as "Great Britain's Solomon") who commanded the translation of the word of God into English to be used in the churches.
  • The king selected principal, learned, holy, grave men of the kingdom to do the translation work.
  • The translators assembled to make a PRINCIPAL good translation not justly to be excepted against.
PRINCIPAL, a. 1. Chief; highest in rank, character or respectability. 2. Chief; most important or considerable. (ref. Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

At the end of their labors, the translators presented to God's church that principal translation that they sought to make: chief, highest in rank, and most important. The Holy Bible that they translated went on to be accepted by God's people all over the world and came to be known as the "Authorized Version." Without force or marketing campaigns, it eclipsed the other versions and God's people have richly supped on it for over four hundred years. There will be no other to take the place of the Authorized Version, it is chief.

"The Translators' to the Reader" reveals that the translators not only consulted the translation work of God's English servants, but also the original languages as well as translations from other parts of the world. When thinking of the Authorized Version translators assembling in England at Cambridge, Oxford, and Westminster, one might think of a group of holy men that came together in order to whet, hone, perfect, burnish, and polish the translation work of their fellowservants who had gone before them (which fellowservants should be known and had in remembrance) and to bring it to a lustrous sheen.


WHET, v.t. To rub for the purpose of sharpening, as an edge tool; to sharpen by attrition [abrasion, wearing by friction, or rubbing substances together]; as, to whet a sythe or an ax.

The translation of the Bible into English has its own history. Before 1611, portions of the Bible and even the entire Bible had been translated into English--sometimes on the run--and always for a price (whether considering the translators' labors, livelihoods, martyrdom, etc.). In the fullness of time, the translators of the Authorized Version were assembled to hone and finalize the work of their predecessors at the command of (and under the protection of) a Christian king, King James I, known as "Great Britain's Solomon" and considered the most learned king to ever sit on the British throne. King James was there to oversee and encourage the commencement and completion of the work. In the Epistle Dedicatory of the Authorized Version, he is credited as the "principal Mover and Author of the work" whose grace and favour protected and sustained the translators who were maligned by both "Popish Persons" and "selfconceited Brethren" (whom one may perceive to be "Puritans"--of whose ranks would come those that would one day murder King James' son, Charles I). In addressing detractors, the Translators to the Reader states that King James sought the "increase of the spiritual wealth" of his people when he commanded to have the previous translations of the Bible "maturely considered of and examined."

...let no man's eye be evil, because his Majesty's is good; neither let any be grieved, that we have a Prince that seeketh the increase of the spiritual wealth of Israel; (let Sanballats and Tobiahs do so, which therefore do bear their just reproof) but let us rather bless God from the ground of our heart for working this religious care in him to have the translations of the Bible maturely considered of and examined.

In The Translators to the Reader, the translators acknowledged previous translators as having been raised up of God and noted that "nothing is begun and perfected at the same time."

...we are so far off from condemning any of their labours that travelled before us in this kind, either in this land, or beyond sea, either in King Henry's time, or King Edward's, (if there were any translation, or correction of a translation, in his time) or Queen Elizabeth's of ever renowned memory, that we acknowledge them to have been raised up of God for the building and furnishing of his Church, and that they deserve to be had of us and of posterity in everlasting remembrance. ...[B]lessed be they, and most honoured be their name, that break the ice, and give the onset upon that which helpeth forward to the saving of souls. Now what can be more available thereto, than to deliver God's book unto God's people in a tongue which they understand? Since of an hidden treasure, and of a fountain that is sealed, there is no profit, as Ptolemy Philadelph wrote to the Rabbins or masters of the Jews.... Yet for all that, as nothing is begun and perfected at the same time, and the latter thoughts are thought to be the wiser: so, if we building upon their foundation that went before us, and being holpen by their labours, do endeavour to make that better which they left so good;

The Authorized King James Version translators were principal scholars that came to the work learned, and not to learn--

To that purpose there were many chosen, that were greater in other men's eyes than in their own, and that sought the truth rather than their own praise. Again, they came, or were thought to come, to the work, not exercendi causa, (as one saith) but exercitati, that is, learned, not to learn; for the chief overseer...under his Majesty, to whom not only we, but also our whole Church was much bound, knew by his wisdom...that it is a preposterous order to teach first, and to learn after, yea that..., to learn and practise together, is neither commendable for the workman, nor safe for the work. (Translators to the Reader)

Although learned, the translators did not trust in their credentials, they trusted in the Lord--

And in what sort did these assemble? In the trust of their own knowledge, or of their sharpness of wit, or deepness of judgment, as it were in an arm of flesh? At no hand. They trusted in him that hath the key of David, opening, and no man shutting; they prayed to the Lord, the Father of our Lord, to the effect that St Augustine did; O let thy Scriptures be my pure delight; let me not be deceived in them, neither let me deceive by them. In this confidence, and with this devotion, did they assemble together; not too many, lest one should trouble another; and yet many, lest many things haply might escape them.

With the completion of their work, the Bible had been put into finalized form, not justly to be excepted against. The translators warned readers--

  1. against gainsayers (opposers and contradicters of the work) some of whom had already arisen during the translation work to caluminiate, and
  2. to hold fast to the word in the days to come as if they could foresee continued troubles in the distance. In the concluding paragraph, the reader is admonished,
    "Ye are brought unto fountains of living water which ye digged not; do not cast earth into them, with the Philistines..."

Today, as modern Philistines try to denigrate and erase the Authorized Version, God's people hold fast to his word and will not be moved.


AUTHORIZED, pp. Warranted by right; supported by authority; derived from legal or proper authority; having power or authority. (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)


A king (King James VI (Scotland) & I (England)) specially commanded the translation of the Authorized Version of the Bible at the Hampton Court Conference in January of 1604. On earth, amongst men, there is no greater authority than a king--

Ecclesiastes 8:4 Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?

The king is supreme.

1 Peter 2:13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;

SUPREME, a. Highest in authority; holding the highest place in government or power.

King James was not only King of Great Britain--a Bible-believing, Protestant nation--but he was also the head of the Church of England. The King's College website states (emphases ours),

The development of the Bible in English differs from that of other European vernacular translations. Only England has an "authorised version", issued under the auspices of a king who was also the head of the Church. The vernacular Bible was illegal in England long before the Reformation and so began its development at a great disadvantage, but once England became a Protestant country the translated Bible became a symbol of [the] state.


The Hampton Court [Conference] document of 1604 makes clear that the Authorized Version of the Bible was made to be used in the Church of England to the exclusion of all other Bibles. The following is an excerpt from the Hampton Court document (as found in Select statutes and other constitutional documents illustrative of the reigns of Elizabeth and James I, edited by G.W. Prothero, Oxford at Clarendon Press, 1894)--

...Hampton Court Conference, Jan. 1604.

The sum of what was concluded at this conference will appear in this following authentic paper, which seems to be [by] the hand of the Bishop of Longdon [Bancroft].

A note of such things as shall be reformed in the Church....

10. One uniform translation of the Bible to be made, and only to be used in all the churches of England....

The Authorized Version was made to be used in the church in England, but it did not remain in England. It permeated England and then spread throughout the whole earth being accepted and used by God's people for hundreds of years being called, "the Authorized Version." The Bible teaches us that the sword of the Spirit is the word of God. The Authorized Version is the authorized version of the holy Bible. God's word was translated into English (and other languages), and God raised up a company of holy, learned men to enter that translation work in order to bring it to a conclusion, a principal, chief translation not justly to be excepted against. They examined, whetted, and furbished that previous translation work to a lustrous sheen.

Over four hundred years have passed and the Authorized Version
still exists and is still going strong,
is still published,
is still read,
is still believed, and
is still known all over the world as the Authorized Version of the Bible. It has no equal.

It shall remain and shall never pass away.

Make sure your children know this information. There are ministers of Satan who are working very hard to ensure that no one knows it. This battle is not against flesh and blood. There is a spirit behind these things, the devil.

Ephesians 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

There are deceitful workers that transform themselves making themselves appear as if they are God's people, but they are not. They are ministers of Satan transformed as the ministers of righteousness. The Bible teaches us that even the devil himself is transformed into an angel of light.

II Corinthians 11: 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

We must try the spirits to see if they be of God--we must compare what people say (and write) to the Authorized Version of the Bible. If they speak not according to the Bible, it is because there is no light in them.

Isaiah 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

There is only one Authorized Version of the Bible; there shall be no other and there can actually be no other. The Authorized Version of the Bible is itself with its own distinct, worldwide-known name, "The Authorized Version"--no other Bible can rightfully have that name [as previously noted, this may have been attempted. When naming the Authorized Version of 1611, it is important to attach "of 1611" for identification purposes]. It is also commonly known as "The Authorized King James Version" published in 1611--this name shows its roots. It was specially commanded by a specific king (King James I, king of Great Britain), in a specific country (England), and was published in a specific year (1611). There shall be, and there can be, no other "Authorized Version" of 1611. The Revised Standard Version is not the Authorized Version. The American Standard Version is not the Authorized Version. They are both unauthorized versions and are not admitted nor accepted amongst those that receive the Authorized Version of 1611 as the authorized version of the Bible (which is what it is). By definition, every Bible version that is not the Authorized Version of 1611 of the Bible is an unauthorized version and therefore rejected immediately (whether there be hundreds, thousands, or multiplied millions (as in billions, trillions, or more) of these productions on the market).

  • New International Version unauthorized
  • New American Standard Version unauthorized
  • New King James Version unauthorized
  • Revised Standard Version unauthorized
  • American Standard Version unauthorized
  • New World Testament unauthorized
  • No changes to the Authorized Version are admitted on any wise. By definition, any Bible version that is not the Authorized Version is an unauthorized version. No one with a modicum (a little bit, a small quantity) of sense would boldly walk into a nation, scramble around its laws and constitution (adding and subtracting therefrom), and then say that their vandalism and impudent proclamations are based on "the originals" and that the centuries-old statutes that the people of the kingdom have been thriving off of are unreliable. That would shake a kingdom at its foundation should its citizens be simple enough to listen to such a person, but the kingdom of God is governed by the King of kings and Lord of lords that revealeth secrets and maketh known to his people what his people need to know; his people know his voice and know not the voice of strangers (including usurpers). Upon being made aware of their errors (as in the case of reading unauthorized versions), God's people make whatever adjustments they need to make, for they believe and obey the truth. They flee from strangers--and will continue to do so. When the Lord Jesus Christ comes back, his church will be waiting for him, the Bible teaches us that. While we are still here, we understand that we are in a spiritual war against the devil and his agents. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. It is the word that does the work (King James 1611), and there is no way on earth that we would accept some unauthorized production purporting to be a Bible.

    The word of God will stand no matter what impious gainsayers may do.

    GAINSAYER, n. Those who contradict or deny what is alleged; opposers, (ref. Webster's 1828).

    The enemy, the devil, is very interested in the word of God, for if he can wrest it from the people, the people will be deceived, sick, weakly, dependent on the "experts," unrighteous, sinful, weak (and weakening), and of no threat to his kingdom (they will be helping him as they deny the truth and stand up for evil). How many church people have gone to hell and how many will go...

    The Authorized Version is the touchstone whereby men (and their inventions) and spirits are tried. If any man or spirit speak not according to the authorized version of God's word, it is because there is no light in them. Now, in the midst of the deep deception overtaking the earth, is the time for splitting hairs and proving all things (doctrines, laws, etc.) by comparing them to the word of God, the Authorized Version.


    It seems that the name, "Authorized Version" upsets some people. Perhaps that is because that means that any Bible that rises up to challenge it is an unauthorized version properly to be rejected by God's people--

    UNAUTHORIZED, a. Not authorized; not warranted by proper authority; not duly commissioned.

    ...the unauthorized productions keep popping up bringing with them different reasons as to why people should read them, e.g., they are supposedly easy to read, they are updated, etc.

    USURPER, v.t. To seize and hold in possession by force or without right; as to usurp a throne...

    How is The Mother (the great whore of Revelation 17) involved in the translation of unauthorized versions? The following is excerpted from our article, "Which Bible verses did the NIV delete?"

    This is a fight for the word of God, the Authorized (King James) Version of 1611, the product of the Protestant Reformation.

    updatedThe Roman Catholic Church, her Jesuits, and Modern Unauthorized Bible Versions (roman_catholic_church_and_unauthorized_versions.htm).

    Lord willing, information on the Roman Catholic Church involvement with the New Internation Version (NIV) is forthcoming. The true church has historically identified Rome as the great whore of Revelation 17 and MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. She meets all of the qualifications, fornicating with the kings of the earth, drunken with the blood of the saints, color of her clothes, etc. God's Spirit even told us geographical information--she is a city that sits on seven mountains. Rome is world-famous as the city of seven hills. Former Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, Dr. Alberto Rivera, said on this wise, No matter what abomination you are looking at, always look for The Mother.

    The Roman Catholic "Church" is not Christian.

    Roman Catholicism: The Cult of Mary (a number of articles on Rome including "Alter Christus", "The Antichrist Slideshow" and more.

    updatedI watched a video, "The REAL Bible Version Issue Exposed!" (sold by AV Publications). It has information about the NIV, at a certain point, being translated at a Roman Catholic university, The University of Salamanca. They excerpted this information from a book written by one of the "creators" of the NIV, Burton L. Goddard. The name of the book is The NIV Story: The Inside Story of the New International Version (quoted from pages 96 and 97)

    "In 1976 the scene is the Colegio Mayor Montellano, a residential unit of the University of Salamanca, fourth largest university in Europe. An order of Catholic nuns operates the residence..." Page 97 "They [summers in Europe] provide a practical day-by-day ecumenical experience beyond compare."

    What is the significance of this? In the not too distant past, the Roman Catholic Church BURNED Bibles and in her inquisitions she BURNED Christians that translated or read the Bible? Why would she be involved in, yea leading, an "ecumenical" experience with Protestants? Why was she involved in the translation of the NIV in any manner? Since her Vatican II council meeting around 1965, she typically publicly calls Protestants "separated brethren" instead of her old time title for them, "heretics." Heretics were to be rooted out, looted, tortured, burned, killed slain. But that was back then when she had the power to terrorize nations. Why would SHE be involved in translating Protestant unauthorized Bible versions? A quote from the back of the DVD--

    "This video proves that the New 'Bible' Versions produced since 1881, are part of the Jesuit plan known as the 'Counter Reformation.'

    In this video you will see documented proof of Roman Catholic infiltration and even control of Protestant churches and organizations.

    You will understand that the Jesuit plan is to bring in a new Dark Age by replacing the King James Version [originally known as the "Holy Bible" and eventually, the "Authorized Version"] with HUNDREDS of corrupt counterfeits!"

    Does Rome have any previous experience in Bible translation? Let's go to a witness from 1844. Let us first look at the title of the book--

    Popery, The Enemy and the Falsifier of Scripture.
    Facts and Evidences,
    Illustrative of the Conduct of the Modern
    Church of Rome,
    in prohibiting the reading and circulation of the
    holy scriptures in the vulgar [this means "common"] tongue;
    and also of the

    "Ye have taken away the key of knowledge."--Luke XI.52. [Luke 11:52]
    LONDON: William Edward Painter, 342, Strand.
    MDCCCXLIV [1844]., p. 4

    What does it say on page 4?

    As this Encyclical Letter [speaking of an encyclical by Pope Gregory XVI (June 8, 1844)]* refers with approbation [approval] to the efforts of those pontiffs [speaking of popes], his predecessors, who, in the plenitude of their usurped supremacy, denounced [put down] all Protestant versions of the Bible; we think (at least we, hope) that we shall render a service to the reader of these pages, by placing upon record some documentary evidence on this subject: and since Gregory XVI. has thought proper to charge Protestant versions with being "corrupt," we shall proceed to adduce some convincing testimonies, which will demonstrate, that WHERE THE CHURCH OF ROME CANNOT altogether PREVENT THE HOLY SCRIPTURES from being translated and circulated, SHE HAS MADE NO SCRUPLE [HESITATION] OF FALSIFYING THE TEXT."

    Let's go back further. In 1611, the translators of the Authorized (King James) Version told us why Rome made a venacular translation of the Bible in the first place. After the Protestant Reformation, the scriptures were being made widely available. Rome was forced to develop her own alterative--

    Yea, so unwilling they are to communicate the Scriptures to the people's understanding in any sort, that they are not ashamed to confess that we forced them to translate it into English against their wills. (The Translators to the Reader (was attached to the Authorized King James Version)

    What did the King James translators say about Rome's translations of the Bible? Here they note that Rome attempted to obscure the meaning--

    ...we have shunned the obscurity of the Papists, in their 'azymes', 'tunik', 'rational', 'holocausts', 'prepuce', 'pasche', and a number of such like, whereof their late translation is full, and that of purpose to darken the sense, that since they must needs translate the Bible, yet by the language thereof it may be kept from being understood. But we desire that the Scripture may speak like itself, as in the language of Canaan, that it may be understood even of the very vulgar. (Translators to the Reader, paragraph entitled, "Reasons inducing us not to stand curiously upon an identity of phrasing")

    Who did the Authorized King James Version translators say was their "chief adversaries" during the translation of the King James Version (back then it was just called "Holy Bible", King James was the king that specially commanded the translation)? "The Church of Rome". This can be seen in "The Translators to the Reader." Just go to the paragraph entitled, "The unwillingness of our chief adversaries that the Scriptures should be divulged in the mother tongue, &c." WHY would Rome be involved in Protestant/"ecumenical" translations today? At the instigation of her popes, Rome has shed rivers of blood of Christians who would not bow down to the Pope and Roman Catholic heresies and blasphemies--the martyrs of Jesus. She would identify and declare open season on those who translated or even believed God's word. WHY is she involved in Bible translation?


    A 1617 tract entitled, "Mischeefes Mysterie: Or Treason's Master-Peece, the Powder Plot London 1617" shows eight heads arranged in a circle. The heads represent popery, e.g. the pope and Catholic officials, as well as a devil. Each head breathes out his threatenings and blasphemies including, "FALSIFICATION OF SCRIPTURES" (emphases ours). THIS WAS 1617! And remember the book from 1844, "Popery, The Enemy and the Falsifier of Scripture... FALSIFICATION OF THE SACRED TEXT IN TRANSLATIONS

    "The New Testament in the Original Greek" was published in 1881, as was the Revised Version based upon it: this latter failed to gain lasting popularity, but the Westcott-Hort text and theory has dominated the scene since. (excerpted from Traditional Text Pamphlets Homepage and compiled by David Blunt of the James Begg Society, emphases ours; see From Their Own Mouths--A selection of statements revealing the attitudes of these two most noted textual critics. Westcott and Hort )

    A repentant participant in the NASV revealed to us that "the older and better" manuscripts came Out From Her--Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And don't forget that notable quote from a Roman Catholic Jesuit meeting in Cheri, Italy, in 1825 not long after the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) (a pact/"Holy Alliance" between Rome and certain kings was made)--

    "Then the Bible, that serpent which with head erect and eyes flashing, threatens us with its venom while it trails along the ground, shall be changed into a rod AS SOON AS WE ARE ABLE TO SEIZE IT... for three centuries past this cruel asp has left us no repose. You well know with what folds it entwines us and with what fangs it gnaws us." (The Jesuits in History, Hector Macpherson, Ozark Book Publishers, 1997, Appendix 1). [emphases ours]

    "Seize it"? Are those the words of a pretended usurper or no?

    Rome dug up Bible translator John Wycliffe's bones over 40 years after he died and burned them in spite. She chased down Bible translator William Tyndale, a good man, who was eventually caught, strangled, and burned up during the times of King Henry VIII around 1536. I've seen screenshots of the NIV being sold online on Roman Catholic bookstores! Is the NIV acceptable to her or not???????????????? We have not even addressed the later version(s) of the NIV--gone hog wild crazy (e.g., we have an old article on the "Today's New International Version" gender inclusivity and a 2011 article on the 2011 NIV entitled, "The 2011 NIV-- TNIV gender-inclusivity was, was not, and now is in the 2011 NIV") HOG WILD! Why aren't church people warned? Always look at the leadership. Our pastors are often not taught and if they are, they are scared and fearful and satisfied with the status quo. The book of Isaiah testifies of the blind watchmen that are dumb dogs that cannot bark. The preachers are not warning the people. We need some barking! Some LOUD barking! The preachers in pulpits are not identifying MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. The Mother.

    Did the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible? Somebody has had the nerve to say she did. What she did is burn us up and torture us and torment us. If they ever thought about reading the Bible, Catholics had to try to get a license to read the Bible--and back then you had better not be caught sneaking around with the Bible or even helping anybody who had one. The historical record says that during the Roman Catholic Inquisition, such persons did not get to defend themselves, they just had to be abused, whole towns wiped out. It is said that the martyrs were so courageous because they knew they were resisting antichrist--and they did so to the DEATH. For case histories, see unabridged books like The Martyrs Mirror".

    I did not know all this information back when I started this webpage, I just knew that somebody was adding and deleting and rearranging and calling their production a Bible which I knew it was not. The Lord's sheep hear his voice. They do not know the voice of strangers. In fact, they flee from strangers. It is automatic. We are his sheep and he is our Shepherd and Bishop of our souls--he is the Bishop, not some blaspheming man in a costume and a pointed hat impudently/shamelessly claiming to be the head of God's church because that man so-called sits in the non-existent "chair of Peter."

    "I never heard this in school." No surprise. Enter the Roman Catholic Jesuit role in education.... Go to our index page to read information like--

    * * * The Roman Catholic Jesuits and Education * * *



    Information is fast disappearing. May every truth lover print out, consider, and share our index page. It has all the major themes of these endtimes on it--including the emerging church of the devil. Church people are chanting to devils, becoming magicians. The beast will arise soon, gird up, fellowsoldier.

    "...Protestants today are unaware that extirpating* their credo is still the unrelenting Jesuit mission."
    Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussy, HarperCollins edition 2001
    (originally published in U.S.A. in 1999 by Osprey Bookmakers) p. 87
    (his cousin is a Jesuit, p. xvii, book not recommended--there are glaring errors in the book
    (e.g. the date Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church doors in Wittenberg (actual date October 31, 1517), p.22)
    *Extirpating--rooting out, destroying totally

    Sometimes these unauthorized productions take out whole verses or words. Sometimes they change the meaning of a passage, e.g., "sodomite" might become "homosexual offender". A further look at these things reveals the hideous and the direction toward which these things are going...the unauthorized versions are corruptions--

    CORRUPTION, n. The act of corrupting or state of being corrupt...the destruction of the natural form of bodies. 4. Depravity...loss of purity or integrity. 5. Debasement; taint; or tendency to a worse state. 6. Impurity; depravation; debasement; as a corruption of language. (ref. Webster's 1828)

    The Authorized Version is unaffected by this but it must be noted that there are publishers of the Authorized Version who are making some changes in words, spelling, format, etc. I have seen this for myself. I came across a verse I had memorized and saw a replacement word. Print out your own copy of the Pure Cambridge Edition of the Authorized Version. The Authorized Version is in tact notwithstanding the motions, schemes, devices, and strategems of false brethren crept in unawares.

    The gainsayers/opposers are obvious in attempts

    (1) to get people away from the Authorized Version and
    (2) to get people to something else.

    (1) Away. Gainsayers (opposers) are persistent in their attempts to alienate men's minds from the Authorized Version by claiming that it is
    a. too difficult to read or
    b. not reliable because it is not based on manuscripts that they have somehow produced or clave to. THEY ATTEMPT TO TAKE MEN'S MINDS FROM THE AUTHORIZED VERSION TO PIECES AND SCRAPS OF PAPER THAT MEN CANNOT ACCESS NOR UNDERSTAND. Once the unwary enter the dark, unchartered murky waters of Satan, they must trust, "the experts" to tell them what to believe. They draw men's minds away from the Authorized Version so that they can redirect it to something else--
    (2) To. To what are they redirecting men's minds? WHATEVER the "experts" say, no matter how outrageous it is--it can change from day to day. New versions and new proclamations consistently come down the assembly line and conveyor belt. The deceived keep buying unauthorized versions and they keep listening to "the original Greek says" sermons. They watch "Christian" tv that talks derisively about that "old English" of the Authorized King James Version (it is actually modern English). They keep on reading "Christian" books and magazines that focus on the insignificant and quote any Bible version but the Authorized Version.

    The very name of the Authorized Version testifies against all those who seek to overthrow and replace it. What they are proposing as Bibles are unauthorized versions, corruptive documents that seek to challenge the Authorized Version of the Bible.

    The word "Authorized" is a hard word to get around or ignore. If something is authorized, then everything else is unauthorized. The Authorized Version has been accepted by God's people around the world for hundreds of years as authorized; all the new comers and competitors are unauthorized versions. How do gainsayers attempt to get around this? Here are a few observations--

    • Some claim to the ignorant masses that there are "older and better manuscripts" that have been found--but they do not mention that
      • There have been many corrupt and spurious manuscripts that are not considered scripture, like the Pseudepigrapha and the apocrypha.
      • There have been many manuscript forgeries like those of Constantine Simonides
      • Some people believe that some of these manuscripts (like Codex Sinaiticus) that are found in Roman Catholic hideaways are forgeries (reminiscent of the Donation of Constantine).
      • The King James translators did not accept all manuscripts.
    • Some claim that certain new versions (like the Revised Standard Version or the American Standard Version) are updates or editions of the Authorized Version--they are not the Authorized Version of 1611. Their names are what they are--the Revised Standard Version and the American Standard Version. I've seen the claim of an "Authorised Successor." There is no successor to the Authorized Version because it is itself--its actual name is "Authorized Version." It was published in 1611. It is also called the "Authorized King James Version." King James commanded the translation in the year 1604--and it is that translation that came to be known all over the world as the "Authorized Version." No one can change that. It is an historical document and it is in its final form--no "successors" to follow. When printer's errors were corrected and the spelling standardized, those were not revisions, but simple edits (see The King James Version of 1611: The Myth of Early Revisions for an overview)--and even that came to an end long ago. The Authorized Version is finalized. There are no "successors". This should not be too hard to understand for anybody who has ever finalized anything. The Authorized Version is itself, nothing to follow it. It is done. The Authorized Version was made as a Bible not to be justly excepted against and the translators achieved their goal; there is no problem with it. God's people have been profitably supping on the Authorized Version for over four hundred years. We know what a fine gift we have in the Authorized Version of God's word--it is just what we need; it is the authorized version of the holy Bible and it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. God's people have been feasting on the Authorized Version of God's word and growing by it for over four hundred years--and continue to do so.
    • Some say that the Authorized Version is too hard to understand. My daughter, at two years old, stopped me while I was in the middle of reading to her from a Bible story book and told me to read to her from the Bible (which was the Authorized Version)--and I never went back to Bible story books.
    • Some are now impiously saying that the missing Bible verses in the new scurrilous productions were never supposed to have been in the Bible.
      Revelation 22:19 ...if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
    • Some claim that the Authorized King James Bible has never been perfectly represented in print as they attempt to magnify their own production.
    • Some are saying that there is an "Authorised Successor" to the Authorized Version as if by simply saying that a production is an "authorized" successor people will accept it as a replacement to the Authorized Version. People that know and accept the truth know that there is no replacement or successor for the Authorized Version--therefore any attempt to replace the Authorized Version with anything else is immediately rejected. There is only one Authorized Version of the Bible of 1611; there shall be no other. The "Revised Standard Version" is not the Authorized Version. The name of it is "Revised Standard Version." The "American Standard Version" is not the Authorized Version. The name of it is the "American Standard Version." They are both unauthorized versions and are not admitted nor accepted amongst those that receive the Authorized Version as the authorized version of the Bible (which is what it is). I've even seen an unauthorized version calling itself something with the words authorized version in it. This shows the level of desperation of the enemies of God's word.

      In what seems to be desperation to try to dethrone the Authorized Version, sometimes gainsayers even question if the Authorized Version was authorized. We can look at the title page of the Authorized Version of the Bible and see that it was (1) translated by the king's special commandment (2) appointed to be read in churches and (3) printed by the King's own printer. The following is found of the title page of the Authorized Version of the Bible [bold emphases, ours]--

      Conteyning the Old Testament,
      AND THE NEW:
      Newly Translated out of the Originall
      tongues: & with the former Translations
      diligently compared and reuised; by his
      Maiesties speciall Commandement

      Appointed to be read in Churches.

      Imprinted at London by Robert
      Barker. Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.

      ANNO DOM. 1611.

      When gainsayers question whether the Authorized Version is authorized, what is it that they want? A piece of paper saying "This is authorized"? There is no end to the questions and proclamations they could come up with, but that is of very little concern to those who already know that the Authorized Version is the authorized version and that any new Bible is an unauthorized version.

      The Encyclopedia Americana (1971) article essentially states that whether or not the Authorized Version was authorized with man's paperwork is not even important--it was intended to be authorized and it was afterward accepted as authorized and for over 350 years (as of the date of that article) had been known as the "Authorized Version."

      ...Whether or not the Bible was ever actually "authorized" to the exclusion of other versions cannot be ascertained...all records of acts by the Privy Council from 1600 to 1618 were destroyed in the fire at Whitehall....But whether this version was actually "authorized" or not is scarcely decisive now. The version...was intended to be authorized. It was afterward accepted as authorized and for 350 years and more has been known as the "Authorized Version."...

      By the hand of Almighty God, the authorized version of the Bible went forth, was accepted by his people all over the world, and was called, "The Authorized Version." The Authorized Version has retained the name, "Authorized Version" and God's people still sup off of it and savour it and it is still bearing fruit and directing mankind and lighting the way. Almighty God ensured that it was dispersed throughout the world and given the name "Authorized Version." In the midst of multiplied Bible versions, its name says it all, "The Authorized Version." The name itself tells you which one is the right Bible.

      The Authorized Version is still available and the people have light by which to judge all and prove all things. In a world full of lies and deception, the truth is found in the Authorized Version of God's word. It is the good gold and without rival.

    • Some say that the Authorized Version has been "revised," as if it has been overhauled and reworked like the unauthorized versions--which it has never been. The correction of printing errors (Back then, every character had to be set by hand. This took many months to do, and sometimes the printer made a mistake.) and standardization of spelling constitute minor edits. Correcting these printing errors and standardizing spelling is not an overhaul of the document and by no means makes the Authorization Version to be excepted against (see The King James Version of 1611: The Myth of Early Revisions for an overview of the matter).
    • Some say that the Authorized Version is "old English." They do err--the English of the Authorized King James Bible is actually considered modern English. Excerpt from "The words of the Authorized King James Bible are not archaic."

      The following is excerpted from

      Those so-called "archaic" words found in the Authorized Version are not archaic; they can be found in every domain today--if you are looking.

      When the NIV changes the warp and the woof of Leviticus 13:48 to "woven or knitted material" you can never figure out how material is made. You won't even stop to think about it--all you can do is go to the store and buy a woven or a knitted garment. With the warp and the woof of the King James Bible, on the other hand, you can talk to the weaver who may tell you that they now call it the warp and the weft (but it will always be the warp and the woof to you). This actually happened to me--and not just in the area of weaving, but across all kinds of disciplines. As a result of Biblical Scholarship, you and your children can talk to anybody and judge methods--whether they be good or corrupt.

      Those ROBUST, PRECISE WORDS of the Authorized Version form a CRYSTAL CLEAR roadmap out of the wreckage of modern, machine life BACK to ancient understandings, ancient manhood, ancient womanhood, ancient childhood. We are NOT the same people as the ancients. We are weak-minded and dependent on somebody else for every morsel of food that we eat. May each true disciple turn off that filthy tv FOREVER, recover himself from the snare of the devil, and walk in the light of God's word.

      The English of the Authorized King James Bible, published in 1611, is considered modern English--not "old English" or "ancient English," as some believe. The development of the English language has been divided into three distinct periods (dates approximate)--

      • Old English/Anglo-Saxon (450-1100 A.D)
      • Middle English (1100-1500 A.D)
      • Modern English (1500 A.D-present day).

    We have in our hands the Authorized Version of the Bible, and now, as citizens of the kingdom of God,

    let us take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, and
    let us study to shew ourselves approved unto God, workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth and
    let us let the word of God search us out, wash us, and lighten our eyes.

    Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.


    Psalm 12:6 The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. 7 Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

    Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

    The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver. Psalm 119:72

    AUTHORIZED, pp. Warranted by right; supported by authority; derived from legal or proper authority; having power or authority.

    "What about the translations of the Bible that existed before the Authorized Version of 1611? what is to be made of them?" (The King James translators themselves answer the question. Also, "read on about the translators, the impact of the Authorized Version, strange fire after two and half centuries, chief adversaries of the translation, and King James himself standing as a bulwark of protection. We have much to be thankful for.")

    All new Bible versions are unauthorized versions in contradistinction to the Authorized Version of 1611--whether they be "Negro-centric" (I am a Negro), "Semitic" (I am a daughter of Abraham), etc.


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